Here’s Where Pieces Of Her’s Idyllic Georgian Town Was Filmed

Hint: it wasn’t Georgia.

Jacob Scipio as Jack/Michael Vargas and Bella Heathcote as Andy Oliver in 'Pieces of Her.' They're s...

Netflix’s new thriller Pieces of Her picks up as Andy Oliver (Bella Heathcote) is celebrating her 30th birthday. She recently moved back to Belle Isle, Georgia from New York City to be closer to her mother, Laura (Toni Collette), who is in the midst of recovering from breast cancer. However, when Laura and Andy are confronted at gunpoint in a local diner, Laura mercilessly kills the assailant with a knife to the throat. Laura is regarded as a hero, but immediately starts acting weird, telling Andy she has to move out. After a creepy man breaks into their house at night looking for Laura, Andy is sent on a journey to piece together her mom’s past, ultimately realizing that she knows nothing about who her mom really is.

Like the best crime dramas, it’s a twisty mystery set in a pretty idyllic town. For the curious-minded, here’s where Pieces of Her was filmed.

Where Was Pieces Of Her Filmed?

Star Collette probably felt right at home during filming, because she was in her home country of Australia. Through Pieces of Her is set in Georgia, the majority of the series was shot in Sydney — specifically in the suburb of Camperdown. Coastal scenes were predominantly filmed in Umina Beach in New South Wales, as well as in the Blue Mountains, which are also located in New South Wales. According to Decider, the show was initially supposed to film in Vancouver, Canada, but had to move production to Australia due to pandemic complications. There are, however, a few scenes that took place in Georgia, specifically in the towns Jasper and Brunswick.


Is Belle Isle A Real Place?

If you were hoping to plan a trip to Belle Isle, Georgia, you’ll be disappointed to learn that the town is fictional. It was created by Karin Slaughter, the author of the book on which Pieces of Her is based. The coastal town is supposed to reside near Savannah, Georgia, positioning the fabricated city in the Southeast region of the state. However, despite its proximity to real Georgia regions, Slaughter has gone on record as saying that Belle Isle isn’t based on a specific place. “I made that up. I hate when I get letters where people complain that you can’t take a left on this particular road,” Slaughter told the Atlanta Journal-Constitution. “So I just make up names a lot of the time. Anyone who knows Savannah knows what I’m doing.”

As Slaughter explained, the Pieces of Her production team to spice sequences filmed in Georgia and Australia into a cohesive look. “There’s a scene where Andy is on a bicycle/ At the beginning of the scene, she’s in Brunswick. The house she arrives at is in Australia,” Slaughter said. “That is officially the longest bike ride ever!”