25 Clever Things On Amazon That Ensure You Won't Waste A Lick Of Storage Space

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When space is tight – dorm rooms, apartments, et al.creative storage solutions are key to building a functional, efficient, and streamlined living space. The hands-down best solutions manage to solve the kinds of common household problems you silently grumble about every day. For example: cluttered cookware that makes it hard to grab what need without unstacking everything, or not enough shelving so your clothes end up shoved in and wrinkled.

If you're not sure where to start, think about a little change that would have the biggest impact on your day-to-day. There are plastic bins for produce or snacks and silicone food-savers to stretch unused portions of produce across multiple meals, and if getting ready in the mornings always feels rushed, focus on things like tabletop organizers that can group your go-to skincare or cosmetic items together, or a set of drawer dividers and a belt or bag hanger to save you closet space while also streamlining your morning routine. For clever storage solutions, look for containers that can collapse down when not in use to maximize every inch.

From storage ottomans to floating shelves, impossibly narrow carts, and collapsible crates, scroll through these simple yet brilliant storage solutions so your everyday can be just a little better.


This Cutlery Tray That Lets You Store More In Less Space

This ingenious cutlery tray capitalizes on flatware's innately slim profile with vertical nesting slots to free up a ton of drawer space. Small icons for each type of tableware make it easy to sort what you have and grab what you're looking for when you need it. "I can't believe I've gone my whole life without knowing about these," one shopper wrote, echoing pretty much everyone's thoughts.


A Clever Hanger Attachment For All Your Hats

Want a better way to store your hats so that they don’t get crumpled? Add this space-saving hat organizer to your cart. The heavy-duty strap is outfitted with 16 stainless steel clips that hold your caps by the brims or the top buttons. The hook at the top means you can hang it from any closet rod.


An Impossibly Narrow Storage Cart

A slim cart with a 7-inch wingspan turns commonly wasted slivers of space into storage opportunities. You can even separate the top two shelves and transform them into countertop storage, then use the bottom shelf as a standalone gliding tray. This one is made of high-density plastic with stainless steel rods for longevity and you assemble it by simply snapping the components together.


A Versatile Cabinet Organizer

This wire hanging basket fits over the interior of cabinet doors to utilize often-overlooked storage space and contain everyday items that tend to accumulate in multiples and would benefit from a bit of dedicated storage like cutting boards, grocery bags, or plastic wrap and aluminum foil rolls. It can even be mounted inside doors or onto drywall with included sets of hardware.


A Tidy Set Of 6 Storage Cubes

A set of six matching fabric bins with sewn-in handles are a storage solution that tucks clutter neatly away and then folds down flat when not in use. They can even double as pull-out drawers in a shelving unit. Choose from six colors from neutral black and brown, to bright red.


A Chic Velvet Storage Ottoman That Folds Down When Not In Use

This gorgeous and surprisingly budget-friendly storage ottoman can serve as extra seating, an end table (just add a tray), or simply a place to put your feet up after a long day — all while discreetly hiding away throw blankets, magazines, or more. The entire unit collapses down neatly to nest inside the tufted lid when not in use, too.


This Pair Of Floating Shelves With A Hanging Bar

Floating shelves cut from sturdy oak with a protective metal railing lifts items safely up out of the way and mounts easily onto a wall with the included hardware. The unit comes with a removable towel bar for versatility — or keep it, and add S-hooks to hang a wire basket underneath for a third tier of storage.


An Expanding Cookware Rack

Protect your cookware from scratches while saving space and making them easier to find by storing them vertically in this divided metal storage rack with a protective silicone coating. The expandable unit can be split into two separate racks, so you can divide pots from pans or use the second for baking sheets and cutting boards.


Some BPA-Free Fridge Bins For Meal Prep Or Snacks

Clear BPA-free plastic bins bring order to produce drawer chaos and organize our most essential need: food. It's great for streamlining meal prep or keeping like items such as salad dressing or yogurt together. Shoppers love them for their crystal-clear organization and give high marks for durability.


These Silicone Food Savers That Double As Reusable Lids

These clever little silicone food savers let you save the other half of your apple for tomorrow, then pull double-duty as replacement lids for canned goods or jars to cut down on food waste and minimize the need for plastic containers (or having to wash them later, triple win). They're dishwasher-safe and made with BPA-free silicone, too.


Some Large Heavy-Duty Yet Foldable Trunks

These rugged utility bins can be used anywhere you need heavy-duty storage, like car trunks or workshops, but fold down flat to maximize space when you don't. Durable polypropylene construction has a carrying capacity of 66 pounds for the 32 liter size, and the large side handles are curved for comfort. "Convenient, strong, stack well and are large enough to hold lots of items," one shopper wrote. Get three in each set, and you can also choose from 46 and 62 liters.


A Set Of Tiered Hangers For Pants, Towels, Scarves, & More

A serpentine storage hanger is a shockingly easy solution for pants and scarves that also saves a ton of space. Plus, this set of three helps you to see what you have at a glance while keeping everything wrinkle-free. These are made from rust-resistant stainless steel and are a great deal at just over $5 each.


This Hanging Organizer That Makes So Much More Room For Shoes

It's true: You can never have too many pockets. A large hanging organizer with 24 pockets is great for 12 pairs of shoes or small odds and ends that don't have a designated home, and makes use of the overlooked space behind your door. This one features a lightweight breathable mesh construction that is easy to see through and machine-washable for whatever comes its way, then folds up neatly if you aren't using it.


A Set Of Sectioned Drawer Dividers For Socks & Underwear

These sectioned fabric drawer dividers are keep your drawers tidy and your delicates taken care of. A set of four provides ample organization for bras and underwear, and some Amazon reviewers also started using them in linen closets and kitchen cabinets.


This Sleek Metal Tie & Belt Hanger

An elegant and minimalist multi-hook hanger makes fast work of belts and ties that are easily tangled in drawers, storing them vertically so they can breathe while making them easier to sift through on busy mornings. "I can organize by color or type, or whatever I desire, and grab and go," wrote one shopper who stocked up on multiples. And, for something with so much storage, it takes up the width of just a few shirt hangers.


A 3-Pack Of Storage Bags With Sky-High Ratings

It’s possible to be passionate about storage solutions, as evidenced by this three-pack of foldable storage bags that’s earned a 4.6-star rating after more than 40,000 reviews. Perfect for storing linens, towels, and off-season clothes, the bags feature zippered tops and clear side panels that allow you to see what's inside without having to pull everything out. The sturdy sewn-on handles make it easy to pull down from a shelf or out from under the bed.


These Thin Velvet Hangers To Maximize Your Hanging Closet Space

Luxe thin velvet hangers take up less space than plastic or wooden models and are gentler on your clothes than wire. The fabric has natural grip so delicate shirts and straps won't fall off, and replacing a jumble of mismatched hangers with a coordinated set creates visual harmony, making your space look bigger.


These "Magic" Space-Saving Hangers

Cascading hangers can be mounted horizontally — to keep clothes evenly spaced — or vertically, for tiered hanging that multiplies your closet space five times over. One set will organize up to fifty hangers (like the velvet ones above). "I cannot say enough about how these hangers have transformed my tiny, odd-shaped closet," one shopper wrote.


An Adjustable Rotating Shelf For Skin-Care & Makeup Products

For stashing all your skin-care and makeup products while still offering easy access a rotating tiered shelf will save you so much space and stress. You can customize the seven adjustable shelves to fit your products, then store up to 20 containers on this handy and surprisingly elegant storage tower.


A Sectioned Bin For Storing Makeup & More

Keeping the little things in check has a big impact on how your space looks and feels. A sectioned vanity bin is a must-have for corralling lipsticks, eyeshadows, brushes, and more. This one comes highly rated by reviewers and features three sections that allow you to organize items for easy access. It comes in a handful of colors like black, pink, and clear with rose gold accents.


Shelf Dividers That Will Conquer Overhead Clutter

You can pile your sweaters up to a foot high with this handy closet shelf divider. The epoxy-coated steel arms fit shelves up to 7/8" thick while a durable polymer fabric panel will stand up to handbags or folded clothes for years to come. They can also be used to separate towels in linen closets or create dividers for cutting boards and lids in the pantry.


A Hanging Toilet Paper Caddy

Store up to three large rolls off the floor and out of the way with an over-the-tank toilet paper holder. This one is made of steel wire with a rust-resistant finish and has foam backing on the hook for damage-free hanging. (You could also mount it over a cabinet door.) It comes in a deep bronze, shown here, as well as three other metallic finishes and a classic white.


This Mounted Mirror-Front Cabinet With More Than 600 Five-Star Reviews

Hidden storage that adds a decorative touch while remaining easily accessible is, perhaps, the holy grail of interior organization. This door-mounted cabinet with adjustable shelves keeps everyday essentials close at hand behind an elegant and functional mirror. It holds the equivalent of five standard medicine cabinets and mounts seamlessly with your door's existing hardware. "It is beyond my expectations," one shopper raved.


A Hanging Tree That Holds 6 Handbags

This six-hook bag hanger is a fantastic option for storing backpacks or handbags if you don't have a lot of shelf space and want to keep items off the floor. Chrome-finished steel easily shoulders the weight of multiple bags, while rounded hooks won't warp handles and are even wide enough to hold more than one set of straps.


This Jewelry Stand With Specialized Racks For Earrings, Necklaces, & More

Hanging jewelry ensures that your delicate pieces are always tangle-free. A tiered jewelry organizer with arms for necklaces, bracelets, and earrings makes them easy to find and even a decorative touch to your room thanks to its open-air design with a small dish in the base for rings or watches. One reviewer called it "stylish and practical," adding that it's easy to put together and adjustable.

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