20 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon That Simplify Life For Messy People

I consider myself an inherently clean and organized person — or at least I did until all my stuff was in storage and I was living out of a suitcase for three months. I then realized that I'm only clean because of products that help you organize your whole life. Without these space-saving and self-cleaning items (given to me by my mother, who needs organizational bins for her organizational bins), my clothes were everywhere, my phone was always missing, and my space looked like a freshman dorm after homecoming weekend. Needless to say, I was pretty psyched to unpack and reorganize my life.

That being said, even if you weren't raised by a woman who wrote your name on every last crayon in the 64-pack, these same items double as products to help the messiest people get their stuff together. They can give you tons of extra storage space in places you didn't expect it, and they can give you a little extra leeway if you don't get to your chores that week. Some of them can even do a bit of the heavy lifting for you, so your floor stays dust-free, and your phone is always a button-click away.

1. This Brilliant Organizer That Hangs Off The Side Of Your Bed

Bedside Storage Organizer, $6, Amazon

So you don't have a bedside table, and all your electronics end up on the bed next to you while you sleep. Enter this bedside organizer, which hooks under your mattress to hold your laptop, glasses, remotes, phone, and more. It's also washable.


2. Stop Wrestling With Your Under-Stove Drawer

Deco Brothers Pan Organizer Rack, $17, Amazon

The drawer underneath my stove is a perpetual mess of pans, and this Deco Brothers pan organizer rack could fix all that. It can accommodate up to five pans and lids, and can be used vertically or horizontally to fit your space. It also comes with the screws needed for easy installation, and has reviewers saying things like, “Sturdy. Effective. Love it.”


3. This Little Robot That Does The Sweeping For You

RoboMop Robotic Floor Sweeper, $28, Amazon

The RoboMop robotic floor sweeper automatically wanders around your space, picking up dust, hair, and debris. It has a soft, gentle frame that won't damage furniture, and it uses non-woven electrostatic disposable pads that control dust. It also comes with a rechargeable battery and can work for hours.


4. This Genius Organizer Is Adjustable So You Can Customize Your Storage Space

StoreMore Height Adjustable Shelf Organizer, $15, Amazon

This StoreMore height adjustable shelf organizer maximizes storage space in various cabinet sizes, so you can make room for whatever you need. The adjustable legs fit over short or tall items so you can stack cups, plates, and cleaning products. Best of all, it’s super durable, and there’s no installation required.


5. Personalize Your Drawer Organization With Movable Dividers

Adjustable Drawer Dividers, $37, Amazon

These brilliant adjustable drawer dividers let you create sections in any size to organize your desk, kitchen, or bedroom drawers. This one comes with nine dividers (both short and long), and they're all made from durable, movable aluminum that install without tools.


6. Never Tangle Or Lose Your Chargers Again

iGotTech Cable Clips, $10, Amazon

Fasten your cords to your desk and walls with iGotTech cable clips, and never tangle or lose them again. The sticky back adheres to any clean, smooth surface, and they're made from a soft silicone that allows you to easily pull the wire out if you need to take it with you. Each one holds two wires, and they come in black, white, or multicolored.


7. Clean Your Floor Just By Walking Around

GPCT Chenille Mop Slippers, $7, Amazon

Adorable and functional, these GPCT Chenille mop slippers are made from absorbent microfiber that cleans dust, pet hair, footprints, and spills while you walk around your house. They have stretchy elastic bands that provide a secure, comfortable fit, and they’re totally washable, so when the mess has been transferred from floor to foot, simply throw these in the laundry.


8. A Mini Broom Set That's Great For Spills & Pet Hair

miniWISP Small Broom & Dustpan Set, $13, Amazon

This mini broom and dustpan set is perfect for small spaces. Because it's only six inches wide, and the broom snaps flat into the dustpan, you'll barely notice it's there. The bristles use electrostatic to trap even the finest particles — like pet hair and coffee grinds — so it won't leave those tiny bits behind like most brooms do.


9. This All-In-One Solution For Laundry Transporting, Sorting, And Folding

Seville Classics 3-Bag Folding Laundry Sorter, $85, Amazon

For tons of roomy storage, effortless transportation, and a space to sort and organize, there's the Seville Classics folding laundry sorter. It has three strong and waterproof bags with mesh handles that you can pick up separately, and a foam table where you can fold and iron. Best of all, it's even on wheels so you can effortlessly move it from room to room.


10. The Shoe Storage Solution That Will Double Your Closet Space

Whitmor Over-The-Door Shoe Rack, $21, Amazon

This over-the-door shoe storage solution comes highly recommended by Amazon users, racking up over 2,500 reviews. And if you or your loved-one is a shoe-lover, it's easy to see why: It holds a whopping 36 pairs of shoes, opening up some serious closet space. Each bar also has the ability to flip up to make room for your boots, too.


11. These Hilarious Memo Pads Are #StationaryGoals

Knock Knock #Goals Memo Pad, $13, Amazon

Sometimes a to-do list is all you need to organize the mental clutter that accompanies the physical clutter. The Knock Knock memo pads are hilarious yet oddly useful daily organizers for setting daily, weekly, and monthly #Goals and everything else that needs to be written down.


12. This Brilliant Home For Keys And Reminders

Key Rack Holder with Dry Erase Board, $15, Amazon

I’m in love with this Key Rack Holder with Dry Erase Board, which allows you to keep all your essentials and reminders in one place where you’ll never forget them. The dry erase board swings open to house your keys and glasses with four hooks and one shelf, and it’s really easy to install in mudrooms, kitchens, and garages.


13. These Sheets That Won't Fade, Wrinkle, Or Stain

Where the Polka Dots Roam Easy Care Sheets, $27, Amazon

Over 2000 reviewers can't stop raving about these Where the Polka Dots Roam sheets, and that's because they're just so darn easy to care for. They're much less likely to fade, rip, wrinkle, or stain, and they're softer and more breathable than cotton. They also come in every mattress size and 10 different colors.


14. Save Space In The Kitchen With This Easy Clip-On Colander

Clip-On Silicone Colander, $14, Amazon

This silicone colander easily clips onto pots and pans of any size. It's made from an extremely durable material that can withstand super hot temperatures, and it features two clips that won't budge under the weight of anything you're straining. Best of all, this little colander is also a major space saver — especially compared to the large colander you'd usually need to strain a whole box of pasta.


15. This Organizational Godsend For Tea Drinkers

YouCopia TeaStand, $19, Amazon

I'm an avid tea drinker, and I can be the first to tell you that when it comes to organizing that cabinet, ziplock bags only get you so far. The YouCopia TeaStand is a sleek and space-savvy organizer that stands up straight, holds up to 100 tea bags, and reduces clutter. It even has little windows so you can see which bag you're choosing.


16. Get Storage And Wire Organization Right Underneath Your Outlets

Wall Outlet Organizer, $17, Amazon

Free up counter space with this brilliant wall outlet organizer, which provides a shelf and wire storage right where you need it most -- directly under your outlet. You can use it in the bathroom to charge your toothbrush and electric razor, or in your office or bedroom to hold your phone and other devices. Reviewers say it’s wonderful for tiny spaces and overall an incredible idea.


17. This No-Brainer Organizational Tool For Drawers And Packing

Electronics Organizer, $16, Amazon

Since it's made with a grid of stretchy bands, this electronics organizer is a no-brainer even for the messiest people. It can hold everything from tools to cosmetics, and since it has a giant pocket on the back and a hanging loop, it's ideal for packing and traveling.


18. Never Worry About Mildew With These Bamboo Bath Towels

Taprilt Antibacterial Bath Towels, $25, Amazon

So you don't wash your towels as much as you should. These Taprilt antibacterial bath towels are made from a combination of bamboo and cotton, meaning that they absorb three times their weight in water, dry significantly faster, feel way smoother, and are much less likely to grow bacteria and mildew. They come in a set of two (one blue and one beige), and reviewers are saying things like, "Soft, absorbent and I don't have to worry about mildew - what more could you ask for? A second towel too? Awesome!"


19. This Tiny Vacuum That Packs A Punch With Hard-To-Reach Places

Eureka Vacuum, $43, Amazon

Very highly reviewed by Consumer Reports, this Eureka Vacuum is a small but powerful handheld vacuum ideal for stairs, upholstery, and cars. It has a 20-foot cord and two-motor suction with a revolving brush, so you can deep clean hard-to-reach places without lugging around a full-sized vacuum. It’s also got some really cool features like a crevice tool, wire wrap, and fingertip controls.


20. Plug This Freshener Into Your Cigarette Lighter For A Cleaner Smelling Car

Car Air Purifier, $15, Amazon

This car air purifier plugs directly into your cigarette lighter to get rid of smells, bacteria, and viruses in your vehicle. The secret is the ion-releasing design that neutralizes particles in the air, so you can say goodbye to smoke and other stale smells. It does so without any sickeningly overpowering fragrances, and it’s small, compact, and super convenient.

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