15 Black Fashion & Beauty Influencers To Add To Your Instagram Feed ASAP

by Keyaira Boone
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Black style influencers are often tasked with doing double duty: advocating for their own humanity in between eyebrow tutorials and outfit of the day posts. It can be emotionally draining and it comes with a grave risk to their livelihoods and even their safety. Speaking out about racial injustice and police brutality carries the threat of turning off potential sponsors, and those partnerships are how many influencers make their living. Even worse, social justice posts can attract trolls who flood their comment sections with hate posts, even threatening to violently harm them in some instances. Still, with all the challenges and risks it poses, many influencers find the courage to speak up for the causes they believe in. And the world is better for it.

The influencer revolution proves that everyday women with an elevated sense of style can introduce us to new products, new places, and most importantly, new perspectives. If the perspectives you’ve been exposed to have not previously included Black women, don’t waste time apologizing or explaining; just begin branching out today. And note, your support — by way of shares and double taps — will make a difference. One of the easiest ways you can support the Black style influencer community is by uplifting their voices and following and engaging with their content.

Here are 15 Black fashion and beauty influencers that you should start following right now.

One of the OG's of the body positive movement, Gabi Fresh revolutionized the plus-size industry with sexy, fashion-forward outfits that cater to every size and shape. Not only does she style herself to perfection, she also designs a must-have swimwear collection for Swimsuits4All (shown here) and lingerie line for Playful Promises.

With exclusive behind-the-scenes footage of Atlanta events, fun home decor hauls, and honest beauty reviews, there’s something for everyone on Lexi’s page.

A “mompreneur” with two beautiful babies, Brown is taking her followers along as she makes the transition from fashion blogger to tech mogul. Whether you’re looking for advice on how to find the perfect jumpsuit or how to prep to move to another city, you’ll find it all on her grid.

Get a master class in layering neutrals and choosing memorable accessories from this style guru who celebrates and centers the plus size community in everything she does.

Love monochromatic looks and modern home decor? Moni’s feed is a treasure trove of inspiration, and her snapshots into her family life are an added bonus.

Danielle is your go-to for advice on caring for your natural hair, curating a covetable wardrobe, and even decorating your home.

Saffold upends stereotypes about elitist athletes’ wives with her refreshingly relatable blog. She focuses on food, fun, family, and faith, inspiring followers to be unapologetic in their pursuit of joy.

Come for the ruffles, stripes, and shoes. Stay for the styling advice and plant collection.

The Nigerian Youtube star is known for her full head of 4C curls and advocating for pay transparency in the digital space.

Wilson strikes the perfect balance between conservative and trend-conscious style, as she actively works to promote size inclusivity in the fashion industry.

Seeking to support more women in STEM? Med School Milah will be your favorite follow. The freckled-faced influencer is marching her way through her medical education, all while sporting chic neutrals and fiery-red hair.

A founder of FaceFlawlessSkin, it's not surprise that Walker's skincare sessions are a must watch. She walks her followers through every step of her beauty routine and offers candid reviews on the most-coveted products.

When this Southern beauty-queen-turned-model isn’t fighting for autistic children or starring in ad campaigns, she’s filming fun unboxing videos.

Known for her signature short haircut and impeccable taste in fashion, this Chicago attorney/blogger will you have double-tapping and saving every post.

As a life coach, advice columnist, and the founder of the Authentic Convos series, Ayana Iman gets real about what it takes to maintain millennial relationships while also sharing her fitness journey and sweet motherhood moments.

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