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You Can “Fall In Love” At The Resort Where Bachelor In Paradise Season 8 Was Filmed

Bachelor Nation singles headed back to Mexico this summer.

ABC/Craig Sjodin

When the largest-ever crop of singles starts handing out their roses on Bachelor in Paradise Season 8, the tropical location should look very familiar to most viewers. Ever since Season 2, which aired in 2015, ABC has filmed Bachelor in Paradise at the Playa Escondida Resort in Sayulita, a town in Vallarta-Nayarit, Mexico, and this year won’t be any different.

Because the Mexican resort is open to the public — except during filming, anyway — fans of the series can also have their own Bachelor Nation-style experience. “Is your heart beating a tropical rhythm with feelings of fun, passion and romance?” the Playa Escondida website asks. “Now it’s your turn… fall in love, rekindle the fire, write your own episode... reserve your love story in paradise, right here, now!”

Among the activities the property offers that you might see on TV are horseback riding through a jungle trail and onto a beach, yoga on the beach, surf lessons, stand-up paddle boarding, whale-watching, golfing, biking, and coastal hikes. And, yes, you can even belly up to the iconic beach bar where resident bartender Wells Adams acts as the cast’s de facto therapist while also keeping the drinks flowing.

“It’s got all the things that everyone loves about Paradise,” Adams recently told Us Weekly of the new season. “There’s a lot of crabs. There’s a lot of crying. There’s a lot of, like, suitcases being dragged through the sand and then there’s the things that everyone loves. There’s the comedy, the make-out sessions, the boom-boom room, [and] you know, the love at the end of it.”

Despite having all the hallmarks fans have come to expect from a typical BiP season, Season 8 also introduces some big changes, too. Along with adding new host Jesse Palmer into the mix for the first time, production did “try some things this year” that they hadn’t done in the past, according to the Bachelorette Season 12 alum. The reactions to several new twists were mixed, however, depending on whom you ask.

“From where I sat, I loved it. Now, the cast did not like it very much,” Adams added in his interview with the magazine. “You’ll see a lot of cast members be kind of angry at some of the things we throw at [them] this year, but it’s a fun show and, you know, I guess it’s a testament to, like, how much ABC believes in the show.”

Also teasing the “bonkers” Season 8 twists, Palmer added in an interview with Entertainment Tonight that he was just looking forward to being in Paradise for the first time. “I’m so excited," he told the outlet. “I’ve been a big fan of the show now for so long, I just can’t wait to dip into the waters of Paradise where all the magic happens on the sands. It’s gonna be fantastic. I can’t wait.”