This Is Why Brits Fake Orgasms

by Bobby Box
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The fake orgasm is one of the biggest factors affecting great sex. The whole production of faking an orgasm tells your partner that whatever they’re doing that’s not getting you off, is. It's a lie. It doesn't do you any good, either. Your partner is led to believe that you love their ineffective techniques and will therefore continue to do them, so more lackluster sex continues.

A recent British survey by OnePoll for ITV1’s This Morning covered the trending subject to ultimately discover that even though the British live an entire body of water away from us, too many of them (male and female, because we're both guilty), fake orgasms as well, and their reasons for doing so mirrors ours. The survey polled over 1,000 people to discover how many Brits are satisfied with their sex lives. (Full results can be seen here.)

The popularity of the fake orgasm is nothing new to Americans. In 2013, the University of Kansas surveyed 281 students to find that 68 percent of women and 28 percent of men have faked an orgasm. Again, these are students, meaning the younger generation is just as guilty for faking it as baby boomers.

While not as likely to fake an orgasm as us in the United States, Brits still fake orgasms more than they should. OnePoll’s results discovered that 27 percent of the British put on a show when it comes to the mighty orgasm. On top of this, five percent “prefer not to say”, so it’s safe to assume they too, have faked an orgasm.

As for those who do fake it in bed, here's what the survey found out about why they're doing it and how often it's happening.

1. The Main Reason For Faking It Is Universal

As was discovered of North Americans, British people's main reason for faking an orgasm was to “please a partner,” according to 64 percent of those polled. While this may be an advantageous excuse for the short-term (like right after sex), you’re not addressing what affects long-term success in the bedroom, meaning the partner you’re “pleasing” by lying is giving them no incentive to get better in bed.

2. Some Want It To Be Over Quicker

We don’t all fake it to appease a partner. Some of us are a little more self-serving. The second most popular reason for faking an orgasm was “to bring sex to an end quicker.” Damn! That could sting. If this is your reason for faking, recommend ways your partner can get better. Everybody is different, and what worked for a prior partner doesn’t work for you.

3. Some Revealed They “Always” Fake Their Orgasm

If you’re partner hasn’t caught on that you’re always faking every orgasm you've had, you deserve a Golden Globe – or an AVN award at the very least. While not significant, three percent of Brits admitted they always fake their orgasm.

4. The Rest Of People Fake Orgasms Much Less So

Of the people who admitted to faking an orgasm, 54 percent said they do so “rarely”, 34 percent ticked “now and then”, nine percent say “often” and a very teeny tiny percentage (0.4) chose the very mysterious “prefer not to say” option.

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