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Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey Is A Real Romantic At Heart

“The most romantic thing I think someone’s done for me is running a bath and then sitting with you...”

Jonathan Bailey From 'Bridgerton' Is A Real Romantic At Heart
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Temperatures are steadily rising as Netflix’s steamy period drama, Bridgerton, prepares to follow up its phenomenally successful debut with the second season airing Mar. 25, 2022. While some are yet to recover from Regé Jean Page abandoning his passionate spoon-licking role as Duke Simon Basset, viewers are preparing to fall for Anthony Bridgerton, aka Daphne’s slightly reckless older brother, who will undoubtedly take over heartthrob duties.

Played by Jonathan Bailey, the upcoming season of Bridgerton will see the viscount attempt to find a suitable wife, and the Shondaland series is expected to show the softer more sensual side of the lothario. Yet, away from the period dress and regency era parties, who is Bridgerton’s Jonathan Bailey dating?

As with any TV crush, there’s certainly a great deal of interest in Jonathan Bailey’s personal life, however the actor appears to keep his dating life well under wraps. After scouring his Instagram page, the 32-year-old tends to share updates from his work, and there’s no public sign of a love interest — although, he had previously told Harper's Bazaar that his first crushes were Anita in the 90s series, Heartbreak High, and Prince Eric in the Little Mermaid. Strong choices, to be fair.

While private about his relationships, the Oxfordshire actor and self-proclaimed musical theatre lover shared to the magazine about one of his most romantic moments. And... same, Bailey, same.

“The most romantic thing I think someone’s done for me is running a bath and then sitting with you while you have your bath, and you know, having a chat, I think is pretty mega,” Bailey said to Harper’s Bazaar. “Put the toilet seat down and just sort of be there while you bathe. I think there’s something really sweet and brilliant and, you’re naked, and you know – I think that’s really romantic.”

Bailey, who is gay, also hasn’t shied away about discussing his views on romance and sex, especially how it’s portrayed in the series, Bridgerton.

“It’s funny because even though Bridgerton is obviously a period drama, Anthony’s story is quite modern in the sense that he’s reached a point where he genuinely believes that love will never happen for him,” Bailey told Vogue in 2021, “That’s where he is at the end of the first series, and that’s such a common feeling right now.”

For season two, Bridgerton will follow the plot laid out in Quinn’s second book, The Viscount Who Loved Me, so fans will be seeing a lot more of Bailey’s character, Anthony Bridgerton, who “driven by his duty to uphold the family name” his search for a wife seems ill-fated until he meets Kate, played by Simone Ashley.

Jonathan Bailey promised that season two of Bridgerton will be even "sexier" — and more complex — than its first episodes. And, I for one, can’t wait.