37 Brilliant Cheap Things That Fix Your Home's Annoying Problems

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When it comes to making upgrades around the house, there's always a pesky problem or two that's hard to solve. How do you stop breezes and unpleasant smells from wafting under your door? Where do you keep all those plastic grocery bags you plan on reusing? That's where Amazon comes in with a selection of genius things that fix those annoying home problems.

This list features lots of simple solutions for making every room in the house cleaner, comfier, and more organized than ever. For the kitchen, there are things like an adjustable rack that keeps pots and pans in a tidy stack and airtight storage containers that get the pantry in order. For the bathroom, there's a drain overflow cover that lets you take warmer, deeper baths and a mirror that stays fog-free even after long showers. There are also ways to upgrade the lighting in every room, from a unique toilet night light to a color-changing LED bulb.

And since spending a lot of money to fix annoying home problems is even more annoying, these items are super affordable, too. So, read on to discover cheap, clever fixes that improve your home — who knows, you may even solve a problem you didn't know you had.


A Double-Sided Draft Stopper That Blocks Breezes & Odors

Block pesky drafts and odors in your home with this double-sided door draft stopper. The large draft stopper is made from foam tubes covered in easy-to-clean vinyl, and it fits doors up to 36 inches. If you have a narrow door, it's easy to trim the draft stopper down for the perfect fit. Many reviewers even noted that it helped bring down their energy costs.


These Clear Furniture Bumpers That Reduce Noise & Prevent Scratches

These self-adhesive furniture bumpers can be applied to drawers, cabinets, and even your laptop to reduce noise and prevent scratches. The clear silicone bumper pads are easy to peel and stick on almost any surface. One reviewer wrote: "I used a lot of them to replace the cheap bumpers on cabinet doors and the sound of closing doors is much more muffled."


An Under-The-Sink Organizer That Fits Around Plumbing

With this expandable under-the-sink organizer, you can make the most of storage space in the kitchen or bathroom. The lightweight and easy-to-assemble organizer has an adjustable width and height so you can find the best fit around the plumbing under your sink, as well as seven removable shelves so everything fits — even extra-tall bottles.


An Adjustable Rack That Keeps Pots & Pans Organized

Keep pots and pans tidy with this pan organizer rack, which is easily assembled three different ways — horizontally, vertically with all items on one side, or vertically with items on both sides. With eight adjustable tiers, the rack holds pots and pans of various sizes in an easy-to-access stack that also cuts down on scratches.


This Monitor Stand That Reduces Neck Strain & Adds Desk Storage

This metal desk monitor stand lifts your computer screen to reduce eye and neck strain, and it also provides more storage space on your desk. The durable, easy-to-assemble metal riser has a sliding drawer in the center that's perfect for papers and two compartments on each side. Choose from black or silver.


These LED Toilet Night Lights With 8 Color Options

Thousands of reviewers have given five stars to this unique toilet night light for making midnight trips a whole lot easier and safer. Sold in a two-pack, the motion-sensor LED toilet lights automatically turn on when it detects movement and remain on for two minutes. The battery-powered toilet light has eight color options, and you can set it to one color or cycle through them all.


An Over-The-Door Bag Holder That Stores 60 Plastic Bags

Plastic bags stay tidy and accessible with this over-the-door bag holder. The bag holder also has a removable PVC hanger so you can place it over the cabinet door or mount it on the wall. Featuring a durable metal frame with soft foam backing, the bag holder has room for up to 60 plastic bags.


An Easy-To-Install Door Lock That Adds Extra Security

For extra security, a little privacy from roommates, and child-proof safety on your doors, add this heavy-duty door reinforcement lock. Available in black or silver, the security door lock installs easily in just a few minutes and holds firm even under 800 pounds of force.


These Drain Snakes That Remove Clogs From Tubs & Sinks

Remove annoying clogs without harsh chemicals with this three-pack of drain snake cleaning tools. The flexible plastic drain snakes are easy to use on tubs, showers, and sinks to remove clogs. And at only $6 for three drain cleaning tools, this is a super affordable solution for a recurring problem.


These Smart Plugs That Let You Control Lights & Appliances From Anywhere

These best-selling smart plugs allow you to control your appliances from anywhere via voice control speakers or a free app. The four-pack of smart plugs work with Alexa, Google Assistant, and the Gosund app so you can use them to turn connected appliances and lights on and off and set timer schedules without lifting a finger (or even having to be home).


These Disposable Shoe Covers That Keep Your Floor Clean

Prevent dirt from getting tracked around your house with these boot and shoe covers. Made from durable woven material, the 100-pack of disposable shoe covers are easy to take on and off. They're a great solution if visitors prefer to keep their shoes on when they come over or if you are just about to head outside again, as one reviewer noted: "I keep these at my front door for workmen and visitors to use when they enter my home."


This Drain Cover That Adds More Water To Your Bath

For a deeper bath, this bath overflow drain cover adds inches of water to your tub. The flexible drain cover fits over most common overflow drains, and it stays in place thanks to 12 suction cups. Plus, there's a hole at the top of the drain cover so excess water can still drain safely and stay off your floors while you enjoy a more luxurious bath. Choose from clear, aqua, or gray.


This Furniture Repair Kit That Covers Scratches On Wood Furniture

These genius wood repair markers and wax sticks quickly cover nicks and scratches on furniture. The 13-piece furniture repair kit includes six colors to match your furniture, and there's even a sharpener for the wax sticks. To restore furniture, just select the right color, cover the scratch, and let it dry.


This Clip-On Book Light That Offers 25 Hours Of Reading Time

Enjoy the perfect amount of reading light without bothering those around you with this handy clip-on book light. The battery-powered LED book light has a narrow beam that makes it easy for you to see the page and the long-lasting book light works for up to 25 hours. With its flexible neck and compact size, it's easy to use anywhere around the house or on the go. Choose from white or black.


A Wireless Door Chime That Alerts You When A Door Is Opened

For added safety around the house or just to be notified of comings and goings, hundreds of reviewers are fans of this wireless door chime, which has a range of 400 feet. The sleek, easy-to-install door chime can be placed in various positions on your door, and there are 52 chime options with five adjustable volume levels to alert you when the door is opened.


These Extra-Large Ziploc Bags For Versatile Storage

If you turn to plastic bags for everyday storage needs, you absolutely need to gives these extra-large Ziploc bags a try. They have the signature Double Zipper seal of smaller versions, with the addition of handles. Just fill them with linens, pillows, seasonal decor, clothing, and more — then zip them up.


A USB-Rechargeable Clip-On Fan That Rotates To The Perfect Angle

Cool down with this battery-operated clip-on mini desk fan that's a breeze to take anywhere. The compact clip-on fan has high and low speed settings and 360-degree rotation so you can set it at the perfect angle. Plus, the fan comes with a USB-rechargeable battery that works for up to six hours on one charge.


These Clever Gel Cleaners That Get Keyboards Dust-Free

Get hard-to-reach dust and debris out of your keyboard, vents, and more with these handy gel cleaners that mold to the surface. Made from biodegradable lemon-scented gel, the cleaners are gently pressed onto whatever hard-to-clean area you want to cling and catch all the dust. Sold in a five-pack, each gel cleaner can be reused several times.


This Multipurpose Silicone Mat That's Safe For Up To 475 Degrees Fahrenheit

This silicone microwave mat has so many helpful uses around the kitchen. The heat-resistant mat (up to 475 degrees Fahrenheit) can be placed under dishes in the microwave to prevent splatter and make it easy to removed hot food, and it works as a trivet to protect countertops from heat. It also works as a placemat, jar opener, potholder, and more. Choose from six colors, including vibrant purple and neutral beige.


These Eco-Friendly Dryer Balls That Shorten Drying Time

For an eco-friendly alternative to dryer sheets and liquid fabric softeners, over 20,000 reviewers have switched to these wool dryer balls. Made from 100% New Zealand wool, the set of six dryer balls help soften, dry, and reduce wrinkles and static in your laundry without any harsh chemicals. Each long-lasting dryer ball can be used for over 1,000 loads of laundry.


A Reversible Sofa Cover With Hidden Straps To Keep It In Place

Protect your couch from stains and spills with this water-resistant reversible sofa cover, which comes in 12 versatile colors to match your decor. The machine-washable cover is available in two sizes and has an elastic strap to keep it in place. One thing to note: This cover works best for fabric sofas and is not recommended for slippery leather furniture.


These Airtight Storage Containers For Organizing The Pantry

Organize your pantry with these airtight storage containers, which are perfect for preserving cereal, flour, pasta, and other dry goods. The seven-piece set designed to easily stack includes large, medium, small, and mini containers, and each BPA-free plastic container has an airtight lid you can open with one hand but help keep pests away. The set also comes with 24 reusable labels for extra organization.


This Garment Steamer That Gets Even Delicate Clothes Wrinkle-Free

With this portable garment steamer, it's easy to get clothes wrinkle-free without using an iron. The powerful, compact steamer heats up in just one minute and offers 13 minutes of continuous steaming per charge. In addition to clothing (including delicate silks), the steamer is also great for removing wrinkles from hard-to-iron things like curtains and upholstery and sterilizing items while you're cleaning.


This Handy Wall Outlet Shelf That Holds 10 Pounds

This space-saving wall outlet shelf provides a place for devices to perch while they're charging. The handy shelf is easy to install over existing outlets in any room of the house, and it holds up to 10 pounds. There's also a convenient cable channel to keep cords tidy.


A Color-Changing Light Bulb With 16 Color Choices To Create The Perfect Mood

Create the perfect ambiance with this color-changing LED bulb whether it's for a party or just getting to sleep more easily. Featuring 16 color variations with adjustable brightness levels, the long-lasting bulb is easy to control using the included remote. There are also several light modes, including a party-ready strobe setting.


This Jar Opener With A Near-Perfect Rating That Removes Lids With A Quick Twist

Thanks to this EZ Off jar opener, you can easily open any jar with a quick twist. The handy jar opener is easy to install under cabinets using the attached adhesive sticker and included screws, and it can open jars of all sizes. With over 3,000 reviews and a 4.8-star overall rating, this jar opener is clearly a great problem-solving addition for the kitchen.


This Magnetic Mesh Screen Door That Keeps Bugs Out

Stop mosquitos and other bugs from getting in the house with this easy-to-install magnetic screen door. Made from durable and breathable polyester mesh with a full-length magnetic closure, the screen door attaches to standard door frames with the included Velcro-like strips. If you need to keep the screen door open, there are convenient snaps on each side.


This Mold Remover Gel That's Great For Cleaning Bathroom Tile

This powerful mold and mildew remover gel is great for cleaning bathroom tile, washing machines, and other areas with minimal scrubbing. To use it, dry the affected area, apply the mold remover gel, and leave it on for three to five hours. Then, wash the gel off to reveal mold-free surfaces. "I thought I was stuck with the mold that gets under the caulk, but this product removed it all," wrote one reviewer.


This Handy Gap Brush That Cleans Around Windows & Sliding Doors

With this gap cleaning tool, you can remove dust and debris from the hard-to-clean areas around windows and sliding doors. The durable plastic brush has an ergonomic handle, narrow bristles that fit into gaps to remove dirt, and a scraper for loosening stuck-on debris. You'll receive the gap cleaning tool in one of three randomly-selected colors.


An LED Ceiling Light That's Super Easy To Install

To add overhead lighting anywhere in the house, hundreds of reviewers are fans of this LED ceiling light. It takes about five minutes to install this low-profile light that has two light modes: always-on or motion-activated, which turns on when you're nearby and turns off after 40 seconds without movement. The long-lasting LED light comes in bright daylight white or softer warm white.


A Sleek Surge Protector With 6 Pivoting Outlets

With six pivoting outlets (all AC or a mix of USB and AC), this on-wall surge protector provides easy-to-access power for all your devices. The sleek surge protector is easy to install over your existing outlets, and it protects against electrical surges and fires. There is even a handy green LED indicator lights so you can be sure the surge protector is working.


This Meat Thermometer That Checks Temperatures In Seconds

Make sure meat is perfectly cooked with this waterproof meat thermometer, which reads temperatures in just a few seconds. The battery-powered thermometer features a durable plastic body with an easy-to-read LCD screen, and the long stainless steel probe quickly and accurately checks the temperature of beef, pork, chicken, fish, and more. Plus, the thermometer has an internal magnet so it's easy to stick on the fridge or any other magnetic surface.


These Leakproof Reusable Bags That Are Durable & Eco-Friendly

Keep food fresh with this set of leakproof reusable ziplock bags. The set includes 12 BPA-free bags (six sandwich and six snack-sized bags) with sturdy double-zipper closures. Made from food-grade PEVA material, they're freezer-safe and easy to hand wash with dish soap and water.


This 3-In-1 Detail Cleaning Brush That Gets Into Nooks & Crannies

Clean hard-to-reach nooks and crannies around the house with this three-way detail cleaning brush. Featuring a durable bamboo handle with BPA-free plastic, the easy-to-grip brush has firm bristles while a scraper at the top removes stuck-on dirt and a flexible nib on the bottom gets into tight corners. Choose from white or bright green.


A Silicone Strainer That Clips Onto Pots & Pans

This clip-on silicone colander takes up much less space than a traditional colander, and it fits on almost all pots, pans, and bowls. Available in red, orange, or green, the durable and heat-resistant strainer attaches to pots with two clips so you can just tilt to drain liquids without having to transfer food (and do extra dishes).


This Fog-Free Mirror That Easily Attaches With A Suction Cup

Thanks to an anti-fog coating, this fogless shower mirror stays clear even in steamy bathrooms. Plus, the mirror quickly attaches to shower surfaces with its strong suction cup and the mirror swivels 360 degrees to provide the perfect angle. There's also a built-in hook to store a razor or other bathroom essentials.


A Magnetic Screen Door For Your Garage

Keep insects and debris out of your garage with this magnetic screen door. Made from durable fiberglass mesh, the easy-to-install screen comes in two sizes: one for one-car garages and the other for two-car garages. Built-in magnets keep the two flaps of the door closed when you’re not walking through it. One reviewer wrote, “Easy to install and does what it's meant to do, keep the bugs out!” Another fan described: “[The] magnets connect easily and close as they should, love this thing! Opened up more living space in my home.”

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