15 Unique Alarm Clocks

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Alarm clocks have one basic function — to help you roll out of bed and start the day on time — but there are also tons of unique alarm clocks out there that will give your bedroom decor a boost while offering features that make waking up easier and more pleasant. Another plus? Using an actual alarm clock instead of your phone means you can keep your sleep-disrupting smartphone in another room when you head to bed.

For such small appliances, cool alarm clocks do quite a bit to tie a room together, so it's worth considering aesthetics. If you're looking for something modern and minimalist, you might want to opt for a digital face, but if you're more of a traditionalist, go for something analog. And while a lot of analog clocks make ticking sounds, most of the picks on this list are silent, so they won’t bother you while you’re sleeping.

Of course, if finding an easier way to wake up is your biggest priority, form should follow function. Unique alarm clocks for heavy sleepers will be extra loud and may even feature vibrating bed shakers you can place under your pillow. On the other hand, if a blaring alarm clock is too jarring and leaves you feeling groggy, opt for one that wakes you up gently with soothing sounds and a sunrise-simulating light.

With all that in mind, these are the most unique alarm clocks on Amazon that’ll leave you feeling ready to take on the day.


A Sunrise Alarm Clock That Gently Wakes You Up

If a blaring alarm clock leaves you feeling bleary-eyed in the morning, this sunrise alarm clock may help you feel you feel less groggy by gradually waking you. The LED light mimics a sunrise by slowly turning from dark to warm orange as your set wake-up time approaches, and there are seven relaxing nature sounds to choose from, as well as an FM radio. Thanks to dual settings, you can set separate alarms for weekdays and weekends, and there’s a snooze function you can use up to five times. This plug-in clock has a handy USB port for charging your phone and other devices. Plus, the LED lamp has seven color options with adjustable brightness levels.

A reviewer wrote: “The morning alarm is so gentle and peaceful (you can completely control the noise and brightness settings). I wake up much more naturally rather than to the blaring honk or [...] chiming of a traditional alarm.”


A Rolling Alarm Clock That Stops You From Snoozing

If you’re guilty of hitting snooze a few too many times, this alarm clock on wheels will force you to get out of bed to turn it off. With a super loud alarm, the clock will roll, beep, and jump up to 3 feet to get your attention — cute, but just annoying enough to make you get out of bed on time. And don't worry — if the rolling is a bit too much, you can set the clock so that it just makes noise. The clock runs on four AAA batteries, and interestingly, there's still a snooze function. Choose from six colors, like black, aqua, and pink, or even opt for a two-pack.

A reviewer wrote: "I set Clocky down on the other side of the bedroom each night and when it goes off I have to get up to turn it off. I have no choice. If you don't get up this little character will shut off but then start rolling around all over your floor! It's amazing and I love it."


An Elegant Clock That's Way More Affordable Than It Looks

In soft shades of blue, moss green, and vanilla white, this chic alarm clock will add a touch of polish to any bedroom. The clock itself floats above a gold ring stand and features a subtle backlight that can temporarily be turned on for nighttime viewing. The non-ticking clock is battery operated and reviewers report that it rings loudly enough to rouse you in the morning, but there aren't any fancy features, like sound options or snooze buttons.

A reviewer wrote: "Good design. So pretty! I highly recommend this."


A Modern Alarm Clock That Measures Temperature & Humidity

With its clean lines, faux wood finish, and borderless digital face, this minimalist alarm clock scores major style points. The LED display shows the time as well as indoor temperature and humidity levels. It boasts three adjustable brightness settings, but if you like to sleep in total darkness, you can set the display on "sound control" to turn the lights off completely. The display easily turns on again when you touch it or when it detects sound. There are options to set three different alarms, a weekday mode that only rings Monday through Friday, and a snooze button that gives you an extra five minutes of sleep.

The clock operates via wall outlet, but you can insert AAA batteries (not included) as a backup. It's available in four faux wood finish options: light, dark, black, and white.

A reviewer wrote: “It works really well, I like the multiple alarm capability, the adjustable brightness, and the sleek modern design.”


The Cult-Favorite Alarm Clock That Creates A Personalized Sleep Routine

The Hatch Restore clock, which has over 2,000 five-star reviews, lets you create a personalized routine to help you drift off to sleep and wake up feeling refreshed. It has a built-in library of sleep sounds and soothing lights, creating a soft glow that works as a reading light. In the morning, the sunrise alarm clock will wake you up gently. You can control the clock with buttons on the device or through the free companion app on your smartphone, and you can upgrade to an in-app subscription with sleep stories, meditations, and other content to help you get to sleep.

A reviewer wrote: “Set up was really easy and intuitive from the app, I loved seeing all the things I could customize like light color, alarm sounds and my nighttime routine. I’ve been waking up earlier with less snoozing since using this product because the light and alarm come on gradually to wake me up before my actual alarm goes off.”


A Bed-Shaking Alarm For Heavy Sleepers

The loudest on the list, this unique alarm clock for heavy sleepers features flashing lights and a vibrating bed shaker you can place under your mattress or pillow for a full-body wake-up. The volume of the alarm is adjustable, with a maximum of 113 decibels — about the loudness of a car horn — but if you want a totally silent alarm, you can also use the bed shaker on its own. You can set multiple alarms, use the dimmer to adjust the display brightness, and hit the snooze button. The clock plugs in, and you can use a 9-volt battery as a backup. Choose from seven colors.

A reviewer wrote: “The biggest pro here is the volume of the alarm. No other alarm clock I've tried even comes close. You can adjust the pitch and volume of the alarm as well if you don't want it waking up the whole house. It is plenty loud enough to wake the heaviest sleepers (and your room mates too!).”


An Alarm Clock With A Built-In Night Light

This non-ticking alarm clock has a simple design that’ll blend into any bedroom decor, and there’s an ambient light sensor that automatically turns on a soft amber night light after dark. The on/off and snooze buttons are easily accessible on the top of the alarm. Plus, the clock comes in seven colors, and batteries are included.

A reviewer wrote: “The subtle, auto adjusting night light, dark face, and silent sweeping second hand don't just look fantastic, but they're also unobtrusive. When I'm not actively trying to read my clock, I barely notice [it's] there, yet when I need it, it is easy to find and comprehend.”


The Alexa-Powered Smart Speaker With An Alarm Clock

Not only does the popular Echo Dot smart speaker let you play music and control your smart home, but it also has a built-in alarm clock that you can set with voice commands. The small, sleek device with an LED display fits perfectly on a nightstand, and you can snooze the alarm with a simple tap or your voice. Plus, the Alexa app has white noise sounds that may help you drift off to sleep. The Echo Dot with an alarm clock is available in two colors: glacier white and twilight blue.

A reviewer wrote: “The display automatically dims when you turn off the room lights. Setting an alarm is as easy as telling Alexa when to wake you up. Need help falling asleep? Ask Alexa for a lullaby. Get a weather report and news summary while dressing. And, best of all, it resets itself if the power goes out!”


A Vintage-Inspired Alarm Clock That's Battery Powered

For some mid-century flair, check out this retro alarm clock that looks like it was plucked straight from the set of Mad Men. In blue, green, and red options, the clock features an ivory-color face and glow-in-the-dark hands. The button on top turns off the alarm with just the tap of your finger, and reviewers report that the battery-operated alarm is loud enough to wake you up. However, there's no snooze button, and unlike the other analog options on this list, there is a faint ticking sound.

A reviewer wrote: "This clock is perfect for my night stand. Our bedroom has a vintage vibe to it so it's perfect. Got the green...adorable."


An Easy-To-Read Alarm Clock With Big Font

The 8-inch face, extra-large numbers, and 170-degree angle adjustable screen of this programmable alarm clock make it easy to read, even when you're not wearing your glasses. You can create multiple alarms with adjustable volume, and there’s a snooze function for sleeping in. The screen also displays the date and day of the week, and with the touch of a button, the clock will audibly announce the date and time. You can also schedule periodic time reminders, or have the clock remind you of birthdays and holidays.

It plugs in to the wall, but there’s a backup battery in case of a power outage, and — check this out — the clock automatically resets to the current time when the power turns back on. The clock also automatically adjusts for daylight saving time, and there are five screen display options, seven color themes, and custom messaging options.

A reviewer wrote: “This thing is packed with cool features! Birthday reminders (awesome!), holiday scheduling, custom messaging and the talking clock is the best! Love the calming voice - I have it set to announce the time every hour and it’s super convenient.”


An Affordable Alarm With 7 Wake-Up Sounds

This volume-adjustable alarm clock offers seven customizable wake-up sounds, including birdsong, traditional beeping, and — perhaps the most unique alarm of all — a Kenny G tune called "Jasmine Flower." It operates with a simple on-off switch, but there is a snooze button, and you can check the time in the middle of the night by pressing the large top bar to light up the clock face. This non-ticking clock is powered by three AA batteries, which are included, and it’s available in pink, green, or black.

A reviewer wrote: “I love this clock for a number of reasons. First, the clock face is easy to read, even from across the room. Then there are a selection of alarm sounds that are pleasant and not jarring for which you have volume control. It has a light that you can easily switch on to view the clock face at night. The clock is completely silent when the alarm is not on which is important for me since I am a light sleeper.”


An Essential Oil Diffuser & Alarm Clock Combo

Drift off to calming aromatherapy on your bedside table with this combination essential oil diffuser and digital alarm clock. The cool mist essential oil diffuser/humidifier has a timer you can set for up to three hours, and it also automatically turns off when the water runs out. There’s a digital display and an alarm, though reviewers mention you can’t set multiple alarms and there’s no snooze function. The diffuser clock also has a built-in Bluetooth speaker and an optional night light.

A reviewer wrote: “I love the fact that this serves a purpose and replaces my alarm clock. I also love the size of the base for water as this can run for about 6 hours before being emptied.”


A Mirror Clock With A Large LED Display

This alarm clock with a mirrored surface features a large digital display that’s easy to read and the LED display can be set to 12- or 24-hour mode. The display has three brightness levels and it can also automatically adjust based on ambient light so it won’t disturb your sleep. You can snooze for up to 60 minutes. The clock is USB-powered, and it has two USB ports so you can charge your devices.

A reviewer wrote: “I love how loud this alarm clock is. When I was testing the volume of the alarm, I could hear it from another floor which is great for heavy sleepers.”


This FM Radio Alarm Clock With A Built-In Wireless Charger

If you want to wirelessly charge your Qi-enabled smartphone while you sleep, opt for this digital alarm clock with a built-in charger. The wooden alarm clock has a large LED display with adjustable brightness levels, and you can wake up to a standard alarm sound or FM radio with nine minutes of snoozing. And thanks to a sleep timer, you can also drift off while listening to the radio. In addition to the wireless charger, there’s also a USB port so you can charge another device. Color options include brown, gray, and white.

A reviewer wrote: “I love the look of this clock and love how easy it is to just place my phone on top and it chargers with no issues. My favorite part is being able to dim the display.”


This Minimalist Clock With A Wood Frame

This minimalist wooden alarm clock comes in round and square styles in four colors: white, natural wood, cyan, and brown. The non-ticking face has a built-in backlight so you can easily check the time at night. The alarm is easy to turn on and off with a switch on the back and the volume is adjustable. However, there’s no snooze function. One AA battery is required (sold separately).

A reviewer wrote: “It's easy to read and completely silent. It is so simple to set and turn on or off the alarm.”

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