27 Wildly Clever Things You Can Buy For Dogs & Cats On Amazon

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If you're a pet owner, you're probably always on the hunt for treats and toys to keep your dog or cat happy and entertained (and your house not covered in hair). Luckily, there are a lot of clever dog and cat items on Amazon that will spoil your pet and make your life easier.

From grooming to playtime and all the naps in between, this list covers a range of helpful products for big and small animals alike. For feline friends, there's a treat-dispensing toy that encourages cats to dig for a snack. There's also a window perch where cats can bird watch and take long naps in the sun. For playful pups, bring home a puzzle toy mat with lots of hidden treat pockets and an adorable car seat that keeps them safe while you're on the road. And since living with a furry friend most likely means there's pet hair everywhere, there are a few grooming and house-cleaning tools to keep both your pets and furniture clean.

Those are just a few of the pet-friendly items on this list, and thanks to Amazon's quick Prime shipping, you don't have to wait long to surprise your pet with these clever treats. After all, happy pets equal happy pet owners.


This Self-Cleaning Roller Brush That Gets Pet Hair Off Furniture

Getting pet hair off the furniture is quick and easy with this pet hair remover tool. The sturdy roller is made from BPA-free plastic without any sticky tape, and there's no power source required. Just swipe the roller brush back and forth on the furniture to collect pet hair in the easy-to-clean compartment to use again and again.


A Window Cat Perch That Holds Up To 30 Pounds

Your cat will love gazing out the window and taking naps in the sun on this cat window perch. Made with stainless steel cords and strong suction cups, the window perch can hold up to 30 pounds. The seat is covered in durable Oxford cloth with a washable cover, to which you can add your cat's favorite blanket or sleep pad to make them extra comfy.


This Cute Fountain That Provides Fresh Drinking Water All Day

If your cat or dog likes to drink running water, they'll love this BPA-free pet fountain. The quiet fountain has a 2.5-liter capacity that's ideal for small- and medium-size pets, and there are three water flow options. A triple filtration system keeps water fresh. The pet fountain is available in blue or gray, and it even comes with a silicone pad to protect your floor from spills.


A Wi-Fi Camera That Lets You Check On Your Pets From Anywhere

Keep an eye on your pets with this Wi-Fi pet camera, which is easy to set up on your existing internet network and voice control-capable with Alexa. Featuring 1080p HD resolution, a tilting lens, and night vision, the camera provides a clear view of your furry friend when you're out. And thanks to two-way audio, you can talk to your pet, too.


These Combs That Gently Remove Gunk From Your Pet's Eyes

To clean the sensitive area around your pet's eyes, use these handy tear-stain-remover combs. Featuring durable plastic handles with 65 fine-tooth stainless steel prongs, the combs can be used wet or dry to gently remove mucus and other gunk from your cat or dog's delicate eyes and fur.


This Silicone Paw Cleaner That Gently Removes Dirt

After playtime or a walk, get your pup's paws clean before heading back in with this silicone paw cleaner. Ideal for medium-sized dogs, the set includes a nonslip cleaner cup with a removable silicone brush liner, a lid with silicone bristles, and a soft cleaning cloth. To use the paw cleaner, fill the cup with water, dip your dog's paw in to gently remove dirt, and dry the paw using the cloth. As a bonus, the silicone lid doubles as a grooming brush during baths.


This Comfy Dog Car Seat That Keeps Your Pup Safe

Keep your dog safe and happy in the car with this puppy car seat, which holds dogs up to 12 pounds. The dog car seat features a durable Oxford cloth with a liner made with soft fleece, adjustable straps and buckles, so it's a secure way for your pup to enjoy car trips. There's also a front pocket where you can store small treats and accessories. Choose from four colors.


A Meal Reminder Magnet That Prevents Overfeeding

Prevent overfeeding with this handy feeding reminder magnet. The plastic feeding tracker has four magnets and self-adhesive stickers on the back, so it can be mounted on the fridge, a wall, or by your dog's food dish. Just move the slider to green each time your dog gets fed so everyone in the house can keep track of meals. There's also one made just for cats.


This Self-Cooling Gel Mat That Keeps Your Pet Comfy On Hot Days

On hot days, your dog or cat can stay cool with this pet cooling mat. The gel mat automatically starts cooling when your pet lays down on it, and it works for up to three hours at a time. The lightweight mat requires no refrigeration or power source, and once your pet leaves the mat, it recharges itself within about 20 minutes. It's available in four sizes, and the medium-sized mat is good for pets weighing 15 to 35 pounds.


A Silicone Treat Dispenser That Distracts Your Dog During Grooming

This silicone treat dispenser sticks to any flat surface like the shower, giving you an easy way to distract your dog during baths and grooming. Made from 100% food-grade silicone, the dishwasher- and freezer-safe dispenser is covered in nubs that slow down treat consumption. There are also convenient tabs on each corner so it's easy to remove from the wall when treat time is over.


A Puzzle Mat Toy With Hidden Treat Pockets That Keep Your Dog Busy

With this snuffle mat toy, your dog will stay busy solving puzzles and hunting for treats. The durable canvas mat has a nonslip bottom, and it's covered in polar fleece petals with hidden pockets for placing treats. The toy also comes with five food puzzles, which attach to the mat to give your pup even more mental stimulation.


A Brain-Stimulating Toy That Dispenses Dog Treats

Make treat time fun with this IQ treat ball. Made from durable plastic, the food-dispensing toy provides mental stimulation as your dog figures out how to roll the ball and earn a treat. As your dog learns, you can increase the difficulty by adjusting the interior disc. The treat ball disassembles for easy cleaning, and it comes in two sizes.


This Clever Clip-On Treat Holder That Gets Your Dog To Look At The Camera

Snap perfect photos of your dog with this clever pet portrait tool. Available in gray (pictured), the small treat holder clips onto most smartphones and tablets to hold your dog's attention while you take a photo. You get a picture with your dog looking straight into the camera, and your pup gets their favorite treat as a reward.


A Cult-Favorite Adjustable Jacket That Can Reduce Your Dog's Anxiety

The Thundershirt dog anxiety jacket can help soothe your pet in stressful situations like vet visits, thunderstorms, and fireworks. The adjustable dog jacket is made from a breathable, soft fabric and it applies gentle pressure that feels like a hug. "There is a very obvious difference in our pup when it's on. He's more relaxed, less pacing," wrote one reviewer. With more than 10,000 reviews, it's a popular choice. Choose from a range of sizes to fit pups up to 110 pounds just right.

  • Available sizes: XS - XXL


This 2-In-1 Sprayer & Scrubber That Makes Bath Time Easier

This two-in-one pet shower sprayer and scrubber gives you more control while bathing your dog. The one-size-fits-all scrubber brush fits on your hand with an adjustable strap, delivering water through the sprayer at the center. You can turn the sprayer on and off with one click, and it comes with adapters to connect to an indoor shower or outdoor hose.


A Rechargeable LED Dog Leash That Makes Nighttime Walks Safer

Make sure you and your dog are visible during nighttime walks with this rechargeable LED dog leash. The lightweight leash has three light modes — steady on, rapid flash, or slow flash — that you can change with a click. The USB-powered leash works for five hours on one charge and comes in six bright colors. Choose from 4- or 6-foot sizes.


A Lightweight Vest That Keeps Your Dog Cool

Help your pup stay cool with this adjustable dog cooling vest. Just wet it with cold water and wring it out before placing it on your dog. The lightweight, UV-protective vest also keeps your dog comfy by reflecting the sun's heat, and there's a sturdy ring on the back where you can attach your favorite leash.

  • Available sizes: XXS - XXL


These Easy-To-Assemble Stairs That Can Hold Up To 150 Pounds

For pets who need help climbing on and off the bed, couch, or other areas of the house, thousands of pet owners love these portable pet stairs. The easy-to-assemble pet stairs have wide landings, removable carpet treads, and nonslip rubber grips to prevent it from sliding. The sturdy staircase is safe for pets up to 150 pounds, and it comes in four colors: chocolate, cocoa, sage, and tan.


This Cute Pet Backpack Carrier For Small Cats & Dogs

This cute space capsule pet backpack offers a stylish way to travel with cats up to 14 pounds and dogs up to 11 pounds. Featuring a durable acrylic exterior, a transparent bubble window, ventilation holes, and a built-in leash lock, the backpack provides a comfy and secure place for your pet to take in the scenery during adventures. Choose from eight colors, including classic black or white.


A Waterproof Car Seat Cover That Protects Against Messy Pets

Made with easy-to-clean, waterproof material, this pet car seat cover protects your car's upholstery from messy pets. The cover installs quickly and securely in any car or hatchback trunk, and it can be used hammock-style or bench-style to provide the best coverage for your car. Choose from two sizes in full black or black with an orange border.


This Anti-Scratch Tape That Protects Furniture From Cat Claws

To prevent cats from scratching up the furniture, this anti-scratch training tape acts as a safe deterrent. The clear tape is easy to apply on fabric furnishings, and it acts as a sticky barrier against your cat's claws which many cats don't enjoy touching. This tape doesn't work on all cats, but at only $3 per roll, it's worth a try.


This Pet Sling That's Great For Small Dogs & Cats

This pet sling carrier is a great hands-free way to tote small pets. Available in five colors including pink (pictured) and reflective black, the adjustable sling features breathable mesh fabric, a padded shoulder strap, a drawstring for a secure fit around your pet, and a built-in leash lock. There's also a handy pocket where you can keep your phone, treats, or other small items.

  • Available sizes: S - M


A Digger Treat Toy That Stimulates Pawing Instincts For Cats

Encourage kitty's natural pawing instinct and desire to earn treats with this digger toy for cats. The toy features several removable tubes, which can be filled with a few of your cat's favorite treats and switched around to keep your cat interested. As cats use their paws to dig out the treats, they get fun mental stimulation and a tasty snack.


These Alcohol-Free Pet Wipes That Smell Like Berries & Coconut

To remove dander, dirt, and other messes from your pet's fur without giving them a full bath, these cleaning wipes for pets are super helpful. The alcohol-free wipes are safe to use on dogs and cats 12 weeks and up, and they feature a refreshing tropical Berry & Coconut scent. Each pack includes 100 wipes, which makes it a great deal.


This Brush With Thousands Of 5-Star Reviews That Removes Loose Hair & Dander

With this self-cleaning grooming brush, your pet's coat will be shiny and dander-free. The brush features a comfy ergonomic handle and fine wire bristles that gently remove loose hair while increasing you pet's circulation. When you're done grooming, just press a button on the handle to release the collected hair for easy cleanup. More than 12,000 reviewers have given this a 4.5-star rating making it a serious favorite with customers.


This Vet-Recommended Dog Bowl That Improves Digestion

This slow feeder dog bowl helps pups slow down at meal time, which improves digestion and reduces bloating. Made from BPA-free plastic with a ridged design, the bowl is recommended by vets and can help your dog eat up to 10 times slower. It comes in three sizes and five colors with even different designs.


A Leak-Proof Pet Water Bottle With Built-In Drinking Trough Perfect For Trips

When you're on-the-go, this leak-proof pet water bottle offers an easy way to keep your dog or cat hydrated. The BPA-free bottle dispenses water into the drinking trough at the touch of a button, and any unused water can be collected back into the bottle. The compact pet water bottle comes in white, teal, or pink, and it includes a sling rope for extra portability.

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