Perfume That Smells Like Weed, And 7 Other Fascinating Scents To Try This Spring

I'm a perfume junkie. Although I gravitate toward scents like patchouli and sandalwood, trying to find the weirdest smelling perfumes has always been a highly important game for me. As a result, I'm a chronic collector of perfume samples.

Scents just fascinate me (as well as satisfy my obsession with perfume) and leave me with so many questions. What goes into creating scents? What makes certain scents perfect for a first date, while others remain more suitable for work? So today, I wanted to explore the most unconventional perfumes on the market right now. (And I truly found some weird ass perfume.)

Now, weird doesn't have to mean gross (although bacon-scented fragrances are the devil's work). Weird can be sexy, nostalgic, fun, and even intoxicating. There are scents that satisfy the child in you, like Demeter's Play-Doh fragrance and L'Artisan Parfumeur's circus-inspired Dzing! Then there are the sexier perfumes, like Alan Cumming's whiskey and leather dominated fragrance, and Secretions Magnifiques’ carnal but highly questionable body fluid-inspired scent. And everything in between for the weed and literature lovers among us! Check out these peculiar perfumes and, if you're feeling daring, give some of them a try this spring.

Image: Demeter

by Sebastian Zulch

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Perfume Oil

Malin + Goetz Cannabis Perfume Oil, $50, AmazonFor all you 4/20 lovers out there, I’ve got a scent for you! Malin + Goetz formulated a perfume oil that synthesizes scents like fig, pepper, sandalwood, and patchouli to evoke the essential smell of the Cannabis plant.

Unfortunately, for obvious legal reasons, there is no actual cannabis in the perfume itself. But it’s the second best thing. The notes are subtle, so it’s definitely safe to wear in professional environments without being accused of blazing it on the job.

Poe's Tobacco No. 1

Poe’s Tobacco No. 1, $30, T okyo-Milk

As a huge fan of Edgar Allan Poe, the name of this fragrance alone, along with the “Nevermore” reminiscent image of a raven on the packaging, drew me in. Described as “deeply nostalgic,” the Tokyo Milk fragrance contains notes of tobacco, tea leaves, autumn apple, and amberwood. You can practically smell the history in it, of Poe as a tortured writer living under cloudy skies in Baltimore, the city of his eventual demise.


Play-Doh Perfume, $20, D emeter

If you’re anything like me, one of your favorite smells in the world is that of fresh, straight from the can Play-Doh. To this day, I seize any opportunity to play with the colorful clay if only to smell it.

Demeter has made every ’90s kid’s dream come true, and bottled one of the only smells that can effectively transport one back to childhood immediately. Feed your nostalgia-obsession, and pick up a bottle of this stuffyour inner child will thank you.

2nd (Alan) Cumming

2nd (Alan) Cumming, $120, CB I Hate Perfume

This amazingly suggestive fragrance makes a statement in more ways than one. Besides the fact that it’s formulated by the great and wondrous Alan Cumming, the scent uniquely captures, “Sex, Scotch, Cigars and Scotland.” It’s as weird as it sounds.

The perfume’s notes include Scotch pine, malt whiskey, cigar, rubber, worn leather, and Highland mud, to name a few. And apparently the more you sweat, the better it smells. So if you’re a fan of Cumming (in both senses of the word, winky face), give this crazy scent a sniff.

Dzing! Eau De Toilette

Dzing! Eau de Toilette, $84, Amazon

If you loved the circus as a kid, or you still enjoy it as an adult, you’ll be interested to know about L’Artisan Parfumer’s circus-inspired scent Dzing! The unisex fragrance captures the true olfactory experience of this colorful spectacle, smelling of “saddle leather, sawdust from the ring, and the carmelised smell of candy.”

The perfume also contains notes of tonka beans, saffron, and ginger. If you’re like me and weren’t crazy about the circus in your younger years, you’ll notice the fragrance is missing one scent: fear.

Secretions Magnifiques

Secretions Magnifiques, $90, Lucky Scent

Said to smell like semen, blood and/or breast milk (depending on the nostrils of the wearer), Secretions Magnifiques may very well be one of the strangest perfumes on the market. The scent’s description talks of “provocativeness” and “free thinking,” and cites its “iode-blood-milk accord” for its greatness.

The fragrance has very mixed reviews, ranging from people raving about how it’s “carnal desire in a bottle,” to people complaining that it’s vomit-inducing. Others who tried it reported not smelling the bodily elements of the fragrance at all, and only detected its iris and coconut undertones. If you’re as fascinated as I am, you’re probably going to order the $3 sample from Lucky Scents to see for yourself.

Fresh Citron De Vigne

Citron de Vigne, $50, S ephora

If you’re interested in the boozier scents, check out Fresh’s Citron de Vigne. Inspired by the city of Reims, located in the Champagne-Ardenne region of France, the scent’s heart note is pinot noir accord, and accented by jasmine, citrus, and patchouli, among other notes. This is definitely a perfume for the classy gals out there. Or those who love Pinot Noir as much as Titus from Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt .

Paper Passion

Paper Passion, $174, Jet

If you’re a lover of literature and take secret pleasure in smelling the pages of your new book, this is the fragrance for you. Geza Schoen and Gerhard Steidl formulated Paper Passion to capture the intoxicating aroma of a new book’s paper and ink, or as Karl Lagerfeld puts it, “The silent smell of paper.”

The packaging is meant to look like a book, with a hidden compartment containing the bottle itself. A perfect scent for a bookstore crawl, a day at the library, or just trying to show off your literary loving sensibility on a first date.