If You’re Missing Revenge, Check Out This New Netflix Thriller

Who Killed Sara? is a twisty tale of murder and dark family secrets.

Manolo Cardona as Alex and Carolina Miranda as Elisa in episode 103 of Quien Mato a Sara? (aka Who Killed Sara?) via Netflix's press site
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Update: Netflix confirmed that Who Killed Sara? will return for Season 2, premiering on May 19.

Earlier: It’s unclear if Netflix’s new Mexican crime thriller Who Killed Sara? will return for Season 2, but there’s certainly still a lot left to unpack after the show’s rollercoaster first season.

Written by Chilean screenwriter Jose Ignacio “Chascas” Valenzuela, the series follows Alex Guzmán, who spent 18 years behind bars for killing his sister, Sara. The catch? He wasn’t the one who killed her. When Season 1 picks up, Alex wants nothing more than to get revenge on the man he believes to be responsible: Rodolfo Lazcano (Alejandro Nones). However, things get complicated when Alex starts a relationship with the youngest Lazcano daughter, Elisa (Carolina Miranda), and ultimately realizes Rodolfo is innocent of Sara’s murder. This leads him to uncover the corrupt Lazcano family’s darkest secrets.

Actor Manolo Cardona, who plays Alex, described Who Killed Sara? as an “adventure” on the Geek Vibes podcast, adding that the mystery thriller is “full of action, full of drama and suspense and romance, and all these ingredients” he is sure will resonate with audiences. All of these attributes, he said, ultimately melded into a type of show he’s “not used to seeing in Latin America,” so it’s safe to assume Cardona would likely be on board for a second season should Netflix want to grant one.

“We’re not afraid anymore, as storytellers, to go and jump into the water and ... do these kind of shows that we were not used to seeing in Latin America,” explained Cardona, who you might also recognize as Eduardo Sandoval from Narcos. “But now we have a story like Who Killed Sara? that is transforming that. We’re in that process of teaching our audience.”

How audiences respond to those so-called lessons — or at least how many viewers tune in — will also likely contribute to whether or not Netflix brings the show back for Season 2. Ahead of Who Killed Sara?’s March 24 premiere date, the streaming service had only released the first four episodes to critics, so preliminary reviews are incomplete at best. That being said, Geeks Vibe Nation likened the series to ABC’s Revenge, calling it a “well-done drama that’s full of lies and deceit.” (FYI: Revenge ran for four seasons.) The website also praised the “perfectly placed flashbacks” and Cardona’s performance as the “brooding and clever” lead.

The back half of episodes that reviewers had yet to see are where Cardona said things really started to get “crazy.” Taking all of this into account, there’s no reason to believe that Who Killed Sara? will return for at least another season.

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