35 Cheap & Clever Things That Upgrade Your Home

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Every few months or so, I find myself shopping for new home products. The search typically goes well beyond the standard linens and plungers, though. (I mean, there are only so many towels one person can have... right?) Instead, I'm digging a bit deeper. In raising the shopping stakes, I've realized that I'm never satisfied until I stumble upon the truly clever home products on Amazon. I give myself extra brownie points if they’re on the cheaper, too. Useful and frugal? Yup, you can definitely count me in.

My latest search on the e-commerce site has solidified my need for a vegetable spiralizer that makes delicious veggie-based pasta, along with a portable humidifier that can be powered with a USB cord for easy use while traveling. I've also found the most clever item of all: a silicone pot holder that can — get this — also remove those stubborn jar lids. The trick? It's designed with tiny bumps that can grip tight surfaces, giving you a steady and secure hold as you try to remove container tops.

Dive in and check out the rest of my top picks including both cheap and clever items that are currently available for purchase on Amazon.


The Hangers That Make It Easy To Organize Camisoles

Are you sick of having your camisoles and delicates slide right off the hanger? If so, allow these closet organizer hangers to alleviate that annoyance. They’re designed with U-shaped hooks that hold on your items with thin straps. The hangers can also hold multiple garments, helping you to maximize the space in your closet.


These Air-Purifying Bags That Are Made With Bamboo Charcoal

If there is an unwanted odor in your home or car that you just can’t seem to shake, let these air purifying bags take care of it. Made from activated bamboo charcoal, they work to absorb odors and prevent the growth of mold and mildew (without the use of chemicals and toxins). Plus, you can continuously reuse them for up to two years.


A Portable Humidifier That Can Be Charged Via USB

You can improve the air quality in every space you occupy by opting for a portable humidifier. This one has a 500-milliliter capacity that can be filled up with water. The humidifier itself can be set to release a steady stream of mist, but it can also be placed on an intermittent setting. Once the water level gets too low, it will automatically shut off.


This Tiny Tool That Keeps Your Kitchen Knives Sharp

Instead of using dull knives, keep your blades in prime condition with this knife sharpener. It includes two slots: one for coarse blades and another for fine blades. The sharpener is engineered with a grip that lets you securely work with the knives without fear of it slipping out of place.


A Measuring Cup That Gives You A Reading From Above

The beauty in owning an angular measuring cup is that it eliminates the need to go back and forth while checking its contents; that’s because its clever design gives you the ability to read measurements from above. The nonslip handle also makes for easy gripping and pouring on demand.


These Reusable Food Storage Bags In A Variety Of Sizes

You can ditch disposable plastic bags and opt for these reusable ones instead. They’re made from food-grade PEVA material that's free of BPA, resealable, and can be hand washed so you can use them again and again. This order comes with 10 storage bags in a variety of sizes: gallon, sandwich, and snack.


A Plate Cover That Prevents Splatters In Your Microwave

Prevent food stains inside your microwave with this collapsible plate cover. Made from BPA-free silicone, the cover can be placed atop your dish to act like a splash barrier. It has a built-in handle for your convenience, and it's resistant to heat. When you’re done using it, simply collapse it for easy storage.


This Silicone Egg Bite Mold That Can Also Make Ice Pops

Are you trying to add some extra flavor to your breakfast? If so, give this silicone egg mold a shot. It has seven miniature slots that you can use to make egg bites. The heat-resistant unit can be placed in your Instant Pot for quick-and-convenient cooking. However, it can also withstand freezing temperatures and be used to make frozen treats.


These Holders That Keep Your Tacos Full And In Place

These taco holders will help keep your meal fully intact — and they're great for serving. The five-pack set includes holders that can carry two or three tacos at a time (depending on which one you're using). Since the edges are curved and closed, they'll help prevent your shells from becoming soggy on your plate.


The Organizer For Your Loose Container Lids

In my opinion, all of the items in your house should have a designated space. To that end, it's easy to see why a container lid organizer could be of major use. This one's designed to hold both round and square lids, and it includes four adjustable dividers.


This Pitcher That Turns Plain Water Into Fruity Water

Sip on a delicious drink after using this fruit-infusing water pitcher. The borosilicate glass container includes an infuser insert that can be used with fruits, teas, and ice cubes. And since it includes a handle and a spout that doesn't drip, pouring your flavored beverage is a total breeze.


A Stopper That Keeps Wine Fresh For Up To 2 Weeks

Preserving wine can be a true science. However, you can master it every single time with this wine saver pump set. The pack supplies you with a pump that removes the excess air from your bottles — and it also includes six colorful stoppers. Each stopper ensures a vacuum seal and helps keep your wine fresh for up to two solid weeks.


The Warmer That Keeps Your Coffee Toasty Until The Last Drop

Lukewarm coffee is the bane of my existence. My solution? This coffee mug warmer. It can heat your mug in just two minutes, and it'll keep your beverage warm until you've enjoyed the entire cup. The device even has a switch indicator that lets you know when it's powered on or off.


This Spiralizer That Makes Veggie Noodles Of All Kinds

Owning a five-blade spiralizer will help you make veggie-based noodles in no time. This one is equipped with strong stainless steel blades that effortlessly pierce through even the toughest vegetables. Upon purchase, you'll also receive a virtual recipe book that's filled with tasty meal ideas.


These Mini Lid Lifters That Help Prevent Over-Boiling

Stir up some conversation when guests arrive with these adorable lid lifters. Designed to resemble people in motion, the lifters can be slid under pot covers to help prevent boiling water from spilling over. “I cook a lot and I love these little guys,” one reviewer wrote. “They keep the lid up to help keep stuff from boiling over, plus they are fun to pose while you are waiting for your food to cook. They are well made and will last a long time.”


These Color-Changing Light Bulbs That Help Set The Mood

These color-changing light bulbs can be activated using Alexa and Google Assistant — but you can also download an app that lets you control the lights when you're not even home. They can be turned on individually or as a group to set the perfect vibe. The bulbs can even alternate between warm and cooler colors, and they're designed to last over 30,000 hours.


These Tablets That Keep Your Washing Machine Fresh

Does your washing machine develop an odor after a few washes? If your answer is yes, then this pack of cleaning tablets could help remove that scent. Each one dissolves mid-cycle to break up residue that lingers within your washer — and it's suggested that you use them once a month to keep your machine fresh.


This Shower Head With 6 Settings And A Flexible Hose

In my opinion, an excellent shower begins with a great shower head — and this chrome option delivers. It can be used as an overhead shower head or a handheld shower head, as it includes a long hose. With its six adjustable settings, you can find the perfect water pressure. It fits most showers and won't require the help of an experienced plumber for installation.


These Clips That Organize The Wires On Your Desk

If you're anything like me, you can't stand tripping over exposed wires and cords. Pack yours away neatly by using a set of cable clips. This 16-pack includes different sizes that can be used on a variety of cords. They all have sticky bases that keep them in place after you've slid the wires into the grooves.


The Stopper That Prevents Chilly Drafts Below Your Door

If you ask me, there's hardly anything more uncomfortable than sitting in your room and feeling a draft from underneath the door. By using a door draft stopper, you can keep those chilly winds out. This one has an adhesive layer that sticks to the base of your door to fill the gap.


A Set Of Leg Caps That Prevent Scratches On Your Floor

Protect your floors and your furniture from damage by placing a set of silicone feet on your chair legs. They can be used on chair and table legs to prevent scratching and sliding. They each have a very snug fit, so you shouldn't have to worry about them being accidentally dislodged.


This Clothes Hamper That You Can Hang On Your Door

Save some floor space by turning to this hanging laundry bag. It's designed with a thick fabric that ensures its durability while it's being hung by its two chrome hooks. The bag also has a zippered opening at the bottom that allows for easy unloading.


The Downy Dispenser That Helps Soften Your Laundry

This Downy automatic dispenser is a tried-and-true favorite, and it's designed specifically for top-loading washing machines. Simply fill the ball with your favorite fabric softener and place it on top of your laundry. It'll then release the liquid and provide freshness and softness by the end of the cycle.


A Glamorous Light Kit That Will Transform Your Vanity

Give your plain mirror a boost with this vanity lights kit. It includes 10 bulbs that you can mount directly to your mirror via sticky adhesives. You can also adjust the brightness using its touch dimmer, switching between shines at a moment's notice.


The Ultimate Kitchen Knife Organizer For Your Drawer

Are you on the lookout for the perfect kitchen drawer organizer? If so, look no further. This beauty has a two-tier design that allows you to store small blades at the top and the larger ones at the bottom. It can organize a maximum of nine knives and should only be cleaned by hand.


An Over-The-Door Organizer With Clear Windows

This over-the-door pocket organizer includes four large pockets with clear windows that let you peek directly inside to view its contents. The organizer includes two hooks and can be placed directly onto standard doors after being taken out of the box.


A Colorful Night Light With Bluetooth Speaker Capabilities

This soothing Bluetooth lamp can improve the way you sleep at night. It allows you to switch colors and brightness by tapping the top of the unit, and it uses Bluetooth capabilities to stream your favorite tunes while you snooze. The night light also allows you to accept calls for hands-free conversations.


This Cover That Fills Those Pesky Gaps In Your Kitchen

When cooking gets messy, tiny crumbs can fall in that space between the counter and the stove. By securing a silicone gap cover, you can close that gap for good. This one's 21 inches in length and can easily be set into place (thanks to its T-shaped bottom). You can choose from clear, black, and white.


These Burner Covers That Help Keep Your Stove Clean

You can easily prevent food from staining your stove by placing these FDA-approved stove burner covers at the top of your appliance. They slip right around the gas burners and are easy to adjust and clean. The covers also cut down your scrubbing time by keeping away unsightly spills in the first place.


These Handle Covers Won't Leave Your Fridge With Smudges

The downside of stainless steel appliances is that they can become covered in fingerprints. By opting for a set of handle covers for your fridge or stove, you can keep fingerprints, stains, and drink splashes at bay. These have Velcro fasteners that help them stay secure, and they can be cleaned in the washing machine.


These Ambient String Lights That Double As Photo Clips

Add some ambiance to your space by outfitting it with these string lights. The fixture includes 40 LED bulbs that double as clips that you can use to hang your favorite photos. They're operated via a remote control and emit a warm glow after being powered up. (I can see these lights adding the perfect touch to an outdoor party, too.)


This Wall Charger With Outlets And USB Ports

This wall charger is here to provide you with tons of spaces to power your devices. It's designed with a total of six outlets and two USB charging ports (with enough space in between to fit everything you need). There's even a built-in LED light to help guide the way when the room's dark.


A Silicone Handle Cover To Prevent Burns From Skillets

Skip the fabric pot holder when it comes to picking up an iron skillet. Instead, invest in this silicone handle cover. The heat-resistant kitchen accessory can withstand temperatures up to 450 degrees Fahrenheit. Slide the soft cover over an exposed handle and you'll be able to grasp it with ease.


The Silicone Pot Holder You Can Use To Open Jars

This silicone pot holder does many jobs. It has a textured base that helps it work as a jar opener, a trivet, or a utensil holder. Plus, the silicone is a non-porous material that isn't susceptible to cracks or stains — and it won't absorb surrounding odors. Choose from nine different colors.


This Cloud-Shaped Magnetic Wall Mount That Holds Mail And Keys

You can have both functionality and style with this adorable, cloud-shaped key holder. Its magnetic exterior lets you hang your keys effortlessly, and its mount to your wall via a strong adhesive backing, so no need to break out the toolkit. It comes in a pack of two, and comes in either white (pictured) or blue clouds.

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