25 Genius Things On Amazon For People Who Are Messy AF

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by Amber Petty
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When I was young, I was forced to clean my room, so I did. Cut to me as an adult — my clothes are everywhere, dishes pile up, and there's as much dust on the vacuum as there is on my floors. I'm messy as all hell and genius organizational products are the only thing that keep me from living in a full blown pigsty.

If you need a little help with messiness like I do, sometimes a couple of key products can really help straighten out your stuff — and there's nothing like new stuff that makes you want to tidy your place up.

Sometimes, things are a mess because there's no place for your stuff to go. Some added storage products or organizational systems might motivate you to actually put your things away, since they'll now have a dedicated location. And sometimes, you're just lazy AF and things get messy. It happens to the best of us. Instead of trying to change yourself into the neat freak you know you'll never be, get a robot vacuum to do the work for you. It really works and you get to feel like you're living in the future.

No matter how messy you are, you're just a few steps away from an organized room. Hopefully, these products will help — or at least give you an excuse to buy a robot.


The Brush That Keeps Your Electronics Clean

Buttons, plugs, keys — electronics have so many nooks and crannies they can be impossible to clean. Enter: this brush. One end has a silicone tip that gently wipes away dirt from the tiniest of spaces. Then, the other end has a small brush specifically made to clean out the crevices of your devices.


A Handy Robot That Cleans Your Floors

The next best thing to a robo-maid is this robo-vacuum. It cleans dirt and pet hair from your floors and goes back to it's charging pod automatically. You can program your robot to clean at certain times of day and it's small enough to get under your bed and couch. I'm positive a robot can do a better job than me at cleaning (especially since I haven't cleaned under the couch in years), so why not put it to good use?


A Space-Saving Hanger For All Your Strappy Clothes

It seems like such a waste of space to fill a drawer with camisoles, so I got this hanger instead. It’s a simple idea — just a hanger with eight extra hooks to hold all your small strappy items. You can store bras, swimsuits, and scarves in less than half the space they’d take up in a drawer, and you’ll finally have a place to put all those tank tops you keep buying.


The Organization System That Stacks Clothes

You fold your clothes up nicely, then have to get a t-shirt right from the middle of the pack. That usually means you destroy all the folding to get to the shirt you want and probably leave a mess of clothes in frustration. Instead, try this organizer. Each piece of clothing gets it's own little plastic shelf that stacks on top of one another. Then, you can easily lift up the plastic dividers to get the shirt you want without ruining your tidy clothing stack.


The Extra Kitchen Storage That Fits Over A Cabinet Door

I’ve never met a person who wouldn’t like a little more space in the kitchen. Instead of putting in shelves or installing extra cabinets, just get this little organizer. It fits over most any cabinet door to give you extra storage space for cutting boards, cookie sheets, large utensils — really, whatever you need! Though it takes up hardly any square footage, it holds a lot for its tiny size making your kitchen tidier and easier to use.


An Organizer To Keep Your Lids In Line

I tend to buy plastic food containers in the hopes I'll meal prep or save more leftovers. What happens instead is that I have a bunch of lids all over the kitchen that don't match a single container. Luckily, there's this lid organizer to keep all your storage stuff in one place. Keep it in your cabinet to hold up to 38 lids. It's made of BPA-free plastic, so you don't have to worry about extra chemicals in your kitchen.


A Board That Gives You A Perfect Fold

If I wanted department store quality folding in my closet, it would take me about five years to fold every load of laundry. Instead, this folder does all the work for you. Just pop your clothes on the board and in five seconds, you have perfectly folded clothes. You'll avoid wrinkles and have a neater closet in minutes. And it seems pretty fun.


A Clear Organizer That Makes Your Makeup Look Amazing

If you want to turn your bathroom into a Sephora, get this makeup storage case. With two clear acrylic pieces, you get removable drawers and a standing case for your larger items. Honestly, this makes your makeup look so cool and professional, it won't be a chore to keep your cosmetics clean and organized — and it'll let you keep track of what you're using and need to throw out.


Keep Your Styling Tools Together With This Holder

You can hang this organizer from a towel rack, store it under the sink, or just pop it on top of the counter. Made with stainless steel mesh and heat resistant silicone, it's perfectly safe to store hot hair dryers or straighteners in. With it, you won't have to go searching for your curling iron, because all your tools will be readily available when you need them — and organized, too.


Organizer Your Cords With This Elastic Case

It’s hard to find a way to keep your cords and chargers tidy, but this organizer holds them all together. You can configure it to hold whatever you need from charging cables to smartphones. It's great for organizing a backpack or large purse and it makes a fantastic travel companion.


The Stick That Removes Any Stain

Prone to stains, but adverse to chemicals? Check out this all natural stain remover stick. Just rub the stick on the area of the stain before you throw it in the wash and your clothes will come out stain free. The stick has no artificial dyes or scents and is completely biodegradable. Made with coconut oil, lemon essential oil, borax, and other natural, safe ingredients, your clothes will be spotless without resorting to bleach or chemicals.


The Wallet That Attaches To Your Phone

If your purse doubles as a portable trash can, then this smartphone wallet can save you from digging through candy wrappers and old receipts looking for your loose bus pass. The super thin sleeve sticks onto the back of any smartphone and gives you enough space to hold eight cards and cash. The adhesive stays on strong, but when you want to remove it, it doesn’t leave a sticky mess behind.


A Weird Tool That Keeps Your Drains Clean

Shower drains. That's a real disaster zone. Instead of fishing out individual hairs and pieces of gunk, use this drain protector. It fits into most any shower drain and catches all the hair and grossness before it clogs your pipes. I will have to lift out the ShowerShroom and witness the nightmare of hair that's come off my body, but that's a lot better than calling a plumber every week for clogged drains.


Clean Your House Naturally With Green Tea And Lime

Nobody is excited to clean with a bunch of harsh smelling chemicals. Instead use this green tea and lime natural cleaner. It works everywhere and even though it's natural, it cleans as well as any conventional spray. It was created by doctors to work on grease, grime, pet poo, and more with a completely non-toxic solution. Bonus: your house will smell delicious, too.


The Keychain That Keeps Everything Compact

Instead of walking around with a huge bulge of jingling keys, consolidate them with this keychain. It looks like a Swiss Army knife, but it actually organizes your keys and allows them all to lay flat within the tidy holder. To get 14 keys to fit into the space of a small pack of gum is pretty impressive and this key chain gets that done, no problem.


A Handheld Vac That Leaves No Space Unclean

Even a small apartment has all kinds of corners and crevices that hide little piles of dirt. But there’s no hiding from this vacuum. The handheld vac is lightweight and powerful. The bagless design is foolproof and when you find a tiny, uncleaned space, the vacuum has an even smaller nozzle that flips out for those hidden crevices. Over 2,800 people agree that this vacuum is worth raving about.


A Zippered Box To Organize Your Underwear

Get more storage from your underwear drawer with these foldable storage boxes. You can keep your undergarments neat and tidy since the boxes are sized perfectly for intimates storage. Then, if your mom comes to visit or you have to sublet your room, the boxes zip closed so you don't have to show your underwear to the world.


A Plug-In That Kills All The Germs

If you’re worried about airborne germs or viruses, take out the problem with this plug-in sanitizer. Just plug it into a regular outlet and the GermGuardian uses UV-C light to kill germs, viruses, mold, and odor causing bacteria. So, you get cleaner air, a fresh smelling room, and almost no airborne bugs to worry you. Over 1,400 people went to Amazon to share their love of the product, so you know it really works.


A Single Hanger For All Your Bags

I do have a storage place in my home for my bags. It's called the floor. But if I wanted to behave like an adult, I might get this closet organizer. The one hanger has six hooks to store your bags and purses in one place. It fits like a regular hanger and is sturdy enough to stand up to your heaviest bags.


A Spinning Organizer For All Your Makeup Products

If your makeup collection is a mess, it’s so easy for a lipstick to roll away and never be seen again. Instead of shoving all your makeup into one bag, use this organizer. It has multiples tiers of storage that you can adjust to fit your makeup stash perfectly. You can fit all your brushes, products, and tools into this rotating storage shelf. Now, you’ll know exactly where everything is and never lose a precious lipstick again.


A Microfiber Floor Cleaner To Replace Your Old Mop

If you've got a scraggly old mop, that thing's got to go. This microfiber mop comes with three reusable heads and an extender to reach difficult places. Instead of dealing with a gross mop head hanging around, just throw the microfiber cloth in the wash, and you've got a fresh mop again! It's less wasteful than a Swiffer and super easy to use.


A Bedside Pocket For All The Random Stuff

You might not have room for a nightstand in your bedroom, or maybe you don't feel like having extra furniture around. But if you'd like a place for books, magazines, and all the other random stuff you need at night, try this bedside caddy. Strong velcro straps hang the caddy from your headboard or bed frame, then you have 10 pockets of storage at your fingertips.


Bed Sheet Fasteners That Keep Your Bottom Sheet Neatly Tucked

These bed sheet fasteners adhere to any sheets, fitted or flat, keeping the corners down no matter how much you twist and turn at night. They’re even strong enough to keep super heavy-duty sheets in place and they have a built-in plastic system that prevents any tearing. This way, you’ll be one step closer to keeping your bed made in the morning.


These Shower Suction Hooks For Your Razors, Loofahs & More

Keeping your razor as dry as possible between shaves is easy to do with these little razor holders. One pack comes with two hooks, both of which use suction cups to attach to the wall of your shower. Each on can hold a little over 6 pounds, which means you can even use them for towels and loofahs.


A Razor Holder That Clips Onto Your Shaving Cream Bottle

Looking for a place to set your razor in between uses? Check out this clip-on razor holder that’s made to clip onto your shaving cream container. When attached, it holds your razor upright to help it remain dry. Plus, it can fit a various of shaving cream bottles and cans.

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