31 Weird Things For Your Bedroom That Are Clever AF On Amazon

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Your home may be the castle, but your bedroom is the throne where you'll spend a whole lot of your time relaxing and preparing to take on the world. These weird Amazon products for your bedroom are worthy of your favorite room in the house, and they'll make you feel even better about turning in for the day. They'll also help you tune out all outside distractions while getting your relaxation on.

That's right: This list of clever organization products, comfy bed accessories, storage solutions for all of those seasonal sweaters, and even natural sleep aids make turning in for the night — as well as getting ready in the morning — a total pleasure. The size of your bedroom makes no difference, either. For instance, a smart wall-mounted bedside organizer eliminates the need for a nightstand in a tiny area, while a set of cascading hangers take up a little bit of space in a tight closet.

And when it's time to actually get your quality rest, an aromatherapy balm lulls you to sleep before a sunrise alarm clock wakes you with gradually brightening light. These weird, clever products will bring order, comfort, and even a sliver of luxury to your bedroom and your life.


A Bedside Shelf That Mounts To The Wall Next To Your Mattress

After you've climbed into bed and cuddled under your warm sheets, the last thing you'll want to do is leave that cozy spot to grab your phone. Thankfully, this accessories organizer mounts to the wall beside your bed with self-adhesive tape that won't wreck surfaces or peel paint. It features pockets for your glasses, remotes, books, and other larger items, along with a smaller top shelf where you can rest and charge your phone.


These Space-Saving Cascade Hangers That Fit 5 Garments Each

Get so much more out of one hanger and maximize a small closet with this set of cascading clothes hangers, which comes with 10 per pack. Each sturdy hanger can hold up to five pieces of clothing and can then be positioned horizontally or vertically to save major space.


The Supportive Wedge Pillow That Helps Alleviate Back Pain

If you ask me, a supportive cushion holds the key to alleviating back and shoulder pain — and this therapeutic wedge pillow can make a major difference (whether you use it for reading, watching TV, or snoozing). The oversized pillow features a gradual slope that helps promote better spinal alignment. You can even use it as a laptop rest when you're working from bed.


An Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer That Frees Up Space

While other shoe organizers are somewhat helpful, this is the over-the-door organizer you need if your can't find space for all of your heels, sneakers, and flats. The vertical hanging organizer features 30 roomy pockets with 15 compartments that face each other in a slope — but the unit also doubles as storage for toys and cleaning supplies.


This Rotating Earring Holder That Stores 78 Pairs

Finally, an earring organizer and holder that has enough room to store all of your earrings (78 pairs, to be exact). This acrylic holder features four tiers and 360-degree rotation that allows you to find what you need pronto. You can even slip a few bracelets and necklaces over its bars, and they'll stay perfectly untangled.


An Organized Lipstick Holder That You Can Stand Up Or Lay Flat

Depending on how you prefer to store your makeup, this lipstick holder can lay flat on your vanity or be displayed upright (thanks to its sturdy base). The acrylic organizer features 28 individual slots that are the perfect sizes for tubes of lipstick and lip gloss. Plus, it comes in two shades: clear or pink clear.


The Wearable Neck Fan That Instantly Cools You Down

It's true: You can stay comfortable when the weather warms up without turning on the air conditioner and putting everyone around you into a deep freeze. This portable neck fan provides a personalized cooling experience, courtesy of two 360-degree rotatable fans. The unit features three adjustable speeds and color-changing LED lights, and it can be recharged with a USB cable.


These Compression Bags To Store Your Seasonal Clothing In

No vacuum pump required: These compression travel bags provide optimal space for clothing, and they can be rolled up to leave even more space in your suitcase or storage bag. The recyclable and waterproof set includes six medium bags and six small bags.


A Laptop Cooler To Help Keep Your Device From Overheating

Why rest your laptop just anywhere when you can position it over this laptop cooler? It's a slim and portable piece with three super-quiet fans and a built-in USB hub to keep your devices powered up. The pad's height can be adjusted, and the structure comes in three colors.


An Aromatherapy Balm Stick To Help You Sleep Better

Utilizing the calming scents of lavender, ylang ylang, and chamomile, this soothing aromatherapy balm stick can be applied to your body's pulse points 30 minutes before bed to ease you into a more relaxed state so that sleeping comes easier. The portable stick is non-greasy and perfect for travel.


The Compression Eye Mask That Smells Like Lavender

Reduce tension in your temples and sinuses while alleviating headaches naturally with this soothing eye mask, which is filled with lavender-scented compression beads that gently massage your skin. The mask can be heated up in your microwave to create a warm compress that boasts aromatherapy benefits, and it has an adjustable strap for the perfect fit.


An Essential Oil Diffuser And Cool Mist Humidifier In One

Now, there's no need to choose between two of the most effective gadgets for improving the air quality in your room. This two-in-one essential oil diffuser and cool mist humidifier does it all: It humidifies and moistens dry air to help with sinuses and colds, but it also delivers a soothing scent of your favorite oil to help calm you. The metal diffuser — which has an auto-shutoff function — even features seven color-changing LED lights.


These Reflexology Slippers That Massage Your Feet

These reflexology slippers do more than relieve pain: They help soothe your feet as you make contact with various massage buttons along the inner soles — but they also help increase blood circulation. The slippers also have an adjustable top strap that can be used to customize the right fit.

Available sizes: Women (6.5-9), Men (10.5-12)


This Neck And Shoulder Wrap That Can Be Heated To Relieve Pain

Do you love cold therapy for muscle pain? If so, this plush shoulder and neck wrap is your jam. However, if you prefer adding heat to loosen up tight muscles and joints, you'll get everything you're looking for in this comfy wrap. It can either be stored in the fridge or heated up in the microwave to deliver complete comfort and healing. The wrap even contains a soothing aromatherapy blend of lavender, chamomile, and flax seed that make you feel completely relaxed.


A Double-Sided Heated Blanket That Feels Like Mink And Sherpa

This heated blanket stands out from the rest, because it's double-sided and features three heat settings. One side is lined with mink, and the other feels like sherpa — and you can choose from four different color options. What makes the blanket even better is that it boasts an auto-shutoff function that works after three hours.


These Gorgeous String Lights That Add Flair To Your Window

Why wait until the holiday season to jazz up your space with twinkling lights? These string lights fit perfectly over window curtains to add major magic to any room. They consist of long-lasting LED bulbs and feature eight glistening modes to choose from.


The Cooling Memory Foam Pillow With Added Ventilation

Both support and ventilation will make this cooling gel pillow the best pillow you've ever rested your head upon. Unlike so many other pillows that trap heat and make you warm, this option is designed with supportive memory foam that springs back to life, a ventilated design for air circulation, and a layer of cooling gel to ensure total comfort all night long. The pillow comes in standard, queen, and king sizes, all of which have removable and washable covers.


A Lightweight Mattress Topper That's Comfy And Cooling

This breathable mattress topper is designed with a fluffy down alternative filling that's safe for those with allergies — and its square jacquard designs keeps the fill from shifting around. It comes in eight mattress sizes and fits deep-pocket sheets.


The Knee Pillow That Takes The Pressure Off Your Body

If you're anything like me, the way you sleep has a lot to do with the way you feel in the morning. If you're experiencing aches and pains, try positioning this memory foam knee pillow between your legs to promote better spinal alignment and take some pressure off your joints. The pillow has a leg strap that keeps it from sliding off, and it comes with a washable, removable cover.


This Facial Massager To Cool You Down On Hot Days

Just keep this cooling facial massager in the freezer, and it'll be ready to help you beat the heat whenever you're feeling too warm. It's made with anodized metal that's resistant to corrosion, and one reviewer even raved about how it feels great in the summer.


A Stress-Busting Weighted Blanket That Doubles As A Duvet

This cotton weighted blanket has been known to help alleviate stress, and many reviewers have written that it helps them fall asleep easier. The layered blanket is weighed down by glass beads, and it's available in weights that range from 5 to 20 pounds. Use it as a throw or enjoy it as a comfy duvet on your bed. It comes in seven shades.


An Adjustable Laptop Desk That Folds For Easy Storage

This laptop desk can be adjusted to various angles and heights — whatever it takes to make your working experience as comfy as possible. The lightweight, portable unit is designed with a large work surface, two clips that hold your laptop in place, a soft wrist rest, and retractable legs for easy, breezy storage.


The UV-Free Light Therapy Lamp That Helps Elevate Your Mood

This light therapy lamp can help elevate your mood and give you energy when you're in need of some real sunlight. The unit features a UV-free bulb that mimics the actual sun, along with three adjustable brightness settings and a timer that can be set in 10 minute intervals (from 10 to 60 minutes).


This Wireless Charger That Works With Both Phones And AirPods

The more use you can get out of one charger, the better. This wireless charger ensures compatibility with a wide range of Qi-enabled devices, thanks to its three different charging modes and unique design that fits charging cases for your AirPods. You'll get two chargers in each order, so you can keep one in the living room and one by your bedside.


An Alarm Clock That Gradually Wakes You With Gentle Light

Give yourself the gift of a kinder, gentler wake-up call with this sunrise alarm clock, which gradually begins brightening 30 minutes before your alarm to mimic the effect of real sunshine streaming through your window. The clock offers three brightness settings, eight color-changing night lights, an FM clock radio, and even soothing nature sounds (like birds and ocean waves).


These Stick-On LED Night Lights With Motion Sensors

This pack of three LED stick-on night lights are perfect for dark hallways, basements, bedrooms, and more. The strips are outfitted with 10 long-lasting bulbs, and they'll adhere to surfaces with self-adhesive backings. Here's the best part, though: The lights have motion sensors that turn them on when movement is detected (and off after 10 to 15 seconds of no movement).


The Luxurious Velvet Pillow Covers That Spruce Up Your Bed

Take any old square throw pillow and turn it into the most colorful home accessory by simply dressing it up in this velvet cover. Each set comes with two smooth, washable covers with hidden zippers — and the color selection includes more than 30 hues such as orange, gold, pink, purple, rose red, and more.


The Mask Cleansers That Smell Like Bubble Gum, Key Lime Mojito, And More

Do you have a collection of masks in your room? If so, keep this cleansing spray at hand to help freshen them up. The solution is made with 65% alcohol, and the pack comes with four that have sweet-smelling scents: key lime mojito, herbal fresh breath, dreamsicle, and bubble gum.


A Flower Pot Stand That's All Kinds Of Charming

Filling your bedroom with greenery is an easy and beautiful way to increase oxygen levels in your sleep space. Why not display those pretty plants in a midcentury-style flower pot stand with plenty of rustic charm? This stand comes in four sizes (8, 10, 12, and 14 inches) — and you can choose from three wooden shades. Just keep in mind that the container itself isn't included.


These Adhesive Wall Hooks That Give Everything A Place

Stick these adhesive wall hooks anywhere in your house, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to hang keys, clothes, jewelry, and more. The wooden pegs give them a chic appearance, and the sticky tape on the back easily pops off your walls.


An Absorbent Bath Mat That's Made With Memory Foam

Designed with lux, velvety memory foam, this bath mat is both soft and springy — and it'll pop right back into shape after you've stepped on it. It's highly absorbent, and it comes in eight sizes with 14 colors choices. The mat is also machine washable, which is convenient for whenever you need to clean it.

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