20 Weird But Genius Things On Amazon That Simplify Life For Messy People

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I consider myself an inherently clean and organized person — or at least I did until all my stuff was in storage and I was living out of a suitcase for three months. I then realized that I'm only clean because of products that help you organize your whole life. Without these space-saving and self-cleaning items (given to me by my mother, who needs organizational bins for her organizational bins), my clothes were everywhere, my phone was always missing, and my space looked like a freshman dorm after homecoming weekend. Needless to say, I was pretty psyched to unpack and reorganize my life.

That being said, even if you weren't raised by a woman who wrote your name on every last crayon in the 64-pack, these same items double as products to help the messiest people get their stuff together. They can give you tons of extra storage space in places you didn't expect it, and they can give you a little extra leeway if you don't get to your chores that week. Some of them can even do a bit of the heavy lifting for you, so your floor stays dust-free, and your phone is always a button-click away.

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