The 11 Best Cooling Underwear For Women

Stay comfortable no matter what the weather.

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Best Cooling Underwear for Women
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I can’t stand the feeling of overheating. Even when I’m working out, I want my clothes to be as cool and breathable as possible. Luckily, the best cooling underwear for women keep you dry and comfortable no matter how hot it is, and they do so by utilizing the right materials and construction.

What To Look For In The Most Cooling Underwear

Underwear that keeps you cool and dry is often a careful combination of the right material and the right construction. That pair of tight-knit flannel panties probably isn't your best bet when it comes to avoiding a sweaty butt. Bamboo and cotton, on the other hand, are natural and lightweight fabrics that easily wick sweat and allow for airflow. If you can get something that incorporates a breathable mesh design, that's even better.

Whether you're looking for athletic pairs for your workout or just underwear for people who sweat a lot, Amazon can help. They've got an extensive selection of colors, sizes, and technologically advanced undies. That's right — terms like thermo-regulating, Climacool, and X-Temp now describe your undergarments, and while they might sound like features on a spaceship, they're actually just smart ways to keep your butt dry and comfy all day.


These Cooling Panties Made From Bamboo

Because they’re made from 95% bamboo viscose and 5% spandex, these Warm Sun bamboo panties are breathable, cooling, quick-drying, and stretchy. They come in multipacks of all different colors, and their larger leg holes and wide waistbands ensure that they stay put, whether you’re sleeping, working out, or running errands.

One reviewer wrote: “I need and want more of these! I live in Florida where it's hot and humid and these are not only super soft and comfortable, but they also keep you dry and cool. I also love that they are thin enough to where there's no visible panty line.”

Available sizes: 4 — 10 | Available color options: 8


Some Cool & Comfy Undies Made With 90% Cotton

These Bali brief panties are made from stretchy cotton that's breathable as well as soft, and the high-rise design keeps you covered front to back. They also come in a range of different colors, from basic black to Orchid heather. Last but not least, the full-cut fit is designed to stay in place without riding up.

One reviewer wrote: “I've been wearing these for years and recently started purchasing them on Amazon. Same brief, with the soft feel and lightweight control. Very cool in the summer, unlike my nylon briefs.”

Available sizes: Medium — 3X-Large Plus | Available color options: 8


A 20-Pack Of Cotton Briefs With Thousands Of Fans On Amazon

This 20-pack of breathable cotton briefs is a great choice for anyone who hates shopping for underwear, since one pack will last you quite a while. They’re made from a cotton and spandex blend that’s super soft, and the wide midrise waistband is so comfortable, you’ll be glad you own 20 pairs. No wonder they have an overall 4.4-star rating from more than 20,000 reviews.

One reviewer wrote: “I use for everyday wear. So far very durable as I wash and dry with other clothing. Cool and comfortable in our hot and humid Georgia climate.”

Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large | Available color options: 15


These 100% Cotton Panties

With 100% cotton fabric and a soft interlock weave, these plus-size cotton panties have reviewers asking, “Where have you been all my life?” Other noteworthy features include a high waist for stay-put comfort, an extra-wide gusset for extra coverage, and tunneled elastic to prevent pinching. Since they’re lightweight and breathable, they keep you cool in any situation.

One reviewer wrote: “Finally, a pair of panties that fit as if they were specifically designed for me. Extremely comfortable, nice thick fabric, comfortable waist and leg bands. I've always been a big girl and finding undies is a pain.. The description is spot on!”

Available sizes: XX-Large — 8X-Large | Available color options: 2


A 5-Pack Of Sweat-Wicking Reebok Hipsters

These Reebok hipsters are the perfect cooling underwear for sporty summer outings or sweaty workouts, since they’re made from a breathable, moisture-wicking nylon and spandex blend. They’re so lightweight you might just forget you’re wearing them, and the seamless construction means they’re practically invisible under clothing.

One reviewer wrote: “I run long distance and struggle to find underwear that doesn’t bunch or chafe. These are so soft and they don’t move and they even help wick sweat. I will be buying more.”

Available sizes: Small — X-Large | Available color options: 21


This 5-Pack Of Briefs That Come In Fun, Bright Colors

If you’re looking for cooling underwear in fun colors, this pack of high-waisted cotton briefs are a great choice. They’re made from a blend of cotton with a touch of spandex for stretch, and have a double-layered crotch and a full coverage design for ultimate comfort. They also resist chafing and rolling thanks to their wide waistband and stay-put leg openings.

One reviewer wrote: “These underwear are the MOST comfortable under I have ever worn. I am a plus-size girl who sweats a lot and these are perfect. So much stretch, so soft, incredibly breathable. I am buying my third 5 pack.”

Available sizes: Small — 5X-Large | Available color options: 12


Some Retro-Inspired High-Waisted Briefs

These high-waisted cotton briefs have a retro-inspired brief design with contrasting colors on the waistband and seams. They’re made from a cooling cotton and spandex blend and boast over 60,000 reviews on Amazon, many of which say they’re the best underwear for summer. Fans love that these underwear are soft, comfortable, and won’t ride up.

One reviewer wrote: “These fit true to size and provide some solid support, while also accommodating movement! No snuggies, no over-stretching or bagginess, either! Was able to run 9 miles in them comfortably, and stayed cool!”

Available sizes: Small — 6X-Large | Available color options: 11


A Pack Of Seamless Underwear That Won’t Show Under Clothing

This pack of seamless no-show underwear is perfect for anyone who loves soft, thin underwear that disappears under clothing — including yoga pants. Made from a stretchy nylon and spandex blend, the minimal design is super comfortable and won’t pinch or ride up. They also come in plenty of budget-friendly multipacks in tons of color options.

One reviewer wrote: “Love these underwear! Have been living in them since I bought them! Super comfortable, keeps me cool, and they don’t show when I’m wearing yoga pants or leggings.”

Available sizes: Small — XX-Large | Available color options: 13


These Ultra-Breathable Low Rise Briefs

These breathable low-rise underwear are made from a polyester and spandex micro-mesh that’s breathable and moisture-wicking. The lining is made from cotton, and the comfortable waistband won’t roll or pinch. Amazon shoppers love them for summer and have given them an overall 4.6-star rating and more than 30,000 reviews.

One reviewer wrote: “I didn't think a simple change in underwear material would be so effective, but my god. It's night and day. Even in my cruddy non-breathing standard issue scrub pants, these undies wick the sweat away. [...] These have been a total lifesaver. I highly recommend them.”

Available sizes: 5 — 13 | Available color options: 16


Some Microfiber Boyshorts With A No-Pinch Waistband

These microfiber boyshorts are made from a super soft blend of polyester and spandex that will keep you cool no matter how warm it is outside. They have a breathable cotton liner and a comfortable, no-pinch waistband that disappears under most clothing. Fans love the full coverage design and comfort.

One reviewer wrote: “I love these panties. They are nice and cool, silky feeling to the touch. No issues of riding up in places they shouldn't be. Very comfortable and a great value.”

Available sizes: 5 — 9 | Available color options: 1


A Pair Of No-Show Boyshorts That Feel Like Wearing Nothing

“I own several pairs of these boyshorts and am slowly replacing all of my underwear with them,” BDG associate commerce editor Carina Finn wrote about True & Co’s True Body boyshorts. “They feel like wearing nothing and disappear under yoga pants, which are the two main things I look for in underwear. Even on long summer hikes, they’re super cooling.” They’re made from a blend of polyamide and elastane, so they’re extremely soft and stretchy. They have a low-rise waist, and the fabric is thin but durable.

One reviewer wrote: “I have been wearing True & Co bras and underwear since I found them at a Nordstrom back in 2017. Their boyshorts are my absolute favorite style of underwear. They fit beautifully with no visible lines and are literally the most comfortable underwear in the entire world.”

Available sizes: X-Small — 2X | Available color options: 25

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