Netflix Finally Announced The 'Queer Eye' Season 5 Premiere Date

Queer Eye Season 5 Premiere Date
Courtesy of Netflix

The Fab Five are heading to the city of brotherly love when Queer Eye Season 5 premieres June 5 on Netflix. The news was announced Thursday, May 14 on the show's official Twitter page, alongside a new poster that celebrates the guys heading to Philadelphia this season. Aside from a new location, Season 5 also boasts an increased episode count. This year the guys will be changing lives across 10 episodes — their longest season yet!

Antoni Porowski, Bobby Berk, Jonathan Van Ness, Karamo Brown, and Tan France are all returning for another season of Queer Eye fun. And it's clear from the announcement tweet that they're all going to have a blast coming up with Philly puns. "This Gayflower couldn’t hit land soon enough! Who’s ready for the season of brotherly love?!?! Grab your oars and an absorbent box of tissues because Queer Eye Season 5 is arriving in Philly, June 5th," the tweet reads in part.

With people largely being advised to stay home as much as possible right now, having the joyful Queer Eye to look forward to in June is even more welcome than it normally would be. Each season, the Fab Five help people — or "heroes" — improve their mental and physical well-being through culture, grooming, clothes, cooking, and interior design, and at this moment everyone could use some of the guys' loving self-help advice.

Previously, the guys spent two seasons in and around Atlanta, Georgia, before spending another two seasons in the Kansas City, Missouri area. They also headed to Tokyo for a special mini-season, but in a new interview with Entertainment Weekly, Porowski revealed that the Philadelphia season will have a different feel thanks to the city's unique vibe. The food and wine expert pointed out that Philadelphia's "cosmopolitan" atmosphere naturally lends itself to more diversity.

"With Philly, we do have a lot more downtown stories and you kind of get to speak to that experience," he said. "And with cities like that, there's always an incredible amount of diversity, so there are very different stories and perspectives not only culturally but also age-wise."

The way Porowski sees it, the more cities that the Fab Five can visit, the more people from all walks of life they can reach. As he told EW, when Queer Eye gets to move around the country, he and the other hosts have more opportunities to "continue to champion diversity."

Courtesy of Netflix

Queer Eye was in the midst of shooting Season 6 in Austin, Texas when production was shutdown due to the ongoing global coronavirus pandemic. And while they "barely completed one episode" of the next installment, the entirety of the Philadelphia season was thankfully already wrapped. For everyone rocking sweatpants during Zoom meetings and scrambling to find new recipes to cook at home, one thing is certain: the Fab Five are returning at the moment viewers need them the most.