Which Netflix Movie To Watch Based On Your Sign

From the rebellious Aquarius to the passionate Scorpio, these films are just for you.

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If you've ever found yourself pining for a movie night on Netflix but unsure of what to choose, fret no more, because the ultimate list of what to watch based on your zodiac sign is here. And I know what you're probably thinking: do I really need another list of movies about astrology? But this is a list of films best suited for you. Because, depending on what your astrological sign is, the types of movies you are inevitably drawn to will vary a lot. Why do you think you read through must-see lists and can only find or two movies that you actually want to watch? Probably because you're an Aries and the person who made the list is a Taurus. Huge no-no.

So, to combat that issue, this list has hand-selected movies based on your actual astrological sign, bringing together everything we know about the zodiac and presenting to you the perfect movie options for your viewing pleasure.


Good Time

You're determined and demanding, but also impulsive, prone to rushing ahead and massively regretting the results later. Welcome to Good Time, the ultimate Aries movie. Robert Pattinson plays Connie Nikas, a New York lowlife whose big-money bank robbery plan goes awry. Nikas spends the rest of the film running around the city to get his brother out of jail come hell or high water, making plenty of Aries-style leap-before-you-look decisions as he ploughs ahead.

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I Don't Feel At Home In This World Any More

Allyson Riggs

Never cross an Aries backed into a corner, as the people who burgled Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) discover. The down-on-her-luck woman is also highly motivated to seek revenge when she realizes that the thieves stole her grandmother’s silverware. Absolute chaos ensues, and Ruth discovers how much anger, impulsivity, and drive she has — making her an Aries to a T alongside her neighbor, played by Elijah Wood.

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Runners Up: The Social Network, Lady Bird.



A gorgeous, sensuous, moving movie centered around love and loss perfectly suits your often-ignored emotional side, Taurus. With typical Taurean stubbornness and loyalty, live-in maid Cleo navigates life during political and personal upheaval — and the movie centers her, instead of overlooking her. Fixed signs are skilled at consistency and excellence, so this should make you feel particularly seen.

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The Big Lebowski

The Big Lebowski/Working Title Films

“The Dude” embodies both the stubbornness and the sweetness of Tauruses. Lebowski’s Taurean love of beauty and comfort (in this case, it’s all about the rug in his apartment) clashes against the fraught drama of the world around him. But he remains unchanged (“The Dude abides”) even though literally everything in his life kind of collapses around him. He’s exceptional at being lazily calm about... just about everything.

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Runners Up: Into the Wild, Mystic Pizza.



Geminis aren’t so much two-faced as multi-faced (it’s one of those misunderstood signs), and this is the perfect movie to represent that. Leonardo DiCaprio’s Dom captures the air sign perfectly: the brilliant dream-builder has a crazy idea to plant an idea into a corporate CEO — which is, you guessed it, the inception. From there, it's the kind of puzzle irresistible to any Gemini.

Available on Netflix August 1, 2021


Superbad/Columbia Pictures

Three awkward (but also weirdly charming and sweet) teenagers just try to get alcohol and hook up with their crushes, using only their over-the-top personalities and a terrible fake ID. It does not go well, and yet things still kind of turn out all right for these crazy kiddos. You have to watch it knowing it was made in 2007 and some of the jokes have not aged particularly well, but also be prepared to feel like teenagers again, Geminis.

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Runners Up: CAM, Monty Python and the Holy Grail.


Legally Blonde

Watery Cancer overflows with emotion, sympathy, and loyalty. Your heart is where your home is, Cancer, and your life is centered around family. Which makes Elle Woods the perfect Cancerian protagonist: fiercely protective about the people she loves, sweet as pie, and smarter than you imagine. She’s got a Cancer-like knack for being intuitive and responsive to people’s needs, and she’s at home at sororities and Harvard alike.

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A sad and lonely Cancer is tough to watch, since they’re so deeply in need of family and friends. This gorgeous film covers three pivotal moments in Chiron’s life, from bullied child, to closeted and incarcerated teen, to withdrawn but beautiful adult. That such multitudes can exist inside a single person is pure Cancer. He’s adopted a tough outer shell, but his inside is vulnerable and beautiful — you just have to get to know him.

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Runners up: My Octopus Teacher, Someone Great.


Scott Pilgrim vs. The World

Leos think (no, they know) they’re the center of everything. So Scott Pilgrim, despite being kind of a jerk and totally clueless about how he impacts others, just goes for the things he wants without apologizing. That absolutely includes Ramona, a fellow Leo with some crummy exes that Scott needs to fight. It’s a love story about two people made for each other and trying to work against their own fire-sign impulses.

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She’s Gotta Have It

40 Acres & A Mule Filmworks

Big, bold passion is your style, Leo. So your dynamic, fervent, egocentric-but-in-a-good-way soul will love this Spike Lee film about Nora, a Brooklyn-based artist who’s hooking up with three different men — and absolutely unapologetic when they find out about each other. The film also inspired a very sexy TV show, also available on Netflix, so see what all the fuss is about and meet your muse.

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Runners Up: Election, Talladega Nights.


About Time

A sweet film about repeating the same thing over and over until you get it absolutely perfect, rooted in romantic yearning? This is a Virgo movie for sure. Tim Lake (Domhnall Gleeson) learns from his father all the men in his family can time-travel, and typical of your sign's taking responsibility very seriously, only uses it to try and improve his love life. Tim's patience with the balancing act of past actions affecting future events, careful observation of what's happening and who's affected around him, and passionate pursuing of love and happiness will warm your Virgo heart.

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The Perfection


...on the totally other end of the spectrum, we have this movie. You must be able to love horror films to get this, but it’s all about female musicians who must be perfect on their instrument of choice (the cello). Otherwise, terrible things will, and do, happen. But without going into too many spoilers, their quest for perfection is also an important part of their very survival. Virgos, you’ll appreciate the diligence if not how they go about doing it. It’s intense.

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Runners Up: Spotlight, Ma Rainey’s Black Bottom.



In a kingdom at the whim of a decadent young ruler, a military commander has a secret weapon waiting in the shadows — a poor doppelgänger terrified of being shoved back into darkness. You'll appreciate the film's literal and emotional balancing act, Libra, involving cautious diplomacy and backdoor solutions avoiding direct confrontation. Your love of the beautiful ensures you'll thrill at the film's gorgeous choreography and elegant set pieces.

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The Dig

Larry Horricks/Netflix

Here, your love of symmetry and harmony will literally play out in this reimagining of the 1939 Sutton Hoo excavation. A widow and a self-taught archaeologist uncover the most magnificent historical finds in rural England on the cusp of World War II; the Anglo-Saxon burial grounds include a buried ship dating from the 7th century. In this movie, it’s all about the power of the discovery and the careful beauty of a job well done. Perfect Libra material.

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Runners Up: Loving, American Factory.


A Marriage Story

Your psychic, emotional energy, Scorpio, is catnip for deeply raw movies that others might find overwhelming. So this movie about two people who are clearly also Scorpios — creative, passionate, emotional, craving fulfillment and understanding — getting divorced so they can live the better versions of themselves is perfect for you. The beauty is you’ll empathize with both, including their heavy emotions as they come apart.

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Pan’s Labyrinth

Warner Bros. Pictures

Brooding, mysterious, and fascinating is a description applying to this film as much as you, Scorpio. This lusciously beautiful but also haunting film centers around the young Ofelia, who enters a world of myth and legend set in war-torn Spain. Guillermo del Toro has never been more visually beautiful or devastatingly passionate as in this early work. Prepare to watch a movie as compelling and layered as you are.

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Runners Up: I’m Thinking of Ending Things, The Florida Project.


Ferris Bueller's Day Off

Rebellion leading to adventure and travel is just another day for you, Sagittarius. The title character's charisma and versatility draw in the whole town eventually, as Bueller wanders all over the city exploring and dodging the responsibilities of school. His philosophical asides and larger worldview reflect your broader horizons, and his ability to cheer up and encourage sad sack friend Cameron should feel familiar to the social and upbeat Sagittarius. Bueller's blunt assessment of every situation he gets himself into should also sound familiar to you, as your honesty and unreliability can often land you in hot water too.

Available on Netflix August 1, 2021

The Old Guard


Chasing after experiences and knowledge? So is the Old Guard: centuries-old warriors who cannot die and impart their very own brand of vigilante justice from the shadows. Led by Andy (Charlize Theron), they seek to stay away from people who might weaponize their longevity and help other unkillable humans like themselves. Things don’t totally work out as they hoped, but it makes for a fascinating take on the question: what would you do if you could go anywhere and learn anything, for hundreds of years? A Sag dream.

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Runners Up: Safety Not Guaranteed, Charlie's Angels.


There Will Be Blood

Ambitious, relentless, and work-focused, you'll find plenty to identify with in Daniel Plainview (Daniel Day Lewis), a psychotically driven oil man who cons a town out of their land and builds an empire for himself. He's matched by the equally stubborn and ambitious young preacher Eli Sunday (Paul Dano), whose slow-burning feud threatens to destroy everything Plainview built. Hm, that makes all your hard work sound like a bad thing, Capricorn.

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Dick Johnson Is Dead

Barbara Nitke / Netflix

Serious and thoughtful, you’re totally tuned in to the more macabre elements of life. What other people find upsetting, Capricorns find fascinating and worth exploring. Kirsten Johnson, filmmaker, copes with her father’s impending death (he suffers from dementia at the time of filming) by leaning into it. She concocts crazy scenarios to “act out” his death in various ridiculous, humorous ways, and it provides closure for them both.

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Runners Up: The Other Side Of The Wind, Pieces of a Woman.



Your deep sense of social justice and offbeat tastes will both be satisfied with this quirky film, Aquarius. Simultaneously a screed against eating animals and the story of a girl's Terminator-level determination to get her best friend (a giant, genetically engineered pig named Okja) back, the film is wildly unpredictable and surprising, just like you. And also deeply emotional, just like you.

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Monty Python Life of Brian

Orion Pictures/Warner Bros.

The Aquarian is eccentric, unruly, and kind of weird (in an amazing way). So is Brian, the guy who happens to be born right next to Jesus’ stable and keeps being confused as the Savior. As is typical of Monty Python, the film is completely irreverent and depressing yet kind of upbeat at the same time. It’s also a really sharp commentary about not just following a leader blindly, so you’ll find tons to love here.

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Runners Up: Neon Genesis Evangelion: The End of Evangelion, 13th.



This dreamy, romantic ghost story centered around the sea is the perfect Pisces movie. Soulemain loves Ada, who's betrothed to another man. He leads a group of Dakar workers unpaid for months to seek better fortunes across the water, despite none of them knowing how to pilot a boat. When a mysterious fire breaks out on her wedding night, Soulemain, spotted by several, is the main suspect, despite having gone missing and presumed drowned. Suspicion falls on Ada as well, who sees the women around her plagued by a strange fever seemingly tied to the missing men.

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Dolemite Is My Name

François Duhamel/Netflix

Though often derided as the hippie crybaby of the zodiac, your offbeat optimism is a strength, Pisces. This biopic of Rudy Ray Moore, a religious man who created foul-mouthed alter ego Dolemite, captures your deep-rooted spirituality and conviction, while reflecting your sixth sense for what's needed in the world to come. Dolemite ultimately went on influence a generation of performers, just like Pisces' visions often look to the future.

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Runners Up: I Am The Pretty Thing That Lives In The House, Crimson Peak.

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