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4 Zodiac Signs Most Likely To Make A Huge Splash In The Dating Pool Post-Quarantine
by Kristine Fellizar
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Virtual dating may be the norm during quarantine, but it isn't for everyone. When it comes to astrology, there are some signs who would rather put a pause on dating until they can charm their date in person. Now that more people are leaving the house, it's finally their time to get back out there. According to an astrologer, there are four zodiac signs most likely to make a dating comeback post-quarantine.

Since we're still in a pandemic, some people will feel more comfortable taking their time to get back out there. For example, astrologer Ryan Marquardt tells Bustle that Capricorn is one sign that might have a hard time jumping back into dating post-quarantine. "They'll have concerns about the safety of it all, be worried about not finding a long-term partner, and will feel anxiety with socialization again. People with heavy Capricorn energy are getting hit hard throughout 2020, so they'll naturally have anxiety about jumping back on the scene too quickly."

Cancers will be hesitant to venture out as well. According to Marquardt, this home-loving sign may need extra support coming out of their shell post-quarantine. Most likely, they'll only meet people in person if they have relationship potential.

It may take some time before Cancer and Capricorn put themselves out there, but these four zodiac signs will be ready to make a dating comeback right away.

Aries (March 21 — April 19)

This fire sign will be ready to dive headfirst into the dating pool because Mars just entered its home sign of Aries and will be staying there until January 2021. "With the planet of passion activating Aries during quarantine, they're bound to need a release for all the inner activity they'll be feeling in the months ahead," Marquardt says. This is one sign who'll have dates lined up every weekend.

Taurus (April 20 — May 20)

Taurus may be feeling the urge to connect with others intimately post-quarantine. "Taurus, the sign that rules sensual pleasure, has been deprived during physical distancing, so they'll definitely crave a release in the form of physical touch," Marquardt says. Some bulls may start off by looking for only hookups post-quarantine, but once they've had their fix, they'll be back to seeking out more stable relationships.

Aquarius (Jan. 20 — Feb. 18)

Anyone who has heavy Aquarius energy in their chart will likely feel a "calling" throughout 2021. According to Marquardt, "Aquarius will be feeling in its element to an extent they haven't experienced in quite some time. It may not make for a sturdy, reliable long-term partner, but they'll likely be in the dating mood." That's actually a pretty big deal for a sign who's not really about the romance. Since they're the humanitarians of the zodiac, they may even meet someone at a protest or while volunteering.

Pisces (Feb. 19 — March 20)

Pisces just loves being in a relationship, and enjoy the feeling about being "one" with the person they're with. They'll be on the search for a deep, meaningful, long-term connection post-quarantine. "While they might not be the most graceful with using dating apps, it's a great idea to take a chance on a Pisces for an actual date," Marquardt says. "They'll intrigue you and draw you back into the dating world quickly with just one meetup."


Ryan Marquardt, astrologer