13 Tools Every Grown-Ass Woman Needs In Her Home
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Living alone as a millennial woman takes a little bit of preparation. Sure, being your own roommate has its perks — like not putting on pants for most of a Saturday — but in order to truly be the master of your house, there are a few tools that every millennial woman should have in her arsenal. Whether you need to fix a leaky pipe (been there) or DIY your way to victory (done that), there are certain tools that are indispensable parts of solo living. In fact, even if you live with roommates, having certain tools on hand when your super is unreachable will 100 percent make you the hero of the day.

As an active DIY enthusiast for whom Home Depot is church, I’ve found these tools to be must-haves, whether you’re building something from scratch or just fixing something around the house. Some of them you might find in your standard toolkit, but others are worth going out of your way to pick up. Being able to fix things around your apartment, install a shelf, or build yourself a desk is a uniquely satisfying feeling, a subtle f-you to patriarchy, and it’s not all that hard to do — as long as you have the right tools. Read on for 13 tools every grown-ass lady needs to have.

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Hot Glue Gun

This tool is somehow absent from most guys’ toolboxes, but it’s a must-have for any kind of DIYing and low-key home repairs. Choose one with a temperature toggle — just don’t touch the hot glue.



Multitools are not only handy, they’re also badass. They contain multiple functions (like scissors, files, pliers, wire cutters, can openers, and so much more) in one useful, compact device. These are very helpful to take when camping or in your car, as they can fulfill many needs in a pinch.


Compact Drill + Drill Bits

You would be surprised how often you will actually use a drill once you own one. Use a drill to, you know, drill holes where you need to hang something, or for making larger DIY projects with wood, metal, or PVC. Buying a compact cordless one will save you space.


Stud Sensor

Stud sensors do exactly what they’re called: find studs (aka upright support beams) in the wall so you can hang heavy items (shelves, TVs, mirrors) without fearing that they’ll fall, ripping through your drywall on the way down.



Use this to cut through wood, metal, PVC pipes and more. It’s essential for cutting any material thicker than a piece of paper.


Claw Hammer

If you're nailing something (as opposed to screwing it) you're going to need a hammer around, and no, a heavy book isn't going to cut it. You can also use a claw hammer to remove bent nails from wherever they've been nailed.


2-in-1 Screwdriver

Manual screwdrivers are must-haves even if you splurge for the cordless drill — there are many times where all you need is a little elbow grease. 2-in-1 screwdrivers are great because you can choose between a Phillips-head or a flat-head tip without having to worry about extra tools or bits.


Mini Screwdrivers

Also called precision screwdrivers (or petite screwdrivers, if you’re fun like me), these are great for when the screws in your glasses fall out, or for unscrewing parts on small electronics (like battery compartments).



Obviously, if you're taking time to hang something like a grown-ass adult, you're going to want to make sure it's straight. A lever is an old school tool that everyone should have in their house.


Measuring Tape

A measuring tape is essential for everyday crafts and projects around the house, and a must-have if you ever buy new furniture or move into a new space. Get a measuring tape that can measure at least 25 feet, and preferably one that locks, too.



Not the sexiest tool you'll have in the house, but one you'll be grateful you own when you need it. Find one that's chic and gets the job done, and don't freak out about a clogged toilet ever again.



And now for the sexiest tool a woman can own... WD-40. The aerosol lubricant has been around for over 60 years, and for good reason. Spray on squeaky hinges, sticky bike chains, or any other metal situations that need a little lubrication.


Hex Key

You'll recognize this tool if you've ever bought something at Ikea. Yes, they come included with your Fjällbo purchase, but what the one they give you slides underneath your fridge? (Or, you know, you need an extra.) Hex keys, also called Allen wrenches, are useful for screwing in anything with a hexagonal head, which will not work with a screwdriver.

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