Sam Is Proving Once Again How BFF He & Jon Are On 'GoT'

by Alaina Urquhart-White

One of the most satisfying moments during the Game of Thrones finale was when Bran told Sam all about Jon's true parentage. A lot of fans have been waiting for the complete confirmation of Jon's true origin story for a long time (and decades for some book fans), but now that this information has passed hands, will Sam tell Jon about his Targaryen roots on Game of Thrones?

Originally, I thought it would be Bran who would inform his adopted brother of his true claim to the Iron Throne, but now that Sam has arrived at the speed of light to Winterfell, he is most certainly going to tell Jon. Things got a bit messier with this whole thing tonight though, because Dany and Jon finally slept together and now Sam knows that not only are they are aunt and nephew (woof), but he also has a better claim to the Iron Throne than she does. I mean, no one wants to hear that their new girlfriend is actually their aunt, right? I certainly wouldn't want to tell my best friend that slice of news.

Sam truly believes in Jon, though. He always has. He would most definitely want to see him as the true king and with this information, he can make that happen or at the very least, legitimize his claim. The thing that needs to happen before any of this even comes into play though, is Gilly bringing the proof of this revelation. Dany won't believe this claim just from Bran saying he saw it with his Raven powers. Let's be real, everyone who has heard that Bran is the Three-Eyed Raven has responded with "I don't know what that is," so I on't think it will hold a lot of clout in this situation.

If Gilly can back Jon's parentage claim up with what she read to Sam at the Citadel last episode — about Rhaegar's annulment and legitimate marriage to Lyanna Stark — then Dany will have to take the claim seriously.

I think Sam will deliver this huge news to his BFF Jon, but Gilly will need to be there with him to do it — after all, she deserves half the credit.