Sorry, Rashi Fans: Vyasar Is Still Single After Indian Matchmaking

But he's getting a lot of thirsty tweets.

Vyasar and Manisha on Indian Matchmaking via the Netflix press site

Vyasar Ganesan charmed his way into Netflix viewers' hearts with his sense of humor, ability to cook, and love of all things nerdy. But his attempt to charm the women matchmaker Simi Taparia set him up with didn't work out quite as well: after Indian Matchmaking, Vyasar is single.

The last scene of the show left things unresolved, with Vyasar calling his second match, Rashi Gupta, to tell her about his complicated family history. Whether Rashi responded positively to his opening up or not, the pair is no longer together. "It's no one's fault. Matchmaking really is tough," Vyasar told the Los Angeles Times. "Both people I was matched with were truly wonderful, inspiring individuals who I'm proud to call friends ... I'm grateful for the memories I have from working with Sima."

It's not clear why Vyasar and Rashi split, as they seemed to be hitting it off well, but distance may have played a factor. Rashi is a veterinarian in San Fransisco, California and Vyasar is a school guidance counselor in Austin, Texas. With the Netflix series' premiere, his students went from knowing him as Mr. Ganesan to suddenly seeing "thirst memes" about him all over Twitter.

"mr ganesan pls tell people to stop making thirst memes abt you it's traumatizing me," one of his students tweeted. Vyasar replied, "Dear Internet, Please stop being so thirsty. My students are getting scared."

Not all of the tweets about Vyasar have been overtly thirsty. Many have been kind responses from well-wishers who hope he does find love, as well as the occasional woman throwing her name out as a potential match.

He may not need another matchmaker now. He can just go through his Twitter DMs.