33 Genius Products That Have Become Extremely Popular With Neat Freaks

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Being a neat freak might keep your house clean, but it can also come with a lot of stress. I'm talking about constantly putting items away, sorting shelves, and mopping floors. Sometimes I just want to lay on the couch instead of spending an hour of my day cleaning; is that so much to ask? Luckily, there are tons of genius products on Amazon that can help the neat freak in all of us.

What's my biggest struggle when it comes to keeping my house consistently neat, you ask? It's the lack of storage my apartment has. That's why I've made sure to include a ton of useful products that help make the most of your space. There are storage baskets that hang over your cabinet doors, shelves that fit underneath your sink, and even a purse organizer for your closet. Or, if you're more of a "clean" neat freak than an "organizational" one, I've added a versatile bar of soap that's completely vegan. You can use it on dishes, skin, or even to get rid of stains in your carpet.

Whether you want to enjoy a squeaky-clean home or simply maximize your storage space, there are tons of clever products to choose from on Amazon. Here are 33 of the best ones.


A Set Of Soap-Saving Dishes That Drain Into Your Sink

These wildly popular soap dishes keep soap off your counters, and also allow your soap to dry fully in between uses, as water drains from the soap dish into your sink. You can easily hang sponges or dish brushes off of the two prongs that keep your soap in place, and the 5.5-inch design fits on countertops or on a flat surface in your shower.


A Scrubber That Helps You Clean Glasses Fast

Similar to the ones used in restaurants, this scrubber has a strong suction cup that lets you adhere it to the bottom of your sink. Once attached, you can easily dunk your glasses on it and give them a quick twist to get them clean. Plus, the curved design allows it to wash glasses of practically any shape or size.


These Shelf Dividers That Double As Hanging Storage

Each of the 12 shelf dividers in this pack clips to the shelves of your closet in order to create a divider in between clothing stacks or to serve as hanging storage. For an organized person looking to keep their closets in check, these are a fantastic buy.


A Handheld Vacuum That Can Run For Up To 35 Minutes

Most handheld vacuums only last about 15 minutes, whereas this one is made with a powerful battery that allows it to suck up small messes for up to 35 minutes. It's great for stairs, kitchens, or even in bathrooms — and it's completely cordless so that it's easy to maneuver around.


The Slippers That Clean Your Floors When You Walk Around

Save yourself some time while cleaning your floors by putting a pair of these dust mop slippers over your shoes. They're made from soft microfiber that latches onto dirt and dust, and the stretchy elastic band allows them to fit most shoe sizes. Each order comes with five bright pairs: blue, green, purple, orange, and pink.


A Set Of Clips That Let You Make Your Own Cabinet Spice Rack

Just peel off the adhesive backing, and then stick these clips to the inside of your cabinets to create a space-saving spice rack. Each order comes with enough clips to hold up to 30 spice bottles, and they're designed to fit almost any standard-sized round bottle.


The Dividers That Help You Organize Your Drawers

Get your dresser drawers looking as tidy and neat as they do in the stores with this set of dividers. They're made from non-woven fabric that's resistant to mold — and once you're done using them, they easily collapse down for storage. Grab them in multiple colors, such as black, aqua, chevron, and more.


A Brush That Lets You Clean Your Shoes Before You Come Inside

Are you tired of finding muddy foot prints throughout your home? If so, just put this shoe brush outside the front door. It's super durable, so it can withstand the outdoor elements. Plus, the tough bristles easily scrub away caked-on mud and dirt. One Amazon reviewer even raved that "it's sturdy and stiff and does an excellent job of removing debris from shoe bottoms."


The Rack That Organizes Baking Pans, Lids, And More

Use it to keep your cookie sheets and cutting boards organized, or even use this rack to keep your lids looking tidy. It's made from gauge steel that's extra-sturdy, and the rubber feet help prevent it from sliding around. The best part? It's small enough that you can use it in cabinets, but it can also stand alone on your countertops.


A Basket Organizer That's Incredibly Versatile

Put it underneath your bathroom sink for a quick storage solution, or even put this basket organizer on your kitchen countertops for an easy place to store fruit. The chrome exterior looks great paired with any style of decor in your home, and you can stack them on top of each other for even more space.


These Storage Bags That Are Perfect For Blankets And Clothes

Put away your winter clothes and blankets in these mold-resistant storage bags. The window on the front lets you easily see what's inside without having to unpack anything, and the breathable, non-woven fabric helps prevent your garments from developing unwanted odors.


A Set Of Food Storage Containers That Come With Labels

Not only is it completely BPA-free, but this set of food storage containers also comes with a pack of reusable labels. The airtight lids help keep your nuts, cereal, flour, and other dry ingredients fresh, and the stackable design helps save you space.


The Spin Mop And Bucket That Does All The Wringing For You

You don't have to bend over to wring out your dirty mop when you're using this spin mop and bucket. The bucket features a built-in spin wringer that's activated by the convenient foot pedal, and the angled mop head is made with microfiber that clings onto dirt and dust.


A Lazy Susan That's Perfect For Cabinets & Refrigerators

Imagine opening up your fridge or cabinet to find this chic lazy Susan turntable filled with all of your condiments and spices. Using it can help you save space — and it's made from food-safe, shatter-resistant plastic so you don't have to worry if it gets bumped around.


This Handy Organizer That Can Hold Up To 11 Tools

Mops, brooms, baseball bats, golf clubs, shovels — you name it, this organizer can handle it. Each order comes with all the necessary screws and anchors you need to mount it to your wall (and you can even use it outside). Many Amazon reviewers wrote about how it's "easy to install," with one even writing that it "freed up so much extra space in my closet."


A Shelf That's Designed To Fit Underneath Your Sink

The plumbing that hangs underneath your sink can make it difficult to keep things looking neat and tidy — so try using this shelf. The gap in the middle of the shelves lets your pipes snake through, and the height is adjustable so that it can easily fit into a variety of cabinets.


The Organizer That Can Hold Up To 60 Tea Bags

Instead of digging through a loose drawer or box of tea, just keep your collection in this convenient organizer. It spins a full 360 degrees so that it's easy to grab every tea bag. Plus, the compact size means it easily fits in cabinets as well as on countertops.


An Over-The-Door Basket That's Perfect For Plastic Bags

Just hang this basket over any standard cabinet door, and you'll instantly have a convenient place to stash plastic grocery bags for later. It's large enough that it can hold up to 50 bags, and it's made from super-durable steel with a rust-resistant finish to help keep it looking sleek.


The BPA-Free Refrigerator Bins That Help You Save Space

Made from high-quality, BPA-free plastic that's completely shatterproof, these storage bins can be stacked on top of each other to help save you space in the refrigerator. They're great for fruits, vegetables, condiments, snacks, and more. Plus, each order comes with six bins: two wide, two narrow, one for eggs, and one for soda cans.


A 12-Pack Of Deodorizing Bags Made With Activated Charcoal

Simply stash one of these deodorizing bags in your closet, bathroom, or even in your shoes, and the activated charcoal will quickly absorb any unwanted odors. They're also great for absorbing excess moisture in order to help prevent mildew, and they're each reusable for up to two years; just leave them out in direct sunlight for a few hours if they ever need to be "recharged."


The Clothing Steamer That's Perfect For Traveling

Are you tired of opening your suitcase to find wrinkled clothes? Then make sure to take this garment steamer with you the next time you're traveling. The water reservoir is large enough that it can produce up to 15 minutes of continuous steam, and the extra-long power cable means you're not stuck next to an outlet while you're using it.


A Fabric Defuzzer That's Safe To Use On Different Fabrics

Since the shaving height is adjustable, this fabric defuzzer is safe to use on wool, upholstery, suede, and more. The extra-large shaving head makes quick work of large garments, and the built-in lint catcher is detachable so that it's easy to empty out.


This Case That Eliminates Bacteria From Your Smartphone

Not only can you use it to eliminate bacteria from your smartphone, but this sanitizer will clean basically anything you're able to fit inside. You can use it to disinfect jewelry, watches, loose change, and more. Plus, there's even a built-in USB port that lets you charge your phone while it's being cleaned.


A Set Of Pyrex Containers That Are Preheated Oven Safe

Not only do they stack on top of each other to help save you space, but these Pyrex bowls are also preheated oven safe, as well as completely BPA-free. They're non-porous, which means they won't absorb any unwanted flavors or smells — and the lids create a super tight seal in order to help keep your meals fresh.


The Over-The-Door Basket That's Perfect For Cutting Boards

Cutting boards and pans can take up a ton of square footage in your cabinets, so save yourself some space by keeping them in this over-the-door basket. The hooks are padded with soft EVA foam in order to help prevent any accidental scratches, and the entire basket is made from durable steel with a chic chrome exterior.


A Makeup Organizer Designed With Adjustable Shelves

It doesn't matter how tall your lotions, serums, and creams are — simply adjust the shelves on this rotating makeup organizer, and it'll easily accommodate bottles of practically any shape or size. It's able to hold up to 30 brushes, and it even rotates a full 360 degrees so that you can easily reach every bottle.


The Organizer That Holds Purses, Blankets, Sheets, And More

If your handbag collection isn't extensive enough to fill out this organizer, you can also use it as a convenient place to stash blankets, sheets, towels, and more. It's made from breathable fabric that helps prevent your items from absorbing unwanted odors, and the stainless steel hooks make it easy to hang on any standard closet rod.


An Expandable Spice Rack Made From Eco-Friendly Bamboo

Made from eco-friendly bamboo, this spice rack expands to fit your cabinets — and it's even deep enough that you can also store cans, jars, vitamins, and medicine bottles on it. I keep mine to the right of my stove so that all my spices are within reach, and the bamboo easily wipes clean with a damp cloth if it ever gets dirty.


The Paper Towels That You Can Use Over And Over Again

You can stop wasting money on wasteful paper towels; instead, switch over to these reusable ones. They're made from strong bamboo fibers that are also eco-friendly, and they're able to absorb more liquid than regular paper towels. Soft enough you can use them on your skin, each order lasts for up to six months.


These Convenient Shoe Organizers That’ll Tidy Up Your Closet

These shoe slots organizers allow you to stack your shoes on top of each other without damaging any pairs. And since they store your shoes vertically, you’ll double up on space to store your sneakers, heels, or flats. Over 1,000 Amazon users have invested in these genius organizers to neaten up their closets.


The Baking Sheets Made From Antibacterial Silicone

Not only are they heat-resistant up to 480 degrees Fahrenheit, but these baking mats are also made from silicone that's food safe. They're naturally non-stick so that you don't have to use any wasteful foil or baking sprays, and you can also use them to roll out doughs and pastries.


A Kit That Takes The Work Out Of Cleaning Away Ear Wax

If you're trying to clean your ears, look no further: This kit comes with eight reusable swabs in different shapes to help you tackle any job. They reach deep into your ears to help get rid of wax, and each part is made from medical-grade silicone.


This Paw Cleaner That You Can Use On Cats And Dogs

If you're sick of seeing muddy paw prints all over your house after the dog comes in, give their paws a quick cleaning with this washer. The silicone bristles remove dirt and grime without irritating your pup's paws, and it's versatile so that you can also use it on cats. Each order also comes with a towel, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that "their paws fit easily inside the cup and I was shocked at how much unseen dirt it removed!"