4 Pairs Of Women's Underwear That Prevent Chafing

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There's nothing more irritating, literally, than the frequent rubbing of thighs that brings bumps and frustration. Fortunately, there are women's underwear that prevent thigh chafing so you don't need to suffer any longer.

Thigh chafing can affect anyone, regardless of size. When our thighs, or any part of our body, rubs together vigorously and frequently, it creates friction that can cause raw, irritated skin. This happens when there’s moisture on our bodies or in the air. Anyone whose prone to thigh chafing knows the struggle is real and how tempting it is to reach down for some sweet relief, no matter who's around.

As fellow Bustle writer Lisa Fogarty points out, there are some clever ways to prevent chafing. There are several products like dusting powder, anti-chafe balms, and hearty vegetable oils that can minimize friction and protect the skin from becoming irritated. But those solutions can wear off throughout the day. For long lasting, fool-proof protection, the best way to prevent chafing is to prevent skin from rubbing together at all and you can do just the with the right pair of underwear. For the exercise enthusiast, high-performance panties with moisture-wicking fabrics can help keep you dry while you work up a sweat while those fond of dresses and skirts can find underwear that creates the perfect lightweight barrier to prevent the painful friction.

If you're in search of a pair of underwear that's going to keep your thighs comfortable, then these are the panties worth stockpiling in your armory of underwear.

The Best For Working Out: Chaffree Women’s Knickerboxers Underpants

The name of these Chaffree knickers says it all, but wearing this underwear will give you more than just a chafe-free experience. Its stretchy fabric allows for a full range of motions and has antibacterial properties and built-in moisture management which make them perfect for working out. With three different colors and several different lengths and fits to choose from, these underwear are a great purchase for sizes small to triple extra large. Reviewers on Amazon claim these underwear are so soft and comfortable, you’ll think you’ve gone commando — and since their seamless, your friends may think so too.

  • Available Sizes: Small - 3X Large (Midi-Waist or Full-Waist, Long Leg or Short Leg)

According to one reviewer: "These women's undershorts are great! I wish that I could find comparable ones in the US. They wick, are lightweight and do not chafe. The shorter legs did ride up on me, but the longer legged ones stay put."

The Best For No Lines: Jockey Women's Skimmies Short Length Slipshort

If you want a nude look while still protecting your thighs, these Jockey Skimmies will have you covered. Not only are they seamless, these undies offer a range of beige and brown nude shades which are perfect for those slightly see-through dresses and pants. Made with an incredibly soft microfiber material, the slip shorts are great for anyone looking for a shorter option of chafe-free undies.

  • Available Sizes: X Small - XX Large

According to one reviewer: "I absolutely love the short length. They fit as expected. I brought these to wear under white pants and short dresses. I am a size 12 and my inner thighs rub together. The skimmies keep my thighs from chaffing and sweating. I wear them with just about all my dresses."

The Best With Lace Details: CnlanRow Women's Lace Short

Not only are these lace-trimmed chafe-free underwear pretty, they are also lightweight and perfect for hot weather. They're fast-drying, super stretchy, and great for circulating airflow. They have a sturdy elastic that stays up creating more comfort and protection. Available in sizes extra small to extra large with colors black, light beige, and white, these are the ideal shorts for dressier occasions.

  • Available Sizes: X Small - XX Large

According to one reviewer: "I will be buying more. These completely fix the leg rubbing/ chaffing issue in the summer. And they are breathable."

The Best In Extended Sizes: All Woman Plus-Size Anti-Chafing Shorts

Designed to provide maximum comfort, these plus-size underwear shorts are the ultimate rash guard. Both the leg bands and waistband have a seamless design that makes these shorts feel like a second skin. The fabric is handcrafted by artisans in Italy to offer high-quality and durability. Unlike other chafe-free undies serving larger sizes, this pair isn't shapewear so it won't feel constricting.

  • Available Sizes: 8-32

According to one reviewer: "I've tried several brands of anti-chafing garments, and this is the only brand that I've found that don't roll down from the top, or ride up in the legs. I purchased several pairs in the 14/18 in Natural... I walked about 4-5 miles a day in 90 degree heat. They were so comfortable! There was no riding up, no slipping, no chafing, no overheating. I highly recommend these!'

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