The 7 Best Gloves For Moisturizing Hands

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by Kim Quindlen and Masha Vapnitchnaia
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Whether it’s the dead of winter or the hottest day of summer, dealing with dry and cracked hands can actually be a year-round problem. Suffering from dry skin brings a lot of unnecessary discomfort into your life, so it’s important to treat yourself with the best gloves for moisturizing hands.

Often worn for at least 20 minutes — or even overnight — moisturizing gloves surround your hands with hydrating ingredients such as jojoba oil, aloe, and vitamin E, allowing the product to penetrate and get absorbed by your skin. You can opt for single-use gloves, which are usually infused with a serum-like blend, or choose reusable fabric gloves lined with a moisturizing gel. Alternatively, if you already have a favorite hand lotion, consider grabbing a pair of cotton gloves to wear post-application so your hands can absorb more lotion over time.

Also, consider what sort of activities you’ll be doing during your treatment (if any). If you want to multitask, a pair of fingerless gloves or a touchscreen-compatible pair will let you scroll through your phone or tablet while giving your hands a treat. On the other hand, if you’re planning to wear the gloves to bed, you might want a fabric pair that will be comfy to wear all night.

Whether you want a one-off pampering day or are looking to add a step to your #SelfCareSunday regimen, find the best gloves for moisturizing hands below.


A Gel-Moisturizing Glove And Sock Combo That You Can Use Over And Over

Designed to soothe dry and cracked skin, these moisturizing gloves and socks provide long-lasting comfort through a built-in nourishing gel. Infused with grapeseed, olive, and jojoba oil, the gel lining is activated by your body heat and works to moisturize and help replenish dry skin. The set’s socks have anti-slip soles and both the gloves and the booties have a lavender scent. You can choose from two colors. The brand recommends using the set for at least 20 minutes at a time, at least two to three times per week. One set will keep nourishing your skin for 50 uses, according to reviewers.

One glowing review: “I love these, they really got me through the winter and I love wearing them after I give myself a pedicure/manicure. Wasn't sure what to expect, love them, smell awesome and super moisturizing.”


A 12-Pack Of Disposable Gloves And Socks For Frequent Use

If you're searching for a disposable product you won't have to wash or care for, look no further than this bundle that includes three pairs of moisturizing gloves and socks and three pairs of hydrating gloves and socks. The moisturizing gloves and socks will smooth and soften your skin through a combination of sunflower seed oil, avocado oil, and vitamin E. Or you can relieve dry and rough skin by using the hydrating gloves and socks, which include shea butter, jojoba oil, and vitamin E. A secure tab prevents each one from slipping off, so as one reviewer says, “you can do things while you are hydrating,” (like typing on the computer or doing the dishes).

One glowing review: “Love these. After wearing these all night my hands and feet feel soft and smooth. Perfect for a nurse on her feet that washes her hands a lot.”


A Pair Of Fingerless Gloves That Allow You To Moisturize While You’re Multitasking

Having trouble finding time to moisturize your dry, cracked hands? Problem solved! These moisturizing fingerless gloves will provide intense hydration and restore your soft skin, all while you’re answering emails, cleaning your apartment, or knocking another thing off your to-do list. Thanks to their clever design, you’ll have more flexibility to accomplish other tasks while the thermoplastic infused gel lining rejuvenates your skin with a special blend of botanical oils. These reusable gloves come in six colors and are easily washable in soapy water, so you can continuously restore moisture and softness to your hands.

One glowing review: “Been looking for gloves to help with my extremely dry hand skin. This one saved me!!! Used these gloves for a month, three nights a week, over my hand lotion, and it did wonders!”


A Pair Of Cotton Gloves That Come In Larger Sizes

Made from premium soft cotton, these custom-fit moisturizing gloves have a separately sewn thumb that ensures the most comfortable and flexible fit for your hands. And with a supportive elastic stitched in at the wristband, they'll stay secure during any activity, including sleeping. Ranging from sizes medium through extra-large, these gloves are a great option for maintaining breathability and comfort while moisturizing with your favorite lotion. They’re available in white and black.

One glowing review: “I love these gloves. They are comfortable, thick enough to feel substantial without being heavy, and the wrist band makes a huge difference keeping the gloves on in bed.”


A Burt’s Bees Gift Set With Cotton Gloves And Nourishing Creams

Accompanied by three revitalizing creams that are made to pamper dry hands, these reparative gloves will provide the ultimate at-home spa treatment (they're also a great gift for anyone who uses their hands a lot). Made of durable cotton, the gloves expertly retain all of the nourishing features found in each of these specially formulated creams, leaving you with smooth, hydrated, and silky soft hands. The treatment package includes a lemon butter cuticle cream that nourishes nails, an almond and milk hand cream that restores and hydrates skin after the rough winter months, and a shea butter cream that rejuvenates extra-parched hands.

One glowing review: “This little kit is a great treat for your hands. I've been using the cuticle & almond cream at night and throw on the gloves when I go to bed. Woke up with very soft hands and my cuticles are already looking great!”


These Intensive Repair Gloves Infused With Hyaluronic Acid

These disposable gloves contain super hydrating hyaluronic acid, coconut oil, and milk extract to help soothe and repair rough, dry skin. The gloves have a secure tab to keep them from slipping off and the fingertips are touchscreen-compatible, so you can stay connected as your hands soak up the moisture they crave. They’re also available in a set with moisturizing socks if you want to hydrate your feet at the same time.

One glowing review: “I tried one of these last night for 20 minutes. l am impressed. [My] hands immediately felt softer and more moisturized [...] It must really penetrate the nails because they really feel less brittle and more flexible.”


These Gloves And Socks With Nail-Strengthening Keratin

Formulated with vegetable keratin, vitamin E, and urea, these single-use moisturizing gloves and socks can help strengthen your nails while hydrating your skin. Each order contains three pairs of gloves and three pairs of socks, and they all have tabs for a secure fit. Plus, the gloves are touchscreen-compatible so you can keep texting while your digits hydrate.

One glowing review: “I really love these [...] I put them on during lunch or at the end of the day. I feel my skin absorbing the moisture. My hands feel so hydrated and [relieved] afterwards.”

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