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Let’s Talk About That Million Little Things Cliffhanger

Gary is out for justice — but how far does he plan to go to get it?

Peter and Gary on A Million Little Things via the ABC press site
Jack Rowand/ABC

Spoilers ahead for the Million Little Things Season 3 finale. A Million Little Things creator DJ Nash promised a big cliffhanger in the Season 3 finale, and hoo boy, did he deliver. In the final moments of the two-hour episode, Gary showed up at the house of Sophie’s music teacher Peter, who sexually assaulted her earlier in the season. Gary waited until Peter answered the door, then snuck up from behind, threw a bag over Peter’s head, and dragged him inside. The intensity with which Gary slammed the door shut behind them showed just how angry he is. But is he angry enough to kill?

Prior to going to Peter’s house, Gary concocted an alibi with his dad. If anyone asked, Javier would say that they had dinner together that night, then watched Wheel of Fortune and played online poker. Why would Gary need an alibi if his intention isn’t to commit a crime? He may not be a killer at heart, but he does have the ability to get very angry very quickly, and he has wanted revenge on Peter ever since he learned about what he did to Sophie. A few episode ago, Gary drove to Peter’s house and waited menacingly outside, but left when Peter’s wife showed up.

Jack Rowand/ABC

Still, killing Peter would be extreme. It’s possible Gary only intends to beat him up — hence putting the bag over his head. That will protect Peter from identifying Gary after the fact. However, it may not help Gary avoid getting caught. For one, Peter’s wife could walk in on them. Secondly, the cops know that Gary has motive, as he went with Sophie to the police station when she gave her statement. He also kicked a trash can across the station after finding out that bringing the case to trial was extremely unlikely. If Peter gets injured and files a police report, it won’t be hard to make the connection to Gary — especially if there’s security camera footage of Gary stalking Peter’s house prior to the night he attacked him. And that’s not to mention the fact that Gary has gotten in trouble with the law before: he was previously arrested for punching a guy who was racist towards Rome. Getting brought in for another assault won’t look good for him.

Whatever Gary’s game plan is for Peter, it’s likely going to backfire. He’s basically a father to Sophie. If he’s arrested and sent to jail, it will be devastating for her. Plus, Darcy was just about to tell Gary that she’s open to having kids with him. If he goes to jail, she may break up with him entirely.

A Million Little Things has already been renewed for Season 4, so we’ll find out what happens soon enough.

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