Why You Should Put Vitamin C On Your Skin

by Sienna Fantozzi

You generally think of vitamin C as being something you take to boost your immune system, but it actually has several benefits when applied topically, too. If you're curious as to what vitamin C does for your skin, it is good for so many things, that almost anyone could have a use for it in their beauty regimen.

You eat your citrus, or maybe you even take supplements, but there's another way you can add more vitamin C into your life — by applying it to your skin. Vitamin C is an antioxidant (and you know how important it has to have those in your beauty routine) and can provide protection from free-radicals and the environment. That sounds great and all, but what effects are you actually going to see?

Vitamin C can produce a wide range of benefits, from protection from the sun to anti-aging. When applied topically, it can help boost collagen (which in turn, can fade the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles), fade brown spots/sun damage, reduce inflammation, fade red marks and scars from breakouts, and even increase your sunscreens effectiveness against UV exposure, according to the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology. Whoa. Mind = blown.

If you want to try applying vitamin C to your skin, shop these seven products.

1. VoilaVe

Vitamin C Serum; $19.95;

This serum combines three forms of vitamin C for maximum benefit.

2. Amara Organics

Vitamin C Serum; $15.95;

With 20 percent vitamin C, this serum is extremely potent, but still gentle enough for your skin.

3. ArtNaturals

Enhanced Vitamin C Serum; $10.95;

If your concern are wrinkles and lines, try a vitamin C serum formulated for anti-aging.

4. TruSkin Naturals

Vitamin C Serum; $19.99;

Instead of using multiple products, shop one with vitamins C, E, and hyalruonic acid.

5. InstaNatural

Skin Brightening Serum; $15.15;

Skin feeling dull? Try this vitamin C serum to brighten your face.

6. Advanced Skin Care

Retinol Plus; $23.90;

Fight aging and acne at the same time with this serum that also has retinol in it.

7. Azure Naturals

Professional Strength Vitamin C Serum; $35.88;

If you don't have sensitive skin, try a professional strength serum.

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Images: Amazon; Isla Murray/Bustle