The Most Comfortable Underwear For Women
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Like every other drawer in my wardrobe, my underwear drawer can be split up into two distinct categories: my most comfortable pairs of underwear that I reach for time and time again, and the pairs that I grab only when I'm three weeks overdue for laundry day. Because you often can't try on your panties before you buy, underwear is a pretty hit-or-miss category of clothing, and unfortunately, you end up with a lot of pairs that don't quite suit you. You also end up with a lot that ride up, dig in, and cut off your circulation. That being said, wouldn't it be incredible if every pair in there was both cute and comfortable?

Thankfully, your fellow readers want you to have a drawer full of winners. That's why a handful of people agreed to share their responses to one simple question: "What's your favorite pair or brand of comfortable underwear, and why?" Unsurprisingly, a lot of the same answers popped up time and time again, meaning that someone in the world of comfortable underwear is doing something right. If you're not sure which pair to try out next, but you want to ensure that you're not wasting your time or money, check out these top underwear favorites that are both comfy and cute.


Comfort And Full Coverage

Gap High Cut Bikini (XS-XL), $12, Gap

"My favorite pair of comfortable underwear is the High Cut Bikini from Gap," says Emma Lord, Bustle's associate web culture editor. "Last year I bought 10 of them, and it was honestly the best decision I've ever made — they're so comfortable, they never ride up, and I never have to worry about them losing elasticity or unraveling in the wash. Plus, it comes in really nice, basic colors that are sometimes hard to find in a comfortable pair."


Organic Cotton Thongs That Are Undetectable Under Clothes

Hanky Panky Low Rise Organic Cotton Thongs, $54, Amazon

Bustle Associate Commerce Editor Elly Ayres says, "Visible underwear lines are a pet peeve of mine," and that's why she loves the signature low rise thong from Hanky Panky. "These thongs are not only undetectable beneath jeans, skirts, and dresses — but they're incredibly comfortable. They're super stretchy and move with you, so you can adjust where they sit according to your outfit every time. They never ride up or fall down on me. (And this is just kind of a bonus, but they have so many colors that you can always find a pair to match your bra, if you're into that!)" This pack of three is made from organically grown Supima Cotton and comes in black, white, and chai colors.


A Perfect Medium Of Comfort And Style

Aerie Everyday Lace Cheeky Panties (XS-XXL), $13, American Eagle

Production assistant at MTV Kristin Magaldi says, "I wear Aerie underwear. They have an assortment of cotton and lace combos that are perfectly comfy and cute. I don't want granny panties, but I'm also not trying to impress the world with my underwear. They have the perfect happy medium that works for me." She prefers the cheeky ones, like these Aerie everyday lace cheeky panties.


They Really Are As Comfortable As They Look


Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Short (S-L), $5-$24, Amazon

Bustle's fashion and beauty editor Olivia Muenter says, "My favorite brand of underwear is Calvin Klein boyshorts — they're all I wear these days!" She loves them because they're super comfortable and last forever, which is better than a lacy pair that only lasts two washes, she said. "You see them all the time on Instagram, which makes you think they might just be trendy/uncomfortable, but they really are as comfortable as they look!" They're also really easy to take care of, and they come in more than 15 different colors and designs.


Three Times Softer Than Cotton

MeUndies Modal Thong (XS-2XL), $16, MeUndies

According to Kara McGrath, who is the deputy editor for fashion and beauty at Bustle, "All the podcast ads are right: MeUndies are the best. In addition to being crazy comfortable, I appreciate that that, although they still have gendered shopping sections, all of the styles feel fairly unisex." This thong is super stretchy, three times softer than cotton, and has a soft flexible waistband that makes you forget you're wearing anything.


Full Coverage And Movement With Aerie Boyshorts

Aerie Boyshorts (XS-XXL), $13, American Eagle

Kayla, registered nurse, says that Aerie boyshorts are her all-time favorite when it comes to underwear. "Honestly, they're just really comfortable," she says. These ones are made from comfy, stretchy cotton with a body-hugging lace band, and they give you full coverage and movement at the same time.


Cute, Comfy, And Won't Show Under Clothes

Gilligan & O'Malley No Show Laser Cut Hipster, $5, Target

"I buy Gilligan & O'Malley ones from Target," says Caitlin, special needs teacher. "They're cheap, they have all different types of materials and styles, and they're cute," Caitlin said. These no-show laser cut hipsters (only one of the styles in Caitlin's underwear drawer) come in seven different colors and absolutely will not shower under skirts, jeans, leggings, or anything else.


Soft, Comfortable, And No VPL

Cable-Knit Thong Panty (XS-XL), $20, Victoria's Secret

Erin, an editor, loves this cable-knit thong panty from Victoria's Secret. "They're super soft, super comfortable, and don't give me any annoying VPL (visible panty lines), no matter what pants I wear with them!" The best part, says reviewers, is that you can't even feel them while you're wearing them.


Seamless, Tagless, And Breathable

Aerie Seamless Boybrief, $10, American Eagle

"Aerie," says Rosie, waitress. "They have the best sales, they are comfortable, and their ad campaign is very pro body image." This Aerie seamless boybrief has a smooth, seamless fabric that hugs your body instead of cutting into it. It's also tagless and truly breathable for the most comfortable all-day wear, and it comes in five colors, too.


So Soft, They Convert People

Calvin Klein Modern Cotton Bikini (S-L), $15, Nordstrom

"I used to feel averse towards cotton underwear because I didn't think it was as cute as lacy thongs or silk briefs, but I'm now totally obsessed with Calvin Klein cotton undies," says Sam Escobar, senior commerce editor at Bustle. "These are unbelievably comfortable and so soft, though, that they've totally converted me. Plus, they look amazing with the matching bra." They also come in your choice of grey, white, or black.


This Classic Hiphugger Design In 30+ Colors

Victoria's Secret Hiphugger Panty (XS-L), $17-$22, Amazon

Melanie, production coordinator, says "If I have a little more cash to spend, I'll go to Victoria's Secret because I find them to be most comfortable." This Victoria's Secret hiphugger style is soft and breathable with a classic design that comes in more than 30 different colors to suit any style.


This Silky Fabric For Periods

Hanes Invisible Smooth Boyshorts (L-XXL), $10-$22, Amazon

"Hanes microfiber boy shorts for shark week," says Jenna McGivney, art therapist and mental health counselor. She said when dealing with cramps and stressed out skin, "at least the fabric against my tush is nice." This pack of two is tagless and gives you smooth, all-over comfort with a soft waistband and a silky, luxurious material.


Durable, Yet Very Cute And Comfortable Cotton

Victoria's Secret Cotton Bikini Panty (XS-XL), $9, Victoria's Secret

Emily Azer, after-school counselor, says "I have a lot of underwear from Victoria's Secret, and I like their cotton stuff because they do have nice designs and it's nice to feel cute in your undies. But I'm all about comfort." This pair allows for moderate coverage with a silky-soft and durable cotton material.


Antimicrobial Technology And No Underwear Lines

Knixwear Knix All Day Lace Boyshort, $28, Bare Necessities

Another pick from Sam Escobar, senior commerce editor, is this Knix lace boyshort. "Not only are these incredibly comfy, they have antimicrobial technology and a great material that allows them to stay dry. The wide-band design makes them look great under clothes, too, with no visible panty lines."


These Won't Ride Up, Even During Your Yoga Class

Aerie Cheeky Heather Frost Panties (XS-XXL), $10, American Eagle

"These Aerie cheeky Heather Frost panties," says Maria Fendrick, yoga instructor and essential oil educator. "I love that they're cotton and breathable. Since they're intended to be on the cheeky side, they keep the panty line discreet without riding up! While my yoga pants can be revealing, I can't deal with wedgies when I'm teaching, and like any good pair of undies I don't even know I'm wearing them! Because of all, that they've been a staple in my underwear drawer for years."

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