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Fans Of Pretend It's A City Will LOVE This Doc

Public Speaking is yet another collaboration between Martin Scorsese and Fran Lebowitz.


Netflix's latest docuseries, Pretend It's a City, is a love letter to New York. Directed by Martin Scorsese, the seven-part docuseries focuses on his good friend, Fran Lebowitz. The critic, essayist, and public speaker has is known for being unapologetically opinionated. Lebowitz, the series' official synopsis says, "has raised straight talk to an art form, packaging her no-nonsense observations about the city and its denizens into a punchy running commentary, one that spares nobody." Each episode is loosely centered on a very NYC subject, like tourists, money, the arts, navigating the subways, and the correct way of walking in Times Square. But with only seven, half-hour episodes, Scorsese and Lebowitz leave us wanting more. So will Pretend It's A City return for a Season 2?

While there have been no plans announced for a second season of Pretend It's a City, the series is already a sequel of sorts. Scorsese's 2010 documentary film Public Speaking is practically Part 1 of this filmmaking adventure. That film followed Lebowitz as she took on more speaking engagements after writing less, and followed a similar format to the new Netflix series.

"I really enjoyed making Public Speaking," Scorsese told Rolling Stone. "Not just because I did it with Fran, but also because I had to find a new form...The question was: How do you tell a story differently? How could I tell a story differently from my films that had fictional, or more traditional narratives? I wanted to do something different."

As Scorsese details, he had originally planned for Public Speaking to be broken up into episodes. But HBO wanted a film so moved forward with making a feature length documentary. But when the duo got the opportunity to film more for Netflix, they made sure to make an episodic series. "And, of course, make it funny. You know, emphasize the absurdity — that feeling of things being so bad that all you can do laugh," Scorsese also told Rolling Stone.

So while there doesn't sound like there are any firm plans for another season of Pretend It's a City, you can always check out Public Speaking for more Marty and Fran fun. And based on the sheer amount of fun Scorsese seems to have had while making Pretend It's a City — he quite literally laughs his way through each episode — he could always find another project for them to work on together.