All The Ways You Should Be Using Shea Butter

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While I'm always keen on busting out the shea-butter heavy products around winter to help combat dry and chapped skin, I was surprised to find out just how useful pure shea butter is year-round. In fact, with all of the beauty uses for shea butter that there are, dare I say it might even be the new coconut oil? A bold claim, I know. But just think about all of the products in your beauty routine that contain some small percentage of shea butter. And then think about what 100 percent shea butter could do all on its own.

Even though we tend to primarily use shea butter for its moisturizing properties, it can actually do so much more. Because shea butter is rich in vitamins A and E, it has a myriad of other skin-benefitting properties. It can be used on areas other than hands and feet, for so many reasons other than treating dryness, and during seasons other than just winter. Want to get the most out of your shea butter? Here are nine uses for pure shea butter in addition to moisturizing dry skin that will make you want to incorporate it into your daily beauty routine ASAP.

1. As A Sunscreen


Shea butter actually has natural sun-protection roughly equivalent to an SPF 6. While it shouldn't necessarily be all that you rely on for a day at the beach, it could be a nice, moisturizing supplement. For daily sun-protection, try massaging some shea butter onto your face and the backs of your hands to keep vulnerable areas safe from sunburn.

2. As A Shaving Cream And After Shave

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Natural beauty bloggers swear by shea butter as a shaving cream. It works great as a natural barrier when shaving to help prevent razor burn, irritation, and minor nicks. Also slather some on after shaving to keep the area smooth, soothed, and moisturized.

3. As A Lip Balm

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Shea butter isn't just for the body. It can also be used on lips to keep them hydrated and prevent chapping as well as wind and sun damage.

4. To Tame Flyaways

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Rub a small amount of shea butter between fingers and then smooth over any flyaways to keep hair tamed and sleek.

5. To Smooth Brows

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If you have unruly brows, rub or comb a small amount of shea butter through them to keep your brows under control. If you like to fill in your brows, use the shea butter first so that it will not smear whatever product you used.

6. To Soothe Sunburn

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The moisturizing and healing properties of shea butter make it an excellent choice to help soothe sunburn. Just slather it on any sensitive areas to have your skin back to normal ASAP.

7. To Nourish Cuticles

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Rough and peeling cuticles are the worst. Keep them nourished and happy by regularly massaging in some shea butter. Your manicures will be so on-point.

8. To Treat Blemishes

The Vitamin A in shea butter allows it to help improve acne. After washing, spread a thin layer over any problem areas so that it can treat and moisturize at the same time.

9. To Heal Minor Wounds And Skin Conditions

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Whether you have a minor burn, scrape, bug bite, or even a skin condition like dermatitis or eczema, shea butter can help calm and protect the skin. For bites, dermatitis, and eczema, shea butter could instantly alleviate itching. Otherwise, regular and thin applications can help your skin heal more quickly than it would have on its own.

Gotta love a natural, multipurpose product.

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