Why You Should Try Rosehip Oil On Your Skin ASAP

by Gina Jones 2
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YouTube beauty tutorials are one of the best ways to discover new products and techniques. The kinds of things that only makeup artists knew before — like the benefits of rosehip oil in makeup routines — are now easily accessible to all.

The rise in rosehip oil as a moisturizer isn't exactly a new trend. In 2013, Huffington Post reported that rosehip oil will follow coconut oil as the new "miracle skincare product."

Also in 2013, xoVain writer Cassey Shapiro recommended we "buy a gallon of it immediately," after the positive effects she noticed of using rosehip oil like a serum. A year later, another xoVain writer, Hannah Johnson, claimed that she revamped her skin entirely by incorporating rosehip oil into a skincare routine. However, a new way to use rosehip oil is permeating the blogosphere: mixing it with your foundation.

But why rosehip oil in particular? What about this specific oil is so good for cleansing, moisturizing, and combining with our everyday makeup? Although there's plenty of vlogs explaining the benefits of rosehip oil both before, during, and after makeup, advice from a professional could only help our understanding of this wonder product. It turns out that what's inside rosehip oil sets it apart from other oil alternatives.

"Rosehip oil is considered more effective than other herbal oils because it has smaller molecules of beta-carotene (Vitamin A), and essential fatty acids that are much like the skin cell membrane, which enable the rosehip oil to penetrate deeper into the skin," dermatologist S. Manjula Jegasothy, founder and CEO of Miami Skin Institute tells Bustle over email. "In addition, rosehip oil also contains high levels of Vitamins E and C, which are crucial antioxidants for decreasing inflammation (acne) and reducing sun damage (brown spots) and helping scar tissue to regenerate in a more smooth and normal fashion."

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However, Jegasothy's diagnosis isn't all rainbows and butterflies. She signs off with a warning against seeing rosehip as the answer to all your problems. "Because rosehip oil has not been studied by the FDA as a drug," she says, "Its varying claims definitely need further studies."

If you're still down to experiment with rosehip oil, there are plenty of ways to start adding it to your routine. In her YouTube video explaining how to use beauty oils, vlogger Michelle Phan — who has over eight and a half million subscribers —recommends using grapeseed oil, jojoba oil or rosehip oil on your face. Phan says you can use a cleansing oil to remove makeup and if you have dry skin, use these oils in lieu of moisturizer before putting on your makeup.

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Phan had some insights as to why you can (and should) incorporate rosehip oil into your makeup routine. "Mix a drop or two onto the back of your hand and into your favorite foundation," she said in her video. "This will give your foundation a serum-like texture with extra luminosity, providing a flawless application."

While beauty trends do have a tendency of disappearing after a few months, the benefits of this one makes it seem like it might stick around for awhile. Stock up on rosehip oil, lest it fly off the shelves before you can start blending it into your routine.

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