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The Most Heartbreaking A Million Little Things Storyline Will Unfold In 2021

Time to restock your tissue supply.

Maggie on A Million Little Things via the ABC press site
Jack Rowand/ABC

A Million Little Things is currently focused on early 2020, when COVID-19 spread across the globe and made its way to the U.S. But when Season 3 returns next year, it will tackle how the virus devastated America and other "heartbreaking" storylines. "The pandemic hits, and it will turn everything upside down," series creator D.J. Nash told Deadline.

One of the biggest ways coronavirus will be reflected in the show is through Maggie, who is studying abroad in London this season. "The world gets shut down and she has to decide am I staying here or am I going [back to America]?" Nash teased. Delilah is also overseas, spending a month in France with her father. That trip will likely be impacted as well. When discussing if any characters will test positive, experience symptoms, or worse, Nash said that "statistically speaking," someone the friend group knows and loves will probably get COVID. He didn't spoil if any of the main characters would contract the virus, so fans will have to tune in to see.

Aside from the pandemic, Nash previously promised viewers scenes between Gary and Maggie. He told TV Guide, "Anyone who's Team Maggie and Gary is going to be thrilled with the season because we see them love each other and support each other as much." He went on to add, "Because we have these incredible writers, they have a way for Maggie and Gary to immediately be thrown into each other like, overnight, very, very fast. Their love and their supporting each other is tested like never before."

Jack Rowand/ABC

And over on Twitter, the creator and podcast host confirmed there would be a big flashback episode coming. Nash didn't reveal anything else, but this episode could be a good way to bring Jon back into the picture.

There are 18 total episodes in Season 3, and only four — including the winter finale — have aired. With more than half the season to go, there's so much more to explore. But as Deadline reported, the A Million Little Things Season 3 spring premiere won't air until March 4, 2021. It'll be well worth the wait, though, because the final episodes will detail a life-changing event. Nash told TV Guide, "[It] comes from a very personal place to one of our writers who joined our staff this year, and it is just so beautiful, and heartbreaking, and moving." He added, "It is exactly, hopefully, what our show does very well, which is an incredibly emotional event that tests your entire friend group and forces them to come together like never before."