How To Stop Breakouts From Happening

by Sienna Fantozzi
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There's no sugarcoating it — breakouts are the worst. While they can pop up due to hormonal or dietary changes, there's another cause you may not be considering: weather changes. With spring right around the corner (it's so close, we can feel it!), I'm going to help you out with how to stop breakouts from happening. You should be able to enjoy the warmer weather, not stress about your skin! Talk about a buzzkill.

Seasonal breakouts are totally a thing, and it's not so much about the weather going from cloudy to sunny as it is about the lifestyle changes you make as a result of different weather. Just like you'd put on a sweater in the winter, or reach for your flip flops come summer, you have to treat your skin differently when the seasons change. If you stick with the same routine all year long and don't adapt for dryer, warmer, cooler, or more humid weather, you could definitely see the effects pop up on your face in the form of pimples. Not fun.

If you want to avoid the dreaded new season zits (and you do, of course), here are seven tips to stop breakouts from happening.

1. Exfoliate

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Just like you would spring clean your house, spring clean your pores by exfoliating weekly to get rid of dead skin and build-up.

2. Add Acne Cleansers Back In

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If you were laying off your acne cleansers in the winter because they were drying out your skin, you might want to try adding them back in as it warms up, at least a couple of times a week. Try products with benzoyl peroxide or salicylic acid.

3. Change Your Moisturizer

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You need a heavy moisturizer in the winter, but generally, when the weather gets warmer and there is more moisture/humidity in the air, you want to lighten up a bit. You don't need those heavy creams with extra hydration

4. Rinse More Frequently

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Let's be real — when it's warmer out, you sweat more, and letting that sit on your face can cause breakouts. You don't want to cleanse too often because it can dry out your skin, but make sure you're at least rinsing your face and getting the sweat off if you work out or are outside in the heat for a while.

5. Wash Your Pillowcases

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Again, spring cleaning! Bacteria can build up on your pillows and cause breakouts, so make sure you're washing them regularly.

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6. Use Your SPF

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You know UV rays can cause sun damage, but did you also know that can make your skin more sensitive to breakouts? Enjoy the sun, but make sure you're protected.

7. Add In Antioxidants

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Add in a vitamin C or vitamin A serum to get rid of dead skin cells and dullness.

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