19 Weird But Genius Things That Make Your Bathroom Way More Hygienic

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I don't care how many home-cleaning articles tell me that my kitchen is the dirtiest room in my house. The bathroom still seriously grosses me out. Thankfully, though, enough people share my beliefs here, and that means the perpetual invention of weird but genius bathroom products that make this room way more hygienic than ever before.

The even better news? Companies are implementing new and innovative technology that makes your chores as effortless and (dare I say, lazy) as ever before. With genius tools like UV lights, motorized scrubbers, and bamboo accessories, bathroom cleaning hacks have never been more simple or accessible. With fewer germs, fresher smells, and less time spent cleaning, how could you possibly lose?

The most important thing to me, however, is that the products I use for cleaning are safe and as non-toxic as possible. A bathroom soaked down with bleach may not have any germs or smells, but it's not particularly easy on the lungs or the skin, either. As a result, I'm always trying to go as natural as possible. If you're looking for weird, safe, and genius ways to keep your bathroom fresh and germ-free, check out these awesome products that people seemingly can't get enough of.


This Tea Tree Air Freshener That Gets Rid Of Mold And Bacteria

This brilliant Safe T Air is a tiny container that uses all natural tea tree oil, which acts as a safe and super effective air freshener. It reduces mold up to 98 percent and gets rid of bacteria and fungus, too. Simply uncap, place in a room, and enjoy clean, fresh air for up to three months without even thinking about it.


Stop Lake-Sized Puddles Outside Your Shower

If you often end up with a lake-sized puddle on the floor outside your shower, the shower curtain liner splash guard clip is a genius invention for you. It’s a strip made of clear, durable Lexan plastic that curves against the shower wall and holds the curtain flush against the side, ensuring fewer leaks and splashes. It’s also virtually invisible and super easy to install.


A Fast-Absorbing, Antibacterial Bath Mat

If you’re sick of stepping your freshly-showered feet onto the dirty old bath mat you never wash, consider this ultra-fast-absorbing bath mat, which is made of diatomite, an algae-derived raw material with ancient, anti-bacterial uses. It’s nonslip and soaks up water super-fast, which prevents the growth of mildew and other bacteria. It’s also easy to clean — just scrub with water and sandpaper (which is included) if you notice any stains.


So Your Toilet Brush Isn't All Out In The Open

If toilet brushes gross you out, then the OXO Good Grips toilet brush is a must-have. The canister sits closed and stored away while the brush is in there, but springs open when you go to grab the handle. The brush has angled bristles and a flexible neck to clean hard-to-reach spots, and the canister has ventilation slots that allow water to drip away and evaporate. Reviewers say: "great, well-functioning design."


Bust Away Scum And Build-Up With This Motorized Scrubber

The BLACK+DECKER power scrubber is ideal for bathrooms because of its hard-working motorized scrub pads and fully submersible design. It works especially well on tiles, grout, sinks, and hard to reach places, and because it's battery operated, you don't have to worry about wires getting in the way.


Protect Your Bathroom Floors From Mildew

You know how when you shower, there's that bit of water that splashes out of the tub where the shower curtain meets the wall? That splashing creates slippery bathroom floors and causes mildew to build up. This plastic splash guard is an awesome solution to keep water where it belongs. It comes with its own adhesive, so it's easy to put in place, and your floors will stay drier, cleaner, and much safer.


A Clean Drain Without Mess, Hassle, Or Slimy Hair

People are absolutely loving the revolutionary TubShroom drain protector. Its innovative mushroom shape catches every single hair in the shower without stopping the water, and instead of being messy and slimy, it's insanely easy to clean out. It has a universal design that fits in any standard drain, and it'll completely eliminate the need for snaking and unclogging.


Stay Fresh With Each Trip To The Bathroom

Let's face it: Toilet paper doesn't always get the job done, and it can even be a little irritating to some folks. A dual nozzle bidet toilet attachment can make the job easier, leaving you feeling fresher and cleaner all over. This model allows you to customize your water pressure, and it includes an option for both the standard rear wash as well as a more gentle frontal rinse for your sensitive parts. It also easily attaches to any standard toilet, making for a simple installation.


These All Natural, Odor-Absorbing Air Purifiers

I'm in love with these Comfy Mate activated bamboo charcoal deodorizers because they're stylish, entirely natural, and actually work. They use super absorbent activated charcoal made from bamboo to soak up moisture and odors in your bathroom (or car, or gym bag). It’s a pack of five, so you've got one for every cabinet and crevice. Refresh them by placing in direct sunlight, and use each bag for up to two years.


These Any-Surface Towels That People Are Flipping Out Over

I don't think I've ever seen such a high rating on cleaning towels, but people are flipping over these Buff Pro multi-surface microfiber towels, and that's because they dust, scrub, clean, polish, and dry everything in your bathroom. They use a durable and tough material that's also soft enough for your most delicate fixtures, and super absorbent, too. Reviewers use them on everything from dishes to windows, and this pack of 12 lasts over 500 launderings.


This Oddly-Shaped Compact Air Purifier

Compact, yet surprisingly powerful, the Holmes air purifier is quiet, easy to operate, and eliminates common household odors, as well as 99 percent of airborne particles. It can be used horizontally or vertically, so fits wonderfully on bathroom shelves or behind the toilet. Reviewers are raving about its performance — "I love these little air cleaners. I have one in each of our bedrooms. They are small, compact and do a great job cleaning the air.”


This Charcoal-Powered Towel

Unimpressed by your standard washcloth's cleansing abilities? This Japanese scrub towel is infused with ultra-fine Binchotan charcoal powder, which draws dirt and impurities from the skin for a more thorough cleansing. The charcoal also removes excess oils and odors to keep you looking (and smelling) so fresh and so clean. Use it as you would any other washcloth: Simply add cleanser and gently scrub using circular motions, then rinse.


Tackle Bacteria On Your Floor With This Steam Mop

The O-Cedar Microfiber Steam Mop kills up to 99 percent of bacteria without using any cleaning chemicals, and it's great on any floor surface. It's got a machine-washable microfiber pad to trap dust and hair, and it heats up just 20 seconds after you plug it in. Reviewers love that it's lightweight, easy to use, and swivels all around to reach difficult places.


This Gorgeous Shower Curtain That Inhibits Growth Of Mold And Mildew

This Wimaha shower curtain actually inhibits the growth of mold and mildew using 13 gauge EVA, which is eco-friendly, odorless, waterproof, and antibacterial. It's got a gorgeous shimmery rock design that gives you a bit of privacy while still letting light in, and sure enough, even months later, buyers still don't have those gross black spots that show up on other liners.


Spray Your Way To A Cleaner Bathroom

Mother Nature doesn't make it easy for us to do our bathroom business undetected, but this Unicorn Gold toilet spray helps you get in and out more stealthily. Created by the pooping experts behind Shark Tank's beloved breakaway star Squatty Potty, it works opposite to the way you're probably used to. Simply spritz it in the toilet before you go and it will trap odors below the water line, making it more effective at masking odors than traditional bathroom sprays. Stash one in every bathroom you own, plus one in your purse for good measure.


The Most Hygienic Way To Wash Your Face

Want a cleaner face, but don't want to spend hundreds of dollars on fancy sonic-cleansing facial brushes? Get a deeper clean with this silicone facial device that gets the job done at a fraction of the cost. It’s made of silicone, which is more hygienic and easier to maintain than most facial brushes. This rechargeable buddy delivers 7,800 rpm of sonic vibration to quickly deep clean make up residue, dirt, grime, dry or dead skin.


This Easy Way To Get Cleaner Skin And Hair

Filtering the water you drink seems intuitive, so why not the water you bathe in? This wall-mounted filtered showerhead by Culligan removes sulfur, chlorine, and scale — a filmy residue created by minerals, or in more technical terms, gunk — from your water, leaving your hair, scalp, and skin cleaner and softer. P.S.: Don't forget to pick up a few replacement filters, too.


These Powerful Enzyme Sticks That Prevent Clogs And Odors

These Sani Sticks drain cleaner and deodorizers are tiny little sticks that slowly release a powerful blend of enzymes that break down food, grease, buildup, and odors in your drains. It can be used in your kitchen sinks or bathtubs, and one stick every month is enough to prevent snaking and plumbers all year. Best of all, there aren’t any toxic chemicals, so they’re safe for your plumbing and septic tanks.


Never Scrub Your Toilet Again

Finally, so you never again need to hardcore scrub your toilet, there's the NeverScrub automatic toilet cleaning system. It installs easily in the tank and completely cleans the bowl (including under the rim), and it can even remove and prevent stains, rust, and scum. It's also totally safe for the septic system.

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