47 Clever Products That Make Life Much Easier For Less Than $35 On Amazon


Have you ever seen a product and wished that you came up with it? Well, Amazon is full of them... and so is this list. These products solve organizational woes and common annoyances — and the best part is that they’re affordable. I'm serious: These clever Amazon products will make your life so much easier, and they're all less than $35.

From creative storage solutions to coffee connoisseurs' dream tools, these items will make each day simpler (or more caffeinated). Take the beverage hot plate, for example; it keeps your coffee warm while it sits on your desk. There's also the splatter guard that keeps hot oil contained while you're cooking. And don't forget about the hanging shoe organizer that holds 20 pairs at a time. All of these selections work to make your day-to-day tasks a little less cumbersome.

If getting the house organized is one of your goals, then this list is for you. If you just want to make those inevitable chores a bit simpler, then this list is also for you. Either way, these products will make everyday jobs so much easier — and they'll have you waiting at your door for their arrival.

Alright, shall I begin?


These Foldable Storage Bins With Clear Windows To See Inside

You can easily stay organized with these foldable fabric storage bags. They're perfect for storing seasonal clothing and feature handles on the sides for carrying (as well as double-zipper closures). The clear window panels allow you to see what’s inside without having to open the bags — and when they’re not in use, they fold down flat.


The Food Storage Containers That Come With Chalkboard Labels

You can organize your pantry with these airtight containers, which are made with BPA-free plastic. They all have easy-lock lids that keep food fresh and dry. Plus, this set comes with multiple container sizes that can be labeled with the provided chalkboard labels. They’re also shatterproof, which makes them durable food storage options.


A Storage Shelf That Fits Right Under Your Sink

This expandable shelf organizer is ideal for keeping cleaning products under your sink. The fully adjustable, two-tier shelf maximizes the space and even leaves room for the drainage pipe to safely fit between the shelves. It even features seven steel panels to configure however you want.


This Over-The-Door Organizer For Storing Your Spices

This clear over-the-door hanging pantry organizer keeps all your items in view so you’ll never waste time searching for them. The 15-pocket unit fits spices, snacks, sauces, loose bags, and small boxes. It hangs from the top of your door, so no installation is necessary. This pack comes with two, so you can hang one in both


These Metal Hangers That Save 80% Of Your Closet Space

Save space in your closet by switching to these metal closet hangers. Each one holds 10 hangers horizontally and five vertically, carrying up to 40 pounds in total. Their unique curved design keeps clothes from sliding, and they're way more durable than plastic options. By using them, you'll save up to 80% of your closet space.


A Stackable Kitchen Organizer That Doubles Your Cabinet Space

Double your cabinet space with this stackable shelf organizer. The two-tier shelf is expandable, doubling in size from 13 inches to 26 inches. The perforated design is stylish and keeps dirt and moisture from settling under cups or bowls. Customers have given this shelf a 4.7-star rating.


These Mesh Laundry Bags That Protect Your Intimates

These mesh laundry bags have multiple uses that'll make your life easier. This set of five comes with a variety of bag sizes: one extra-large, two large, and two medium. Use the pouches to keep lingerie and other delicates safe in the wash. They also make excellent storage organizers for your suitcase.


This 4-Tier Shoe Rack That Holds Up To 20 Pairs

Store up to 20 pairs of shoes on this bronze organizer. The sturdy unit is made of metal and washable fabric, and it's simple to assemble. The polyester shelves are also machine-washable, so you can easily get rid of shoe prints or lingering dirt. Use the rack in your closet, at your door, or in the garage for easy access.


These Breathable Containers That Make Your Produce Last Longer

Make your produce last longer with these food storage containers. The BPA-free, two-piece set uses FreshVent technology to regulate the flow of both oxygen and carbon dioxide. Then, the "Crisp Tray" keeps produce elevated above the pooling moisture. Use it over and over again without having to replace the filter.


This Shelf Liner That Keeps Your Glasses From Sliding Around

This liner for shelves and drawers keeps cabinets clean and your dishes safe. The strong grip shouldn't bunch up, and the open-weave construction allows for air circulation while keeping dirt and debris from gathering. To install it, just lay the film flat in your drawer or shelf and cut the excess liner.


A Lid Organizer That Keeps All Those Loose Tops In 1 Place

Stop searching for the lids to your favorite storage containers and get yourself one of these lid organizers. The BPA-free organizer holds both round and square lids, and it fits in any cabinet or deep drawer. The adjustable dividers and built-in handles make it simple to store all of your lids in an easy-to-find unit.


A Grocery Bag Dispenser That Mounts To The Wall

Amazon shoppers can’t get enough of this stainless steel grocery bag dispenser. It mounts to the wall using screws or adhesive tape and can hold up to 30 grocery bags. Just stuff the bags through the large opening at the top — and when you’re ready to reuse one of them, pull it through the front slot.


This Foldable Dish Tub That's Perfect For Camping

This portable washing basin has many uses. The BPA-free washtub pops up to open and collapses flat when you’re not using it. Throw some ice in there to cool down your favorite beverage, or take it with you while you camp to clean your dishes. It’s made of a nonslip material, so the basin stays put. And when you’re not using it, hang it to dry by the hole on the lip of the bowl.


These Thin Bins That Collapse When You're Not Using Them

These collapsible silicone containers can be used in the microwave and are dishwasher-safe. The set is BPA-free and comes with four unique sizes: small, medium, large, and extra-large. The lids snap on to create air-tight storage solutions for food that you plan to freeze, keep for tomorrow, or eat at lunch. When you’re not using them, they collapse to save up to 60% of room in your cabinet.


These Reusable Food Wraps Made With Beeswax And Cotton

Say goodbye to plastic bags and opt for these reusable and biodegradable beeswax food wraps. This set comes with three sizes — and each is made with organic cotton, beeswax, jojoba oil, and tree resin. After molding the wraps with the warmth of your hands, they each create a seal around your food. You can wash the food wraps by hand and reuse them whenever you want to.


This Vegetable Dicer That Cuts In 1 Swift Motion

Cut a whole onion in one slice with this vegetable chopper. The ultra-sharp stainless steel discs cut veggies and cheese in one motion. The device is BPA-free and dishwasher-safe, and it holds up to 4 cups of chopped veggies. And if you’re cutting an onion, forget the tissues: This chopper reduces the onion vapors to keep your eyes from watering.


A Bakeware Organizer That Keeps Your Pans From Scratching

Keep your pans and lids safe and within reach with the help of these kitchen cabinet organizers. With rubber feet and steel dividers, they stay in place while protecting your kitchen tools. Use them for storing cutting boards, cookie sheets, lids, and more. You can also use them in your cabinet to keep pans from scratching or piling up.


A Cutting Board Organizer That Hangs Over Your Cabinet Door

This over-the-door cabinet organizer can be used in different ways: It can be mounted to your wall or door, or it can be hung over the top of your cabinet door by using the hooks that are lined with foam padding. It’s made of steel and works for holding cutting boards, cooking sheets, or plastic wraps. For less than $15, you can declutter your cabinets in an instant.


This Pan Organizer That Prevents Your Pots From Piling Up

Customize your storage space with this pan organizer. It's free-standing and can sit vertically or horizontally (depending on the space you have available). Secure the organizer with a single screw. It holds up to five pans and weighs less than 2 pounds. Shoppers give this organizer 4.5 stars.


This Egg Cooker That Makes Your Favorite Breakfast Instantly

Make breakfast in an instant with this rapid cooker. The electric cooker makes hard-boiled, poached, or scrambled eggs, along with omelets, steamed veggies, and more (depending on the attachments you use). One single button turns the cooker on, and a beep lets you know when your eggs are ready. The auto-shutoff function helps prevent burns, and the two-tier designs allows you to cook more eggs at one time.


These Leakproof Storage Bags That You Can Keep Reusing

These storage containers eliminate the need for wasteful plastic while keeping your food fresh. The BPA- and lead-free pouches have double-lock closures that create airtight seals, but they also prevent leaks. You can store them in the freezer or use them for on-the-go snacking. Wash them by hand and reuse them from time to time.


The Broom Organizer That Holds Up To 11 Items

Keep all of your tools in one place with this broom holder. The spring-loaded clamps keep brooms, rakes, and mops socked into one of the five storage slots. With six additional hooks, you can hang up to 35 pounds and store brushes, umbrellas, or even work gloves. It’s great for inside or outside to keep cleaning tools from sitting on the floor. Just mount the holder to the wall and add your items.


A Handheld Steamer That You Can Pack In Your Suitcase

Get rid of wrinkles wherever you go with this handheld steamer. The small unit is lightweight and portable, so you can steam out wrinkles left in your clothes after traveling in a suitcase. The 9-foot power cord allows you to steam clothes wherever you need to, and the steam itself lasts for 15 continuous minutes.


These Reusable Mesh Bags That Help Keep Your Produce Fresh

Cut down on plastic by eliminating those plastic produce bags and opt for these reusable mesh ones instead. This set of nine comes with two small bags, five medium bags, and two large bags. No only are they great for transporting produce from the store to home, but they're also excellent options for storing your veggies in your fridge, because they're able to breath. The double-stitched strength and closure bead make sure your produce stays put.


The Latex Exercise Bands That Have 5 Resistance Levels

You can exercise anywhere with these resistance loops bands, which can be used for stretching, physical therapy, or strength training. The natural latex strips come in five levels of resistance that you can choose from (depending on the intensity of your workout). Plus, you can carry them in your pocket or bag.


A Knife Sharpener That Has 3 Unique Grooves For Sharpening

This knife sharpener has three unique slots to efficiently sharpen your kitchen blades however you need to. The first slot sharpens damaged blades, while the second slot sharpens V-shape blades. The last slot polishes blades while prolonging the lives of your knives. This sharpener has a nonslip silicone foam bottom to hold it in place while you use it. Plus, the slots can detach and be washed.


A Handheld Batter Dispenser That Won't Make A Mess

Make picture-perfect pancakes with this batter dispenser. When the soft handle is pulled, it dispenses batter from the bottom of the container. Easily control how much batter hits the griddle by releasing the handle. The measurements on the side of the dispenser make it easy to mix your batter right in the container.


This Apple Corer That Works With Just A Twist

Core an apple in one single motion with this stainless steel corer. The easy-to-use tool is less than 7 inches long and can be used by simply inserting it into the top of your apple and twisting. The sharp blade will remove the core in one piece. Plus, the ergonomic handle makes it comfortable to use on apples, peppers, and even pears.


This Insulated Mug That Keeps Drinks Hot Or Cold All Day

Keep your coffee hot for hours with this insulated travel mug. The stainless steel cup is both stylish and effective, vacuum-sealing your beverage and keeping the heat locked in. This mug holds 20 ounces of coffee, tea, or whatever you fancy — and it keeps it hot for up to seven hours. If you prefer cold, this mug also does that. In fact, it keeps iced drinks cold for up to 16 hours.


This Stylish Makeup Organizer That's Made Of Bamboo

Everything has a place in this 360-degree cosmetic organizer. The multilevel unit is made of bamboo and rotates while storing makeup and toiletries. Display your favorite products and find them easily by turning the organizer. It looks great on a bathroom counter or vanity, and it holds items of various heights and sizes. There’s even a place to hold brushes.


This Lazy Susan That's Clear For Easy Visibility

This lazy Susan can be used to store anything from snacks to office supplies. The clear, BPA-free plastic is shatter-resistant and features five divided compartments. Its 360-degree rotation makes its easy to grab exactly what you need. Organize your bathroom, pantry, fridge, or desk with this turntable. Plus, the deep compartments are perfect for all kinds of items.


These Cute Reusable Bags That Hold Up To 50 Pounds Each

You can eliminate your use of plastic bags with these adorable reusable grocery bags. The nylon bags comes in an assortment of animal patterns that hold up to 50 pounds of groceries each. They all fold up into a square about the size of your phone, so you can keep them in your car or on your keychain when you're not using them. The long handles make them easy to carry, and the durable fabric is waterproof.


These Oval Makeup Brushes That Have Multiple Uses

This seven-piece set comes with different oval makeup brushes for every look; you can use them to apply concealer, add color to your brows, and more. The thick synthetic bristles are soft and won’t shed — and they leave a smooth, even finish. The comfortable handles make applying cosmetics with a steady hand so simple.


This Pantry Rack That Holds Up To 36 Cans At Once

Save space in your pantry by storing your cans in this stackable rack, which can hold up to 36 cans of different sizes. The rack comes with six adjustable plastic dividers that allow you to customize the shelving to fit your specific cans. With three levels and a bronze finish, this rack is an organized and stylish solution to a typically unorganized pantry.


This Ceramic Pour-Over Coffee Dripper For Quick Brews

Make delicious coffee at home with this pour-over coffee dripper. The ceramic body keeps the temperature consistent while your coffee brews. It's also cone-shaped with spiral ribs to bring out the delicious flavors. Plus, you can make up to three cups of coffee at a time — just remember to add a filter.


A Beverage Warmer That You Can Keep At Your Desk

Heat up your favorite tea or coffee right at your desk with this warmer plate. The plate has three warmth settings that'll heat your beverage up to nearly 149 degrees Fahrenheit. The waterproof surface is less than 5 inches wide, and it has an auto-shutoff function. The plate is also quiet, so you can use it in a crowded office or at home.


This Insulated Stainless Steel French Press To Keep Your Brew Hot

Make delicious coffee with this French press. The double-wall insulation keeps coffee at your desired temperature, whether you want to keep it hot or cold. Plus, the three-level filter traps even the smallest grounds to get all of the flavor out of the coffee without any of the grittiness. It makes up to 34 ounces of coffee at a time and is also rust-proof.


The Must-Have Straw That Filters Water As Your Drink

Get clean water whenever you need it by using this personal LifeStraw filter. The device uses advanced technology to trap over 99% of bacteria and parasites from any water that you choose to drink. It’s perfect for hiking or camping and filters up to 1,000 liters of water.


This Glass Water Bottle That Reminds You To Stay Hydrated

Stay hydrated all day with this glass water bottle. The nonslip silicone sleeve makes it easy to carry — and with time stamps on the side, you can monitor how much water you’re drinking throughout the day. The bottle is BPA- and lead-free, and the stainless steel interior cap keeps water from touching any silicone. The bottles are microwave- and dishwasher-safe.


A Splatter Guard That Helps Prevent You From Getting Burned

You don’t have to worry about burning yourself with hot grease anymore, thanks to this splatter guard. The BPA-free cone is made of silicone and keeps hot oil and condensation from splattering while you cook. It can withstand 450 degrees Fahrenheit — and when you’re finished, it can be tossed into the dishwasher. Plus, it rolls up into the size of a cup when you’re not using it.


This Colorful LED Toilet Light That's Activated By Motion

You can stop stumbling to the bathroom in the dark and add some light with this fun toilet LED. The motion-activated gadget comes with eight color options and fits into any toilet bowl. The bulb is just bright enough to illuminate your way to the toilet without blinding you (or anyone else outside the bathroom). It's also battery-powered and costs less than $15.


These Cutting Shears That Work For Herbs Or Crafts

These multipurpose shears have five stainless steel blades to cute herbs with ease, and the interior handle of the scissors is comfortable (so you can cut for extended periods of time). You can also use the five 3-inch blades for arts of crafts; just clean them with warm water in between uses.


This Dish-Drying Rack That Folds Over Your Sink

This stainless steel dish-drying rack is perfect for produce and dishes alike. The rollout surface is rust-proof and corrosion-resistant, so it'll likely last a long time. You can also put it underneath hot pots and pans for cooling, and then roll it up when you're done using it. The rack is dishwasher-safe and fits over most sinks.


The Silicone Strainer That Snaps Onto Your Pots And Pans

Snap on this colander and drain your favorite pasta easily. The universal design fits on most pots and pans and features two side clips for attachment while you strain. It saves so much more space than traditional colander, and it's long-lasting. The unit is available in four different colors.


A Hard-Boiled Egg Peeler That Loosens Shells With Ease

Peel an egg with ease with this handheld container. Fill the cup with water and a hard-boiled egg, and then shake it up. As you shake, you’ll see the shell begin to loosen. When you see this happen, pull the egg out and easily discard the shell. It comes in six vibrant colors and makes enjoying eggs so simple.


This Stainless Steel Bar That Eliminates Kitchen Odors On Your Hands

Get rid of lingering cooking odors with this stainless steel bar. The soap-shaped unit collects sulfur molecules from your hands while you use it. It gets rid of even the strongest kitchen smells, such as onion, fish, and garlic. Use it just like soap and rub it between your hands underneath water to see (and smell) the difference.


The Easy-To-Use Slicer That Cuts Watermelon Into Bite-Sized Pieces

You can cut watermelon with ease, all thanks to this stainless steel melon cutter. The unique device allows you to cut watermelon (or other melons) into cubic bites without much work, all thanks to its streamlined build and fan-like cutting tip. Reviewers have given it a 4.2-star rating.

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