Daniel Radcliffe Has The Sweetest Things To Say About His Girlfriend

The Harry Potter star has been notoriously private about his love life but couldn’t resist to share this info.

Daniel Radcliffe and girlfriend Erin Darke
Bruce Glikas/FilmMagic/Getty Images

Daniel Radcliffe was undeniably one of the world’s most beloved child stars, and this New Year, he’ll be appearing on our screens for a new dose of magic in Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts. As we await his appearance, you may be wondering what else he’s been doing, and in particular what’s been happening in his private life. And who is Daniel Radcliffe dating?

The actor has been notoriously private about his love life, but has been dating the same person for a long time now – since meeting in 2012, in fact. Radcliffe and partner Erin Darke started dating after they met on the set of the 2013 film Kill Your Darlings, in which they both featured. (Darke is an actor too and has appeared in hits including Still Alice and The Marvelous Mrs. Maisel.)

Both Radcliffe and Darke have previously spoken about their first meeting and how they first connected, with Darke telling People magazine: "One of the first things we bonded over was how much we really love what we do and there’s something that’s really beautiful and really lovely about being with someone who just innately understands that about you.”

Radcliffe echoed Darke’s sentiments on People TV's Couch Surfing series, explaining that the two actually had to do a sex scene together: “It'll be a hell of a story to tell our kids one day because of what our characters do with each other. Our characters are meeting and flirting with each other, so there is this kind of sweet record of us just meeting for the first time and flirting…”

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Radcliffe doesn’t often talk about his relationship in public, but he did reveal to Us Weekly in 2014 that the two really are best friends. “I think that’s the kind of relationship I always aspire to have with someone I’m in a relationship with. You want that person to be your best friend,” he said. “In the case of Erin, we definitely are.”

There have been engagement rumours for a while now, both way back in 2014 and as recently as this year. Nothing has been confirmed yet, but one thing’s for sure: when the couple is spotted out together, they look super happy.

Harry Potter: Return to Hogwarts will be available on Now TV and Sky TV from Jan. 1, 2022.