The Lazy Girl Trick For Hydrated Hands And Feet

We know the importance of keeping skin hydrated throughout the cold and drying winter months. The only problem is that it can be a pain to remember to moisturize. That's why aloe-infused gloves and socks will be a lifesaver. Because prevention is easier than correction, and simpler solutions are more likely to be used, aloe socks and gloves are about to become your winter-time BFFs.

One of the best ways to treat dry and cracked hands and heels and really infuse the skin with moisture is to slather them in lotion and cover them with socks or gloves. But aloe-infused versions remove that first step, making moisturizing not only easier but also less messy. Basically a lazy girl's dream right? And besides the fact that aloe will help hydrate the skin, it also has calming properties for skin that becomes itchy or irritated when dry. So if you're prone to eczema in the winter, aloe socks and gloves can help prevent that too.

Whether you choose to slip on your aloe-infused socks and gloves after showering, before you sleep, or even when you go out, you're going to love how easy it is to moisturize. For hydrated skin you won't even have to think about, here are five aloe-infused socks and gloves to try.

1. Hello Kitty Socks

Earth Therapeutics Hello Kitty Aloe Socks, $8, Ulta

Super soft socks with a bow on top? Yes, please.

2. Plush Gloves

Aloe Moisture Gloves, $10, Amazon

These super-soft gloves are infused with both aloe vera and vitamin E.

3. Mary Jane Socks

MUK LUKS Women's Aloe Maryjane's 3 Pair Sock Pack, $25, Amazon

To wear with any shoe style.

4. Touchscreen Gloves

Women's Black Aloe Vera Plush Winter Touchscreen Gloves, $8, Amazon

These aloe-infused gloves have touchscreen-compatible fingertips to wear anywhere.

5. Crew And Ankle Socks

Aloe Socks 2 Pair, $10, Bed Bath and Beyond

For when you can't decide on a style.

6. Patterned Socks

Yaktrax Women's Cabin Cozy Sock, $13, Dick's Sporting Goods

If you're on the hunt for some extra festive cheer, these aloe-infused socks should do the trick.

Warm and hydrating? Cleary a win-win.

Images: StockSnap/Pixabay; Courtesy of Brands