10 Worst Celebrity Tattoos That Made You Cringe

Machine Gun Kelly’s new neck slice tattoo, Zac Efron’s “YOLO” ink, and J.Law’s “H20” tat are so questionable.



Zayn Malik

This tattoo fail could’ve turned out much worse. In 2018, Zayn debuted new ink of Gigi Hadid’s eyes. But when the pair broke up a year later, fans started to realize that having your ex staring at you whenever you look in the mirror is not ideal. Fortunately, the two got back together and are now parents to their 8-month-old daughter Khai, which makes this tattoo only slightly better.


Ariana Grande

The “Positions” singer got absolutely roasted in 2019 when she shared a photo of a hand tattoo that she thought said “7 Rings.” However, her Japanese-speaking fans quickly humbled her when they revealed that it actually translated to — wait for it — “barbecue grill.” Ariana attempted to fix the error but wound up making it worse. After adding a character, the tattoo translated to “Japanese BBQ finger.” Yikes.