27 Instagram Caption Ideas For Your Favorite Plant Posts

“Say aloe to my little friend.”

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Check out these 25 Instagram caption ideas for your favorite plant posts.
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So, you're adulting like a boss and you've filled your apartment with an abundance of plants. It's only natural that you'd want to show off your sanctuary on social media, which is why you're going to need these Instagram caption ideas for plants. Seriously, that Monstera Leaf, also known as the Swiss cheese plant, looks too good not to share, and it definitely has a perfect plant caption to go along with it. In case you haven't noticed, plants are getting just as much love on social media as adorable dog and cute kitten snaps, and your succulent garden shouldn't get left out.

"Thirty years ago, the (mostly) unkillable plants were relegated to remote deserts and dusty garden-store shelves," Alyssa Bereznak wrote for The Ringer. "Then came a drought, social media, and a generation of itinerant aspiring gardeners — and suddenly, the succulent became the trendiest members of the plant kingdom." Even if you don't have a green thumb, succulents are ideal housemates that hardly need anything, and not to mention, they make the perfect Instagram post. According to Megan Cain, owner of plant and gift shop The Zen Succulent, caring for a plant can be the ultimate stress reliever, and it can even better your mood! “It's amazing to see all of your hard work pay off with the unfurling of a beautiful new leaf — it's like the plant is saying ‘I love you’ in real-time,” says Cain. Plus, your Instagram plant caption can be succute! See what I did there? Sorry, there’s a lot more comin’ where that came from.

This means they can bring you joy and the plant captions can spruce up your Instagram feed, even if you forget to water them for a few days ... err, weeks. And, your special succulent and superb Swiss cheese plant both deserve witty, punny, and inspirational, and not to mention, punny Instagram plant captions for their big debut. If you want to give your plants the props they deserve, head to your social accounts to caption all the magic.


Crazy plant lady.

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Move over crazy cat ladies, crazy plant ladies are here. They've got no shame in their game, and they're letting everyone on Instagram know it.


Sometimes, I wet my plants.

If you forget to water your plants on the regular, let everyone on Instagram know when you finally give your green babes a drink.


I can't make it. I'm busy tonight (staying home with my plants).

Hey, people use their pets to get out of tedious social obligations all the time. Your plants are your pets — and there's nothing wrong with declining an invite to spend some quality time with your clay-potted children.


Aloe you vera much. — Growing Social Media

Myriad studies have shown that talking lovingly to your plants can help them thrive. Celebrate your adoration for your aloe plant by posting a snap with the caption: Aloe you vera much.


My fake plants died because I did not pretend to water them. — Mitch Hedberg

Amiright? I can't even keep a fake plant alive, so I'll admire yours instead.


Totally swooning over my new best friend. — Megan Cain

Who says plants can’t be your friend? Certainly not me.


Like people, plants respond to extra attention. — H. Peter Loewer

For when you post that picture from your fave plant's birthday party.


I never want you to leaf me. — FTD

If you treat your plants right, they will never leaf you.


Meet my new best bud.

When you want to introduce your brand new flowering plant on Instagram.


I be-leaf in you.

Even plants need a little encouragement to reach their potential.


I love you a lily more each day. — FTD

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When your plants respond to your love and care by blooming big and beautiful, it's easy to love them a "lily" more each day.


Stop. Hammer thyme. — KD Designs Jewelry Co

Because herbs need a thyme to shine, too.


Grow shorty; it's your birthday. — Grow With Gracee

If you like to sing your plants a little tune, go on and get punny.


You grow girl. — Grow With Gracee

When your plants are growing like the bosses they are.


My cactus is lookin' sharp today.

But don't get too close; it can be a little prickly around strangers.


I don't wanna brag, but this plant is a big dill.

When your dill plant is growing faster than you ever be-leafed it could, it's a pretty big dill.


My new addition is suc-CUTE-lent.

Life sure would suck without succulents. No matter what type of plant you have, or how many adorn your home, don't keep your plant praise to yourself. Because, Instagram definitely needs more plant pics. Admit it — that's too good not to share.


Say aloe to my little friend.

And, yes, I promise your followers will say it in the voice.


Pot it like it’s hot.

Snoop Dogg was definitely asking for a plant pun to come out of this one.


I’m sexy and I grow it.

Plants need compliments too, got it?!


I’m a succa for puns.

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I mean, c’mon, these puns are so bad, they’re good.


She’s lookin’ sharp.

As in your plant, cactus.


Can’t touch this!

You know, because a cactus is prickly. Duh.


What kind of plant pictures get the most likes on social media? Thirst traps.

Have your plant rack up those Instagram likes, ya know, because it’s such a cutie.


I will survive. — The Freckled Home

Hey, keeping a plant alive is a hard thing.


Emotional Support Plant — Plants With Attitude

Why spill all your problems on a friend when you have a plant to talk to?


A few friendly reminders: remember to water your plants and wash your hands. — Megan Cain

Does it get more 2020 than this caption? I don’t think so!

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