10 Shockingly Cheap Alternatives To The Fitbit (They Start At $14!)

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Given that some of the top-tier Fitbit models can cost hundreds of dollars, you're not alone if you're looking for some affordable options. Luckily, there are plenty of cheap Fitbit alternatives for tracking everything from heart rate, to sleep, to blood pressure, without hurting your budget. However, it's important to decide what kind of features you want from a fitness tracker before you start searching — there are so many available, it can get a bit overwhelming to decide which one will be best for you.

If you need help narrowing it down, first think about how much you want to spend. If you're looking to keep it simple, consider just a plain old pedometer. If you have a little more wiggle room in your budget, you can get a tracker with plenty of bonus features, like heart rate monitoring and blood pressure tracking.

Do you want to track sleep? Find one that would be comfortable on your wrist and has a healthy battery life. If you're not concerned about sleep patterns, battery life won't be as important, since you can easily charge it overnight. Whatever your budget and desires are, there are plenty of options to fit your needs. Gathered up below are 10 cheap Fitbit alternatives for tracking your fitness without breaking the bank.

1. A Cheap Fitbit Alta Alternative: Lintelek Fitness Tracker With Heart Rate Monitor

Designed much like the Fitbit Alta, this activity tracker is wildly-popular on Amazon for good reasons: It features heart rate tracking, can monitor your sleep, has built-in calorie trackers and pedometers for tracking steps and exercise, and can even show notifications of incoming calls and text messages you're getting on your phone. You can choose between one of four watch faces to customize it to your preferences, and the waterproof band comes in 12 different colors to match your style. This tracker also comes with a back up band in a different color, so you can swap them in and out for different looks.

With a five-to-seven-day battery life, you can go a long while without having to charge it. But when you need to, simply disconnect the face of your tracker from the band. The face has a built-in USB you can use to charge it anywhere, and only takes 90 minutes to get to full charge. Best yet, you can connect it to an app to see your vitals tracked over time, and track longterm fitness goals.

According to one reviewer: "My old Fitbit tracker recently died and I figured for less than a third of the price of a comparable Fitbit, this was worth a try and I'm glad I did. Having the ability to track heart rate, current step count as well as time of day at a glance makes this tracker a pleasure to use. I also like the fact no charging cable is necessary to charge and band replacement is quick and easy."

2. A Cheap Fitbit Versa Alternative: LETSCOM Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

Designed with a square watch face, this fitness tracker is a cheaper alternative to the Fitbit Versa watch. The color touchscreen can be displayed in one of four different views, and this activity tracker has an impressive 10-day battery life. This watch can track your sleep, your heart rate, your exercise, and can sync with your phone to use GPS. It also has a built-in stopwatch and you can set up to 10 alarms for reminders throughout the day. The watch is also water-resistant to stand up to even your sweatiest workouts. To charge, use the included charging cable and plug your watch in for 2.5 hours. You can sync this with an app on your phone to track the consistency of your vitals, and see your longterm fitness progress. The band comes in three different colors, including the black pictured above, as well as a navy and a pink design.

According to one reviewer: "Amazing product! The design is super sleek and comfortable to wear... I usually don't like wearing watches, but this one does everything! The battery life is really reliable. If you are looking for something that does everything a Fitbit can do but don't want to pay the price, this is what you're looking for."

3. A Cheap Fitbit Charge HR Alternative: Teslasz Fitness Tracker

For just $14, this activity tracker resembles the Fitbit Charge HR a lot, both in the design and in some of what it can measure. This watch has a built-in distance tracker, calorie tracker, sleep monitor, and can even act as your alarm clock in the morning. While the battery life is a tad shorter than other activity trackers on this list, for the price it's a complete steal. This watch can stay charged for up to four days at a time, and comes with its own charging cable that can restore your watch to full juice in just two hours.

While this isn't waterproof, it should be fine with sweat, and can also be synced to an app so you can see how your sleep and exercise data trends over time. One important note: One of the major sacrifices with the price is that this tracker cannot measure heart rate, so if that's something you want to look at, opt for a different watch on this list.

According to one reviewer: "This is awesome, I'm so glad I saved my money and went with this instead of a fitbit. It tracks my steps, sleep, calories burnt, gives the time and more. Those are the functions I use and it works perfectly! Battery last about 3-4 days. Very happy with it so far!'

4. A Cheap Fitbit Zip Alternative: 3DFitBud Simple Step Counter

While the Fitbit Zip is a pedometer with a few extra features, this clip-on pedometer is about as good an alternative as you'll find. It won't track calories burned or distance like the Fitbit Zip, but it does track steps, making it the most bare bones fitness tracker on this list. But, if you're really looking for a simple way to track whether you've hit your step goal, this is a great solution that doesn't have any of the fuss of a more complex activity tracker. Simply clip this to your clothes or hang it around your neck via the included lanyard and start walking. It'll track your steps and you can see them in real-time via the easy-to-read digital screen. Over 3,000 Amazon reviewers rave.

According to one reviewer: "Does the job at a fraction of the cost of Fitbit. My Fitbit stopped working and I didn’t want to shell out the bucks. Bought this and wear it all day. The built in clip is key and it’s very accurate."

5. A Slim Fitbit Alternative: TOOBUR Slim Fitness Tracker Watch

If you're looking for a slim fitness tracker that takes up as little space as possible, this watch is the one for you. Not only does it resemble the style of the Fitbit Alta, as well as some of the other slimmer Fitbits, but it can track the time, your steps, calories burned, and your sleep. Unlike the slightly more expensive models, this one doesn't track heart rate. But, for an unobtrusive activity tracker that can cover the basics, this is a good deal. This fitness tracker can charge fully in 60 minutes (the watch face has a built-in USB for charging), and can last up to seven days between charges. It's also waterproof (but not submergible) and only cost $20 — a steal.

According to one reviewer: "Works great! I had a Fitbit that broke and was looking for something cheap to replace it. It works just as good of not better than the Fitbit!"

6. The Best For Kids: BIGGERFIVE Fitness Tracker Watch for Kids

For a great Fitbit alternative for kids, this fitness tracker is a fantastic buy. Not only does it have a built-in sleep tracker and vibrating alarm clock, but this simple watch can keep data on their distance walked, calories burned, and steps throughout the day. Best yet, because this watch is IP67 waterproof, children can even wear it to the beach or by the pool (but not in the water). It also has a built-in sedentary reminder and drinking reminders, that can remind kids to get up and walk and grab some water throughout the day. While this doesn't track heart rate, you get a lot of bang for your buck with this affordable fitness tracker for kids.

According to one reviewer: "Very happy with this. My son wanted a Fitbit but he’s 8 and I didn’t want to spend a lot of money on one... he doesn’t know the difference and this is a great value... much better quality, accuracy, and battery life than I expected. Perfect for kids!"

7. The Best For Swimming: MorePro Waterproof Health Tracker

Now, there aren't a lot of truly waterproof fitness trackers at this price point. But, your best shot is this waterproof watch which some reviewers have had luck wearing in the pool. This activity tracker also has the capability of tracking your blood pressure, a unique feature you won't find in a lot of affordable Fitbit alternatives. In addition, it can track your sleep and your heart rate, as well as the distance, time, and calories burned of your runs or walks. Its default settings cause the watch to buzz every 30 minutes to remind you to stand up. The battery life lasts up to seven days between charges, and it can be recharged via the USB in the watch face in just a few hours. Thousands of Amazon reviewers rave that this fitness tracker is one of the best out there for the price.

According to one reviewer: "Am able to review my blood pressure any time i need to do so . Can be worn all the time and i enjoy swimming with it. Very simple to charge and has a good light indicator."

8. A Stylish Fitbit Alternative: UMIDIGI Smart Watch Fitness Tracker

With a bit of style, this round-face fitness tracker offers a lot of the same functionality as the classic Fitbit trackers for a much more affordable price. For just $24, this activity tracker can measure your heart rate, your steps, your calories burned, and your pace and distance on your walks or runs. It can also be synced with your phone to receive notifications from your text messages and your favorite apps, and has 100 different watch faces you can choose from (including the option to customize with your own photo). The screen is also touch-compatible, and with one movement you can adjust the brightness on the screen based on where you are. This watch also syncs with an app so you can track your longterm health and fitness data.

This fitness tracker is definitely water-resistant, as opposed to waterproof. That said, it can handle a little sweat if you're out for a run, and also lasts up to 10 days on a full charge. (Charging is easy via the included charging cable and only takes two hours to be fully recharged.) Shown in black above, this activity tracker also comes in a bunch of different colors.

According to one reviewer: "I have had a FitBit for years and this little workhorse does everything my old FitBit did and more."

9. A Best-Selling Watch With Some Phone Features: YAMAY Smart Watch

This fitness tracker and smart watch is so sleek, people will think you paid more for it. The touchscreen display can show your heart rate, distance moved, calories burned, and sleep patterns. You can also view calls and see text messages directly from this watch simply by connecting it via Bluetooth to your phone. This watch also has sedentary reminders that will buzz to remind you to get up and move throughout the day. This wildly-popular smart watch has a battery life up to 10 days, so you won't have to worry about recharging it often. Over 12,000 Amazon reviewers have tried out this watch and the reviews are rave.

According to one reviewer: "Better than a Fitbit! I've used multiple Fitbit devices in the past to track my steps and sleep, but they always had issues syncing or being accurate. This watch has been great! It's comfortable, easy to use with the large touchscreen, and the app has been reliable. I also like being able to control the music playing on my phone through Bluetooth."

10. The Most Affordable Fitbit: The Fitbit Inspire Fitness Tracker

If you still want to go for a Fitbit, the Fitbit Inspire is one of the most affordable you can find for just $92. This simple fitness tracker can keep tabs on your steps, calories burned, active minutes, and can track your sleep. Now, unlike Fitbit's more expensive models, this doesn't offer heart rate monitoring. So, if that's a deal breaker, you're better off with one of the cheaper heart rate monitors above. But, the convenient touchscreen, five-day battery life, and the popular Fitbit app make this a good choice for anyone who wants a name brand fitness tracker for the best price.

According to one reviewer: "I can’t say enough good things about this fitness tracker - Fitbit finally got it right with this model. It does everything I want an more. I have had several Fitbit models, some I liked, some I didn’t and also an Apple Watch, but this is the fitness tracker that works best for me. Slim design that I can wear all day and night without irritation."

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