The Best Underwear For People Who Sweat A Lot

Let’s be real here: Everyone sweats. If you’re someone who sweats quite a lot, especially in the nether regions, you’ll likely benefit from sweat absorbent underwear. And just to be clear — wearing underwear that is comfortable, cute, and keeps things cool down there is nothing to be embarrassed about. First of all, any excuse to buy new underwear is a good one in book book. And second of all, wearing special underwear from time to time or sweating in general, or even on a daily basis, does not mean you’re a weirdo. You’re a human and you’re doing what humans do. But now that we have that out of the way, I know what you're thinking. And yes, sweating a lot can kind of suck sometimes.

Not only can sweating can sometimes make you feel a little uncomfortable, but it can also make you self-conscious depending on what type of outfit you're wearing. And of course there’s the whole chafing issue (which when it comes to between the legs, is a nightmare), but there’s also the problem of sweat patches. Rocking sweat patches on your shirt isn’t all that bad, but a sweaty crotch can easily be mistaken for a whole host of other things. So here’s some awesome underwear for ladies who sweat a lot, so you can get on with your life without glancing down every two seconds.

1. The No Show Panties

No Show Briefs, $20, S weatybetty

Not only are these peachy panties a rather pretty color, but they're made of quick-drying, sweat-wicking fabric. To top it off, due to their design, you'll be hard pressed to see them through most clothes.

2. The Comfy Pair

Women's Briefs, $21, Amazon

These comfy pants relieve chafing and sweating so you can go about your day in peace. They're available in four different colors and come in sizes ranging from S/M to 2XL/3XL.

3. The Lacy Shorts

Lacy Boy Short, $25, Amazon

Gals searching for something a little more sensual will love these lacy shorts that benefit from a cotton liner that's "...patented to wick, absorb and protect."

4. The Surfer Babe Shorts

Patagonia Women's Active Mesh Boy Shorts, $33, Amazon

These rad shorts have a seamless style to help beat chafing. They feature a breathable crotch and have a moisture-wicking finish. The tear-away tag is the icing on the cake.

5. The Transdry Thong

Women's Transdry Cotton Thong, $7, P olarmax

Need a thong that's got your back(side)? This high-performance thong is crafted from 96 percent Transdry Cotton and 4 percent LYCRA® fiber. It also benefits from Polarmax's Acclimate® Dry superior moisture-wicking technology and Acclimate® antimicrobial. This thong is the bomb.

6. The Sporty Shorts

Women's Give-N-Go® Sport Mesh 2'' Boy Short, $34, Amazon

These clever shorts contain Silvadur®, a technology that releases silver ions to destroy microbes. According to ExOfficio, this means, "The fabric stays fresher, and lasts longer."

7. The Pink Pair

Asx Bikini, $17, Amazon

These pink panties are pretty and functional. This pair of panties' fabric provides, "...quick-dry, moisture management and breathability in chafe-free comfort." Sounds heavenly, huh?

8. The Active Pair

Anita Active Extreme Control Sport Brief, $32, Amazon

These briefs are a breath of fresh air with their breathable mesh sides, that make them a great workout companion.

9. The Period Panties

Sport Period Panties, $32, T hinx

If you've not heard of THINX period panties before, you're in for a treat. The brilliant brains behind THINX have created a range of underwear that you can wear throughout your period, meaning you may be able to wave goodbye to sanitary towels and tampons. These Sport Period Panties by THINX are soft, breathable, and boast comfort-fit leg holes to banish chafing. If these panties can hold up to one and a half tampon's worth of your period, just imagine what they can do for your sweat.

Whether you're worried about the approach of summer, or keeping fresh during your active lifestyle, stop your crotch sweat in its tracks with a pair of awesome undies!

Images: Courtesy Brands