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Bachelor Alum Shannon Bair Started A New Relationship In Quarantine

"His first gift to me was TP and hand sanitizer."

The Bachelor's Shannon Bair via ABC Press Site

Over a decade after being sent home by Jason Mesnick on The Bachelor, Shannon Bair (now Gibbons) has a new love in her life. It's unclear if she changed her last name because of a previous marriage, but based on some public Facebook posts, she's currently living in Kansas City and enjoying getting to know her new beau, a man named Jeff Haas, in quarantine.

Shannon first posted about Jeff on May 10, when she changed her profile picture to a photo with him captioned, "My corona." Multiple friends commented, "Happy for you!" On June 21, Shannon shared a new picture of them, writing: "SO. THANKFUL. FOR. YOU." And on July 21, she shared a photo from a birthday celebration in Las Vegas. "It’s been a great birthday week," she wrote. "Lots of relaxation with my main squeeze. Thank you for spoiling me all week Jeff Haas!"

Most recently, the pair celebrated Jeff's birthday with dinner. Shannon shared photos from the occasion, and in response to a friend's comment about dating during a pandemic, wrote, "It was quite interesting during this time, to say the least. We spent every day playing games and talking and got to know one another fast! His first gift to me was TP and hand sanitizer. Lol."

Aside from her blossoming relationship, Shannon's Facebook bio says she's still a dental hygienist. When she's not working or spending time with Jeff, she's super dedicated to being a Kansas City sports fan. Her social feeds are full of pics from attending Chiefs and Royals games, and late last year, she even attended Chiefs quarterback Patrick Mahomes II's 15 and the Mahomies Foundation Gala, an annual benefit dinner for his foundation that aims to improve the lives of children.