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All Of Twitter Is Cringing About This Bachelorette Moment

“Chris S, what is you doing boy? The entitlement is alarming.”

Michelle Young and Chris S. hanging out on a couch during an episode of 'The Bachelorette'
ABC/Craig Sjodin

Chris S.’ time on The Bachelorette went from bad to worse during the Nov. 16 episode. After not-so-subtly calling out Nayte at the cocktail party the previous week, it was clear that Chris’ attempt to torpedo the rest of the contestants hadn’t worked. Yet for whatever reason, he still felt like he was owed more time with Michelle — something he spent most of the episode whining about.

To almost everyone watching, it’s been obvious that Michelle just really isn’t into Chris (let’s not forget her avoiding him going in for the kiss twice). However, he lacked the self-awareness to notice. While he moped through the viking-themed group date, the other contestants — and viewers at home — reveled in watching him flounder. “This date is gonna ruin whatever leftover self esteem Chris S has!” tweeted one fan enthusiastically. “The Vikings are bringing more personality than Chris S,” joked another.

Chris also spent a lot of time bemoaning the fact that Michelle hadn’t rewarded him for warning her about people not being there for the right reasons.

Audiences were equally perturbed with Chris’ actions throughout the episode.

The nail in the coffin came at the end of the episode, when Chris S. decided it would be a good idea to crash Michelle’s one-on-one date with Nayte just so he could vent his feelings.

After he expressed that he felt “played” by Michelle and like she was acting “fake,” she let Chris know that his efforts to publicly warn her about the other men in the house weren’t necessarily appreciated and ultimately sent him home.

“I can speak for myself, and I want a man who is going to stand and support me when I peak, and not a man who is going to speak for me,” she told him flatly. She then said she didn’t see their relationship progressing, and proceeded to walk him out, returning to enjoy some fireworks with Nayte to close out the rest of their date.