These 41 Things Are Cheap & Actually Really Upgrade Your Home

The best things in life are free, but what about the best products? Shouldn't they be more expensive? Well, these 42 cheap products on Amazon really upgrade your home. So, even if you're feeling suspicious at first (shouldn't everything truly great cost a small fortune?) — reviews and ratings don't lie. And these innovative products are absolutely worth it.

When it comes to keeping your home clean and orderly, there are a number of basic household items that help. This list includes both the basics and cool out-of-the-box choices: There are a number of organizers to choose from, like a better way to store utensils and an expandable book shelf that will accommodate your growing library. There are also plenty of cooking gadgets and tools, like a handheld milk frother that creates delicious drinks, a watermelon slicer, and a lid holder with a built-in spoon rest that keeps counters clean.

And then there are genius home items you never knew you needed, like a toothbrush holder you can mount to your wall and a grout pen that literally makes dusty old tile grout look brand new again.

All of these home goods share one thing in common: they're super affordable. Snag a few you need and get your house in tip-top shape.

1. These Soft Sliders For Furniture That Prevent Damage To Floors

Super Sliders, $18 (8 Pack), Amazon

Think of these sliders as socks for your furniture. Slip them over the legs or feet of sofas, chairs, and dressers — and they protect both your furniture and hard floors if and when you need to move them. These soft sliders are reusable, too, so you can take them off and put them on any furniture you upgrade.


2. An Adjustable Memory Foam Pillow That Contours To Your Body

Sleep Whale Memory Foam Pillow, $26, Amazon

Not only does this memory foam pillow contour to your neck, shoulders, head, and back, but it's protected with a cover made from sustainable 40 percent bamboo — and absolutely perfect for the inconsistent sleeper who likes to change positions. You can easily adjust this pillow by removing or adding as much fill as you need to have the most comfortable sleep.


3. This Money-Saving Motion Sensor Night Light

Sensky Motion Sensor Night Light, $14, Amazon

With both a back and front light, this plug-in night light is already ahead of the curve in terms of ambient lighting. But it takes things one step further: The light sensor only turns the back light on at night, and it comes equipped with a motion sensor that turns the brighter front light on when it detects movement, and automatically turns off after 60 seconds of inactivity.


4. The Moldable Glue For DIY Projects That Works On Every Surface

Sugru Moldable Glue, $14, Amazon

Fix nearly anything — faster and cheaper — with this innovative moldable glue, which dries overnight to a silicone rubber that's waterproof and resistant to heat and cold. The glue bonds to most surfaces, including wood, metal, and plastics — and it comes in a variety of colors to suit every DIY project.


5. These Wood Markers That Can Fix Scratches On Your Floors Or Furniture

Furniture Repair Kit Wood Markers, $10 (Set of 13), Amazon

Got scratches and flaws on your expensive wood floors and furniture? Before you throw too much money at the problem and replace your items, use these amazing wood markers to fill in nicks and make your furniture and floors look brand new. The 13-piece set of markers, paper-wrapped wax sticks, and wax sharpener come in a six colors to match any wood surface. One reviewer writes: "Blends perfectly and leaves a beautiful sheen. Used them on different shades of wood cherry, oak, mahogany. I blended several shades of markers on each piece. Blended easily and matched perfectly to the different shades of woods."


6. This Flexible Sleeve With A Zipper To Store And Protect Cables

JOTO Cable Management Sleeve, $11 (4 Pieces), Amazon

This stretchy neoprene cable sleeve holds and protects eight to 10 cables and is simple to use: it literally zips up around the cables so there's no effort in trying to get them all together. The sleeve comes in black or beige and prevents cables from becoming twisted. They're great for keeping cords behind your TV, too.


7. A Unique Himalayan Salt Lamp Duo With An Adjustable Dimmer

Natural Himalayan Salt Lamp and Crystal Beads Tea Light Candle Holder, $20 (2 Pack Set), Amazon

This Himalayan salt lamp and tea light holder set are unique and contemporary in their design, but just as functional as standard salt lamps. They purify air and provide an ambient source of light — one with a convenient adjustable dimmer switch. No two lamps look the same, and they can even help you sleep easier.


8. This Lid And Cooking Utensil Holder That Keeps Counters Spotless

iPstyle Pan Lid Holder, $8, Amazon

Your countertop and stovetop can remain spotless when you use this pan lid holder, which has a slot for lids and a space to rest cooking utensils. The stainless steel lid organizer has a perfect five-star rating with one reviewer raving: "Ahhh, the little things in life!! This holder is the best thing ever!! Keeps you from putting that lid on the stove or propping up against the pot or holding it in hand and the water and hit steam gets to you!! I love it for the spoon rest as well, all cooks should have one!!"


9. The Hot Hair Tools Holder That Gives You Peace Of Mind

Luxebeauty Hair Dryer Holder, $19, Amazon

No more waiting around for hot hair tools to cool down before you can put them away. Store your blow dryer, curling wand, or flat iron in this heat-resistant silicone hair dryer holder, which clings to most bathroom counters. The holder reduces clutter in your bathroom and gives you a safe place to keep hot tools organized.


10. These Moisture-Absorbing Bags That Keep Closets And Clothes Fresh

DampRid Hanging Bin, $11 (3 Pack), Amazon

Eliminate odors in your closet that cling to clothes and are caused by mildew and mold with these simple, effective moisture-removing hanging bins. Each 16-ounce bag lasts up to 60 days, gets rid of musty smells, and can also be used in basement storage rooms and garages.


11. The Space-Saving Holders That Allow You To Store Plates Upright

Home-X Salad/Dessert Plate Holder, $13, Amazon

Store dinner and dessert plates upright so that they take up less space in counters in these convenient plate holders. The holders can fit 9-inch plates or smaller plates — and they're dishwasher-safe, too. You can also use them to dry plates after hand-washing them.


12. A Wall-Mounted Holder For Toothbrushes That Provides A Hygienic Storage Solution

Camco Pop-A-Toothbrush Wall Mounted Holder, $4, Amazon

Sometimes the simplest storage solutions are the cheapest — like this toothbrush wall mounted holder, which has space for two brushes and can be mounted to walls with double-sided tape. The holder automatically shuts when you pull your toothbrush forward, and its cover is perfect for protecting against germs.


13. This Drip-Free Carafe With A Flip-Top Lid That Won't Make A Mess

Hiware Glass Drip-Free Carafe, $18, Amazon

This 50-ounce glass carafe is ideal for nearly every beverage under the sun — from orange juice to iced tea to wine, it's a perfect way to serve things up at your next party. The carafe has a drip-free, flip-top lid that can be poured without making a mess, and it's dishwasher-safe.


14. The Silicone Lid That Creates An Airtight Seal And Is Resistant To Heat

GIR: Get It Right Rectangular Lid, $21, Amazon

This silicone lid provides a lesson in how to build a better lid — it creates an airtight seal that locks out moisture and prevents foods from spoiling, is heat-resistant up to 550 degrees, can be used in your oven, stove and microwave, and is dishwasher-safe. The design isn't too shabby, either — the unique 9- by 13-inch rectangular lid comes in seven colors, including bright orange and teal.


15. A Brightening Grout Pen That Restores The Look Of Tiled Walls And Floors

Grout Pen, $9, Amazon

After you've successfully removed mold and mildew from bathroom and kitchen grout, keep it from reappearing and make those tiles look brand new again with this handy grout pen. The pen turns dusty grout on walls and tiles bright white, and prevents mold from coming back. It also comes in terra cotta and cream shades.


16. This Spill-Proof Salad Dressing Maker With A One-Handed Lever

OXO Good Grips Little Salad Dressing Shaker, $10, Amazon

Whip up salad dressings, sauces, and marinades in this nifty little salad dressing shaker, which has a wide opening for you to add ingredients and a water-tight seal that prevents leaks. The mixer holds up to 1-cup of dressing or sauce, and can be opened and closed with the flip of the lever.


17. An Ambient LED Light With Motion Sensor Technology

ZEEFO Motion Sensor LED Night Light, $12, Amazon

Whether you use this LED lamp as a night light or to provide ambient lighting in any room, the battery-operated light is a fantastic portable solution. The light has three modes: on, off, and automatic, which triggers a motion sensor that only activates the light when it senses movement.


18. An Expandable Organizer With Two Tiers That Slides Under Your Sink

OBOR Expandable Under Sink Organizer, $21, Amazon

Store and organize cookware, cleaning supplies, and anything else that doesn't quite fit on this under the sink organizer, which has two tiers and is expandable — because the length can be adjusted from 15 to 26 inches. The organizer can also be adjusted height-wise to accommodate practically anything you need to store.


19. These Stacking Devices For Coffee Mugs That Free Up Space

Coffee Mug Organizers and Storage, $19 (6 Pieces), Amazon

Instead of lining all of your mugs in a row or risking breakage by stacking them on top of one another, use these smart mug organizers to safely stack mugs. The stackers have expandable legs and are adjustable to fit your mugs and they come in three colors: orange, black, and blue.


20. This Handheld Travel Milk Frother For Delicious Lattes And Drinks

Vomelon Milk Frother, $15, Amazon

Turn ordinary milk into light, frothy goodness with this travel-friendly milk frother, which you can use to whip up lattes, cappuccinos, and hot chocolate anywhere you go. The stainless steel frother operates on batteries (which are included) and has two whisks.


21. The Kitchen Drawer Organizer That Keeps Utensils In Tip-Top Shape

Joseph Joseph DrawerStore Kitchen Drawer Store Organizer, $10, Amazon

Keep utensils like spoons, knives and forks organized in this kitchen drawer organizer, which has five slots and a vertical design that frees up space in your drawer. Each drawer has its very own cute cutlery icon that helps you find what you need fast.


22. A Multi-Tasking Wireless Charging Station With Outlets And USB Ports

GLCON Power Strip Tower Wireless Charger, $36, Amazon

This multi-tasking wireless charging station boasts so many features for all of your devices and appliances. In addition to its top wireless charger, it has six outlets and four USB ports, as well as a retractable power cord. This tower lets you charge and power up more of your devices faster.


23. The Watermelon Slicing And Serving Tool That Makes It A Breeze

Watermelon Slicer And Tong by Sleeké, $14, Amazon

Watermelon is delicious, nutritious — and kind of a pain to cut up and serve. But this watermelon slicer and tong, with its cushioned handle, makes it a breeze to slice and scoop watermelon without a knife or cutting skills. It comes in neon coral or neon green.


24. A Bedside Caddy With A Deep Pocket For Books, Phones And More

Kikkerland Bedside Caddy, $17, Amazon

Keep books, a remote, headphones, and your phone all within reach of your bed — even if you don't have a nightstand — with this soft felt bedside caddy. The pocketed caddy attaches to the side of your bed and won't slip off.


25. These Stick-On LED Puck Lights With A Remote Control

Brilliant Evolution Wireless LED Puck Light, $35 (6 Pack), Amazon

Stick these LED puck lights under counters, in drawers, inside your closet, and anywhere else you need light — and then turn them on and off via a handy remote control. The battery-powered lights have a bright white glow and the remote gives you the option of setting a timer for 15, 30, 60, or 120 minutes.


26. A Desktop Book Shelf That Expands To Fit Your Growing Library

MyGift Expandable Bookshelf, $28, Amazon

Adjust this expandable bookshelf — it'll grow in size a little over a foot — and it will fit your ever-growing collection of books. The wood shelf sits perfectly on desktops and comes in white or gray. One reviewer writes: "Very well made and good value for the money."


27. This Powerful Food Chopper That Minces, Grinds, Blends And Chops

Ninja Food Chopper Express, $18, Amazon

You don't have to break the bank to own a quality food chopper that makes meal prep easy, fast, and fun. This 16-ounce chopper minces, chops, blends, and grinds — and comes with a no-slip base, a splash guard, and is equipped with 200 watts of power.


28. An Old-School Vanity Mirror Lighting Kit For Flawless Makeup

Chende Hollywood Style LED Vanity Mirror Lights Kit, $20 (10 Pack), Amazon

Turn any mirror into the ultimate old Hollywood vanity mirror with this vanity mirror lights kit. The package of 10 LED lights stick right onto your mirror and have a switch that turns them on and off and dims them. They're perfect for applying makeup and grooming your brows in bright light. Extra bulbs can easily be cut off the string for a custom fit.


29. These Baggy Racks That Keep Plastic Bags Upright For Pouring

Jokari Baggy Rack, $12 (2 Pack), Amazon

These baggy racks are adjustable to fit different plastic bags and can hold them upright, which makes it a million times easier to pour ingredients inside without spills. They have a non-slip rubber base and double as the ideal spot to dry rinsed-out bags.


30. The Bed Sheet Holders That Keep Sheets From Falling Off At Night

Bed Band, $13, Amazon

If you toss and turn at night, you absolutely need these genius bed bands in your life. The elastic bands attach to fitted sheets and then strap on to your mattress to ensure sheets don't slip off — which is a lifesaver, because everyone knows fitted sheets are the worst. They have a clamp and cord that lock them in place and they're simple to remove on laundry day.


31. A Luxurious Satin Pillowcase That Prevents Bed Head

Shop Bedding Luxury Satin Pillowcase, $12, Amazon

Imagine waking up with the same smooth hair you had when you turned in for the night — and that's just part of the magic you can expect when you sleep with on this satin pillowcase. They're great for preventing breakage and keep skin from breaking out, too. The silky-soft pillowcase comes in 25 colors, four sizes, and is equally amazing at preventing creases in your skin during the night.


32. This Ice Ball Maker Mold Designed From Sturdy Silicone

Chillz Ice Ball Maker Mold, $9, Amazon

Make round ice balls with this silicone ice ball maker mold, which is way more durable than plastic trays that can crack. These unusual ice shapes melt slower than cubes and won't dilute drinks like cocktails as fast. And you can pop the mold into your dishwasher for a wash.


33. The Sink Strainer That Captures All Food To Keep Pipes Clean

Kitchen SinkShroom Sink Strainer, $13, Amazon

This sink strainer is one of the best around — it's made from stainless steel and captures every bit of food that escapes from your pots and plates, ensuring your pipes stay clean and clear. One reviewer writes this is the best strainer they've ever used: "And the design is such that even when full of gunk it still drains, and very well at that. Meanwhile, it doesn't accidentally let gunk through that might clog your drain. In the end, it's difficult to describe how great this is. Just drop the cash and check it out for yourself. You'll be glad you did."


34. An Adhesive-Removing Pen That Gets Rid Of Any And All Goo

Goo Gone On The Go Pen, $7, Amazon

No matter what type of goo you've got stuck to your rug, furniture, or walls, this is the adhesive-removing pen can get rid of it. The portable pen works on sticky stains, gum, stickers, and so much more.


35. A Cascading Hanger Hook Set That Gives You Back So Much Closet Space

Croing Cascading Hanger Hooks, $9 (60 Pieces), Amazon

These genius cascading hanger hooks let you transform ordinary hangers into vertical hangers, saving you a ton of closet space. Attach the hooks easily to two hangers and get the most out of a cramped closet. And the value can't be beat — you'll get 60 hooks for less than $10.


36. This Secure Folding Organizer For Storing Seasonal Items

Simple Houseware Foldable Closet Organizer, $17 (3 Pack), Amazon

Store seasonal clothing and items and always find what you're looking for with the help of these foldable closet organizers that feature a transparent window and two handles. The fabric material is lightweight and easy to transport — and two secure zipper closures keep everything in place.


37. The Produce Saving Container That Keeps Veggies Fresh

Rubbermaid Freshworks Produce Saver Container, $12, Amazon

Store vegetables and fruits in this produce saver container and they'll last far longer than normal. This rectangular storage container can hold 8.4 cups of food and has vents that provides airflow. The secret is in the tray at the bottom: it keeps things crisp and fresher for longer.


38. This No-Drip Dispenser For Cooking Oils And Syrup

Cooler Kitchen No Drip Perfect Pour Dispenser, $13, Amazon

Still taking guesses at how much olive oil or syrup you're dispensing? No need anymore — this is the perfect no-drip dispenser for dressings, oils, and syrups that has helpful measurement marks. Its weighted lid ensures not a drop escapes the dispenser unless you let it happen. It can hold up to 12 ounces and is dishwasher-safe.


39. These Freezable Cups For The Perfect Wine Drinking Temperature

Host Wine Freeze Cooling Cups, $21 (Set of 2), Amazon

Your white and red wines will always be the perfect temperature when you prep in advance with these wine cooling cups. The cups contain a special cooling gel that allows you to freeze them for two hours (for white wine) or keep them in the fridge for two hours (for red wine). The cups, which come in five different colors, then maintain that ideal temperature for hours.


40. The Thoughtful Broom And Dustpan Set With Self-Cleaning Bristles

Primica Broom and Dustpan Set, $20, Amazon

This thoughtfully designed broom and dustpan set clips together and stands up on its own, but that's only a fraction of the reason why it's so amazing. A built-in comb scraper cleans hair, dust, and debris from brush bristles — which means you never have to dig in with your hands again to do that dirty work.


41. This Fun And Practical Toilet Night Light With 16 Color Options

Gold Armour Toilet Night Light, $10, Amazon

Attach this toilet night light to any toilet bowl and turn it into a convenient and really cool-looking night light. The LED light has a motion detector, five adjustable brightness levels, and 16 colors that can run on rotation or as one shade. The light turns off automatically after two minutes.

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