5 Pairs Of Women's Underwear That Prevent Chafing

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There're few things more irritating, literally, than the frequent rubbing of thighs. In addition to discomfort in the moment, it often brings bumps and frustration later on. Fortunately, there are women's underwear that prevent chafing so you don't need to suffer any longer.

What Causes Thigh Chafing?

Thigh chafing can affect anyone. When our thighs, or any part of our body, rubs together vigorously and frequently, it creates friction that can cause raw, irritated skin. This happens when there’s moisture on our bodies or in the air, so that’s why things can be extra uncomfortable in summer.

How Do You Prevent Thigh Chafing?

As Bustle editor Lisa Fogarty points out, there are some clever ways to prevent chafing like dusting powder, anti-chafe balms, and hearty vegetable oils that can minimize friction and protect the skin from becoming irritated. But those solutions can wear off throughout the day. For long lasting, fool-proof protection, the best way to prevent chafing might be to prevent skin from rubbing together at all and you can do just that with the right pair of underwear. For the exercise enthusiast or those who live in humid climates, high-performance panties with moisture-wicking fabrics can help keep you dry while you work up a sweat while those fond of dresses and skirts can find underwear that creates the perfect lightweight barrier to prevent the painful friction.

If you're in search of a pair of underwear that's going to keep you comfortable, then these are the panties worth stockpiling in your armory of underwear.

Shop The Best Underwear That Prevents Chafing

In a hurry? Here are the best full-coverage underwear options that stop thighs from rubbing together.

  1. The Best For No Lines: Jockey Skimmies Short Length Slipshort
  2. The Best Value: Wirarpa Anti-Chafing Cotton Boy Shorts (3-Pack)
  3. The Best For Working Out: Chaffree Knickerboxers Underpants
  4. The Best One With Lace Details: DERCA Mid-Thigh Lace Boyshort Panties
  5. A Popular Pick That Stays Put: Vassarette Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty


The Best For No Lines: Jockey Skimmies Short Length Slipshort

If you want a seamless look while still protecting your thighs, these Jockey Skimmies will have you covered. Not only are they seamless, these undies offer both black and beige, which are perfect for those slightly sheer dresses and pants. Made with an incredibly soft microfiber material, the slip shorts are great for anyone looking for a shorter option of chafe-free undies.

  • Available sizes: X-Small - XX-Large

According to one reviewer: "These are the perfect pair for avoiding the inevitable thigh-rub chafe in the summer months. They're very comfortable and perfectly stretchy, light, and airy. [...] They don't ride up either.”


The Best Value: Wirarpa Anti-Chafing Cotton Boy Shorts (3-Pack)

If you’re looking for a value, consider these anti-chafing boyshorts, which come in a pack of three. They’re made from 95% combed cotton for softness and breathability, as well as 5% spandex for stretch, and they reach down the thighs to prevent uncomfortable friction. You can opt for this multipack, which features black, beige, and apricot — or you can grab other combinations, like all black, all white, or multicolor. So far, they’ve earned an overall 4.5-star rating after more than 15,000 reviewers.

  • Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large

According to one reviewer: “Finally! Underwear that fits and doesn’t chafe! I've been looking for underpants that protect my thighs from chafing against the inseams of my jeans - but I've been looking in the wrong place. These were reasonably priced, and fit perfectly.”


The Best For Working Out: Chaffree Knickerboxers Underpants

The name of these Chaffree knickers says it all, but wearing this underwear will give you more than just a chafe-free experience. Its stretchy fabric allows for a full range of motion, and even has antibacterial properties and built-in moisture management which make them perfect for working out (or just really hot, humid days). There are several neutral shades and different lengths and fits to choose from.

  • Available sizes: 8-10 — 26-31

According to one reviewer: "No chafing!! Wore them under wool lined leggings, no chafing or sweating, stayed in place and were comfortable!. Will order more.”


The Best One With Lace Details: DERCA Mid-Thigh Lace Boyshort Panties

Not only are these lace-trimmed chafe-free underwear pretty, they are also lightweight and perfect for hot weather. The rayon fabric is fast-drying, stretchy, and great for circulating airflow. They also have a sturdy elastic that stays up and resists rolling, creating more comfort and protection. It comes in black, beige, gray, pink, or combo packs.

  • Available sizes: Small - 3X-Large

According to one reviewer: "I love this kind of slip short, especially in fl where thigh sticking is a thing. This is really cute and well made, I would size up one but the material is not static prone and it's great under thin skirts and dresses.”


A Popular Pick That Stays Put: Vassarette Comfortably Smooth Slip Short Panty

To provide maximum comfort while actually staying put, these slip short panties are designed to resist rolling, riding, and rashes. The fabric is made from a silky-smooth, no-budge combination of nylon, spandex, and other fibers, and it doesn’t have seams or tags. While they’re lightweight and breathable, the overall 4.4-star rating and more than 4,200 reviews showcase how well they actually protect — and there are a few colors to choose from. They also come in multipacks.

  • Available sizes: 5 - 10

According to one reviewer: "I was looking for an alternative to wear under dresses and skirts in the summer besides cotton shorts. Didn't like the heat and bulk of wearing shorts but it's a necessity when you walk long distances in the summer.Basically, what I'm saying is these are a thigh saver!!No bunching, moving and minimal rolling.”

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