21 Father's Day Gadget Gifts for the Techie Dad

It's almost Father's Day, and if your dads are like ours, they’re still stuck in the ‘70s. They’re the kinds of dads who watch rerun marathons of Star Trek, the dads who remember when ABBA was cool. But even the geekiest, most Devo-loving dudes can get behind the latest gadget gifts — and lucky for you, we’ve rounded up the best. There’s something for the golfer and the fisherman, the coffee snob and the chef. And if your dad is already one of those lifelong Popular Science subscribers with a garage full of gadgets, there’s something for him, too. Happy Father’s Day, dad. Eat your tech-savvy heart out.

Image: Apple

by Lisa Siva

For the Newbie

iPad Mini, $399, Apple

Does your dad still whip out a fly swatter when you tell him you have a computer bug? Ease him into the digital age with a portable, user-friendly iPad. So, you know, he can flip through his old issues of Reader’s Digest.

For the Gentleman

Gentlemen’s Hardware iPad Case, $49, West Elm

Dad’s already got an iPad? Deck it out with an elegant denim and leather case.

For the Documentary Maker

Sony Bloggie Touch Camera, $115, Amazon

We don’t know about you, but our dads film everything like it’s their job. Get him to ditch his old camcorder for Sony’s new Bloggie Touch.

For the Outdoorsman

Victorinox Slim Jetsetter, $50, Victorinox Swiss Army

This updated Swiss Army knife features a flash drive — for the dad who’s equal parts nature lover and techie.

For the Happy Camper

Flat Flashlight, $6, Kikkerland

Sleek and easily portable, this beautifully designed flashlight is your dad’s new best friend.

For the Fisherman

Humminbird PiranhaMAX 153 Dual Beam Fishfinder, $76, Amazon

Able to scan up to 600 feet, this fish finder is practically begging to be in your dad’s tacklebox.

For the Maritime Man

LifeProof LifeJacket Float for iPhone 5/5s/5c, $40, LifeProof

Yes, your dad’s smart phone can float on water — with the help of this buoyant case. Make sure he couples it with a LifeProof waterproof case, however, since this accessory is just a flotation device.

For the Environmentalist

Solar Powered Radio, $42, Kikkerland

With a retro design and optional hand crank, this solar-powered radio will keep your dad company in the wild.

For the Fitness Buff

Fitbit Flex, $100, Fitbit

Get your dad a gift that can keep up with him. The Fitbit Flex tracks distance covered and calories burned — which is pretty much like a pat on the back for your workout-loving dad.

For the Golfer

Sky Caddie Linx, $250, Sky Golf

Does your dad spend more time on the green than at home? He’s guaranteed to geek out over the SkyCaddie Linx, which comes with more than 34,000 detailed maps of courses around the world.

For the iPhone Addict

iPhone 5/5s Case, $90, Life Proof

For the goofy dad with an iPhone habit, this screenless waterproof case is just the thing. It’ll protect against fumbles and spills — all with the convenience of a touch screen.

For the Multitasker

iPhone Dock, $30, Etsy

Because your dad’s the type to juggle five different things and get them all done ahead of schedule, he need an iPhone dock as awesome as he is. This one doubles as a charging station and desk organizer.

For the On-the-Go Dad

Juice Pack Air, $100, Mophie

Your dad’s always getting on your case about charging your phone — until his own battery dies. Send him a message with the Mophie Juice Pack, which extends battery life with a flip of a switch.

For the Dapper Dad

RFID Front-Pocket Wallet, $28, Magellan

Give your dad peace of mind with an elegant, front-pocket wallet that blocks RFID theft.

For the Coffee Lover

ROK Espresso Maker, $200, Provisions by Food52

If your dad looks more like an amoeba than a human being before he’s had his coffee, he needs this espresso maker. It doesn’t run on electricity, so it’s perfect for camping, for outdoor entertaining — or those early mornings when he can’t remember to plug things in.

For the Writer

Livescribe 3 Smartpen, $150, Livescribe

Sure, getting your dad a pen is the oldest trick in the book — but this is no ordinary Bic. Handwritten notes sync automatically to your dad’s tablet or smartphone, so they’re instantly digitized and searchable.

For the TV Junkie

Google Chromecast, $30, Best Buy

You got your dad hooked on cat videos. Now, he can enjoy them on the big screen with Chromecast, which streams from Netflix, Youtube, Hulu, and more.

For the Foodie

Culinary Thermo Whip, $200, Provisions by Food52

This Culinary Thermo Whip will give you whipped cream, mousse, and sauce in a flash. Because your dad won’t be caught dead with Cool Whip.

For the Cyborg

SmartWatch 2, $200, Sony

Your dad’s the kind who dreams of GoogleGlass and who always has a Bluetooth in one ear. He’s already halfway there to becoming a cyborg, so get him a SmartWatch — it’ll make him feel like a superhero.

For the Audiophile

Beats Studio, $380, Beats By Dre

Introduce your dad to Beats by Dre, and you’ll be the new favorite child. After all, he needs something to help him listen to all those Grand Funk Railroad albums.

For the Old Soul

Leather Bluetooth Speaker, $105, West Elm

Your dad likes his gadgets, but he’s a classic guy, deep down, so give him a leather-bound Bluetooth speaker. It’s part modern, part retro — just like him.