40 Clever Products That Do Such A Good Job Of Organizing Your Sh*t

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You’re not messy, you just don’t have the right tools. Amazon is your secret weapon when it comes to getting organized this year. The online superstore is home to plenty of solutions that make staying tidy a breeze. Check out these 40 clever products that do such a good job of organizing your sh*t.

Among these organization hacks, I’ve included additional storage bins for the stuff you don’t use every day. These long-term storage options are designed to hold extra bedding, thick blankets, seasonal clothing, or hand-me-downs. I’ve added a bin that fits under your bed, one that’s waterproof for your attic, as well as uniquely shaped bins that keep your closet in tip-top condition.

For those items you do use every day — give them a proper home. I’ve searched high and low for Amazon’s most clever solutions for organizing everything under the sun. You’ll find bins designed to fit your socks and underwear, as well as a cosmetic organizer that’s transparent and keeps your favorites on display.

Keeping your belongings in order doesn’t have to be a stressful experience. With the right tools, you can conquer the clutter.


This Under-Sink Caddy That Installs Without Tools

There never seems to be enough storage under the sink, but this $8 caddy installs in seconds to provide space for soaps, sponges, and more. It comes with four adhesive strips that secure the caddy to the inside of your cabinet door and it can hold up to 7.5 pounds.


An Adjustable Plastic Shelf For Wherever You Need It

This adjustable shelf gives you that extra bit of storage you’ve been missing, regardless of whether you need it in the kitchen, bathroom, or hallway closet. The plastic shelf can be adjusted between 3.7-inches and 5.7-inch clearance and is held up by steel wire supports. The non-slip feet ensure it stays in place, whether you use it to organize your pantry, cosmetics, or kitchen necessities.


The Stainless Steel Crock For Holding Your Kitchen Utensils

Your favorite kitchen utensils tend to be some of the most difficult to store, but this stainless steel jumbo crock is designed to hold them all upright on your countertop. The 7-inch basin has a weighted bottom so you don’t have to worry about it tipping over. It can hold spatulas, ladles, tongs, whisks, and more. The satin finish looks modern and a breeze to clean.


This Slim Rolling Cart For In Between Appliances

Make use of those unusable spaces in your home like between your appliances. This slim, three-tier rolling cart is the perfect hack for keeping laundry detergent, wool dryer balls, and fabric softer organized nearby without taking up too much space. The narrow cart is tall and offers plenty of additional storage. It’s all wheels with casters so you can easily transport it from room to room.


The Organizer That Stores Your Bakeware Upright

Not only does this bakeware organizer make it easier to stay tidy, but it can also help extend the life of your pans and cookware by giving them a dedicated spot where they can dry properly. This two-pack comes with racks with four dividers that will support pans and lids, as well as cutting boards and baking sheets. It’s earned more than 11,000 reviews and is especially sturdy for the price.


A Makeup Organizer With Drawers And A Display Case

This transparent cosmetic organizer has a spot for all of your beauty must-haves, plus the clear design makes them easy to spot. This $17 option has earned more than 28,000 reviews and includes four drawers, each with removable black mesh padding, as well as a display shelf on the top for storing lipsticks, mascara, and lotions. A five-star review noted, “Sturdy, beautiful, holds SO MUCH. It holds all of my brushes, highlighters, blushes, eyeliners, lip liners, even my nail polish.”


This Modern Wall-Mounted Shower Caddy For Essentials

Your shower real estate is never quite big enough. Make the most of your space with this wall-mounted shower caddy. It attaches to the wall with a super sticky adhesive so you don’t need any tools and can install it in seconds. The stainless steel rack can hold up to 15 pounds and has a deep enough basket to store shampoo, conditioner, liquid soap, and more. It’s rustproof, so it's low maintenance, and it comes in silver or black.


A Stylish Woven Basket That Hides All Your Sh*t

Store toys, dirty laundry, or linens in this woven basket and instantly make your home feel more put together, with minimal effort. This cute home accessory is made with durable cotton rope and has two handles so you can carry it around the house or down to the laundry room. It comes in three colors and is even machine washable.


The Box Organizer That’s Ideal For Food Wraps

This box organizer has enough room to store those oddly shaped food wrap boxes. It boasts three shelves, each 9-by-9-inches, perfect for holding sandwich bags, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil. The steel wire supports hold up to 20 pounds and allow you to customize the height of each shelf. This organizer has earned more than 15,000 reviews.


This Narrow Over-The-Cabinet Organizer For Cutting Boards

The inside of your cabinet doors is an under-utilized space and this organizer can help with that. The alloy steel organizer hangs over the cabinet door to provide narrow storage for cutting boards or baking sheets. The ultra-thin hooks are padded with foam to protect your cabinets from any wear. One reviewer noted, “fastened it to the side of our cupboards above a counter to store large cutting boards. Fits perfectly and sturdy.”


A Pair Of Stackable Makeup Drawers For Your Vanity

These transparent stackable organizers have so many uses, which explains why more than 17,000 reviewers helped award this set with a 4.6-star rating. Each set comes with two organizers that have convenient handles and stack on top of each other to store crafts, cosmetics, accessories, and more. These drawers come in three different sizes to provide order to any messy space in your home.


This Desktop Organizer For Keeping Your WFH Life Tidy

Keep your desk tidy with this adjustable storage rack. The wooden shelf has two main parts that fit together in a variety of ways. It provides flat surfaces for frames or plants and has plenty of space for books, papers, and office supplies. With nearly 8,000 reviews, this desk organizer is Amazon’s #1 bestseller in desktop shelves.


An Over-The-Door Shoe Organizer That’s Only $10

Get those shoes off the floor and keep them arranged neatly with this hanging organizer. It has 24 pockets and four hooks that hang on a standard door or clothing rod. It comes in three colors and is versatile enough to store more than just shoes. Here’s the best tip: buy a few and use them to store bagged snacks or ingredients in your pantry or office supplies in your home office.


The 3-Shelf Organizer That Easily Hangs In The Closet

This hanging closet organizer is a budget-friendly way to add more storage where you really need it. Each shelf has three sturdy tiers and two hanger hooks that make it easy to put in any existing closet. It’s made of lightweight polyester, which can be machine washed and collapses flat when you’re not using it.


These Food-Safe Storage Bins For A More Functional Fridge

Make your fridge more functional with this set of six organization bins specifically design for holding food. The set includes five drawers for produce, condiments, drink cans, and more, as well as a 14-slot egg drawer. The transparent design makes it easy to spot what you’re looking for — plus they’re easy to wipe down clean. This set has earned more than 10,000 reviews and is just $26.


A Pack Of Two Under-Bed Storage Organizers

The space under your bed is the perfect spot to store additional bedding, seasonal clothes, or guest linens, and these large storage bags make it simple. The two-pack includes two large-capacity boxes that have reinforced handles, clear windows to see what’s inside, as well as a dual zipper lid. The waterproof bag will keep your belongings safe from dust and moisture.


The Paper Towel Holder And Rack To Clear Your Counters

This affordable multipurpose organizer holds a roll of paper towels and provides a large wire shelf for spices, cleaning supplies, or other kitchen essentials. You can attach the durable metal organizer easily to the wall where it frees up counter space and keeps paper towels accessible. The matte black design is versatile and modern.


A Necklace Holder For Your Vanity Top

Keep your jewelry from getting tangled with this tiered necklace holder. The tabletop organizer features three “T-shaped” displays to hang earrings, necklaces, and bracelets. The bestselling jewelry tower allows you to see all of your accessories at once and is perfect for your vanity or dresser top. This $20 find has earned more than 20,000 reviews.


These Under-Cabinet Shelves That Add Tons Of Storage

Gain back a ton of extra space by using these under-cabinet shelves that feature wire racks that hook onto shelves and sit just below them, offering additional storage for dishes, books, food, and more. They come in a two-pack, with no assembly necessary — just slide them onto shelves. They have a tight mesh grid that keeps your items safely in place.


A Slim Drawer Tray With Adjustable Dividers

This nine-compartment tray makes your drawers much more organized by providing space for pens, sticky notes, or staples. The slim organizer sits easily into a variety of drawer sizes, too, whether it’s your desk drawer, junk drawer, or bathroom vanity. It has six removable dividers that can be adjusted to form a maximum of nine compartments.


The Sink Caddy That Allows Your Sponges To Dry

Make sure your sponges dry properly with one of these sink caddies. This in-sink caddy hangs over the wall of your sink, giving you a spot for your brush, as well as a sponge. The wire stainless steel caddy allows water to drain out into the sink and is rustproof.


An Apothecary Jar Set That’s Elevated Yet Simple

This catch-all apothecary jar set — featuring stunning transparent jars with wood lids — is a step up from the manufactured boxes your purchases come in and will instantly elevate the feel of any room. Use it to store hair ties, bath fizzies, makeup, paper clips, stamps, and more. The wide mouth of the canisters makes them simple to fill and versatile enough for any of your organizational needs.


The Collapsible Storage Cubes To Use For Anything

These soft storage cubes make staying organized a breeze. Each bin is collapsible, so you can lay them flat when they’re not in use. They come in six colors and each has handles on the side, making them easy to grab and transport around your home. They’ve earned more than 61,000 reviews, including one that noted, “I was surprised to discover the quality of these. These were a lower price per cube and are a thicker material than the ones I have from my local big box stores!!”


A Stackable Water Bottle Shelf To Maximize Cabinet Space

Water bottles can be a pain to store, but this vertical, stackable water bottle holder will straighten your cabinet in seconds. Each rack holds about three bottles, depending on their size. This rack is adjustable so you can lower or raise the shelves to accommodate bottles of any size and the unit can hold up to 10 pounds.


These Pantry Risers For Storing Spices Efficiently

This three-tier riser is perfect for keeping your pantry in order. Stack spice jars on the riser to be able to see all your options at once. Each tier has a non-skid bottom that keeps everything in place. This bestseller has earned more than 16,000 reviews. It’s made of durable plastic and, in addition to spices, can be used in a variety of places in your home.


A Faux Marble Countertop Holder For Your Toothbrush

Keep your toothbrush in a safe, clean, and elegant place in your bathroom with this high-end-looking holder. It has four compartments for holding toothbrushes, toothpaste, and other narrow tools. The holder is made with faux marble that looks high-end but is easy to clean and a total bargain.


The Large Storage Bins For Holding Bulky Blankets

Pack up your holiday decor, extra bedding, or seasonal clothes in these large storage bags. This pack of six features reinforced handles on the side, a durable zipper, and a clear window on the side to be able to see what’s inside. The durable material is perfect for protecting clothing, blankets, toys, and more in your attic, closet, or under your bed.


These Closet Bins That Keep Everything In Sight

These storage bins have a unique design that allows you to store plenty of books, clothes, or craft supplies, within easy access. This three-pack features sturdy handles on all four sides, which make it easy to get down from high shelves or pull out from under the bed. The polyester canvas material is heavy-duty yet gentle on fabrics.


The Cable Management Box That Hides Ugly Cords

Conceal rogue cords around your house by keeping them in one of these cable management boxes. It’s large enough to hold a full power strip and features two entry points for cables to neatly exit the box so they can power up your device or appliance. The discrete box blends into any decor style and comes in two sizes and two colors.


A Space-Saving Set Of Vertical Hangers

These versatile hangers let you store clothes differently, which instantly adds extra storage space to your closet area. You can choose to group clothes by type, style, occasion, or color; whichever is more aligned with your organizational preferences. Each hanger is strong enough to hold up to 8 pounds and they can hang horizontally or vertically.


This Two-Tier Organizer With Removable Baskets

For storage that you can take with you, you can’t beat this two-tier organizer that features stackable, removable baskets and can easily fit under any narrow cabinet in your kitchen or bathroom. The highly-rated organizer comes with dividers that make it a cinch to separate toiletries or cleaning supplies and the baskets have handles for transport.


The Magnetic Spice Racks For The Side Of Your Fridge

Utilize the rest of the fridge space with these magnetic spice racks. The matte black design is modern and clean and can hold six pounds. No need for tools since this has a heavy-duty magnet on the back. This pack of two shelves includes four removable hooks that can be used for hand towels and more.


A Lid Organizer That Mounts Inside Your Cabinet Door

The wall-mounted lid holder is a champion for keeping your cabinets organized. Mount it to a wall (or inside a cabinet) where it can hold up to six lids at a time. The iron-coated rack is sturdy and comes with all the hardware you need to install it.


This Transparent Turntable For Keeping Common Ingredients

Keep your most-used spices and condiments nearby whenever you cook by keeping them on this rotating turntable. The 9-inch turntable is clear and designed with raised edges that secure ingredients. The BPA-free plastic material is easy to wipe down and durable. Keep it on your countertop to combine function and form.


A Stylish Ottoman That Provides Extra Storage

On the outside, this just looks like an ordinary ottoman, but it’s actually a sneaky storage solution. The 15-inch cube is hollowed out to make room for blankets, toys, and more. It holds up to 300 pounds and can be used for additional seating or as a footrest. The linen material is sturdy and practical, without compromising style and it comes in three colors.


The Magnetic Key Rack For Your Entryway

Mount this key rack to any metal surface for additional storage. It features a narrow tray for mail, spices, or sunglasses, as well as six hooks for keys, dog leashes, and umbrellas. It has strong magnets on the back that will stick to any metal and can hold up to 4.4-pounds.


This Closet Organizer With Two Shelves And Two Drawers

This closet organizer provides additional storage for shoes, clothes, accessories, and more. It features three tiers: two open shelves and two drawers. The shelf and bins are made of fabric while the sturdy frame is made of metal. It’s earned more than 11,000 reviews, including one that noted, “I really enjoy how easily I can move it around and how it can be used in many different rooms and for many different reasons.”


The Laundry Hamper With Sorting Compartments

Half the laundry battle is separating your clothes, so do it as you go with this laundry hamper. It has three compartments: one for color, one for light clothing, and one for darks. The foldable basket has an aluminum frame that keeps it upright, as well as straps to secure it in place so you can toss your dirty clothes in each compartment. Plus it collapses flat when you’re not using it.


A Set Of Drawer Dividers For Socks And Underwear

These drawer dividers feature 64 small compartments that hold socks, underwear, or ties. This three-pack comes with a 16-cell organizer and two 24-cell organizers. The foldable fabric containers fit in drawers or can be kept in your closet. They’re available in six colors.


An Organizer That Keeps Cleaning Tools Off Floors

If it has never felt quite right to keep brooms and mops that you’ve just used resting on clean floors, you need this popular cleaning tools organizer in your life. The organizer can hold up to 35 pounds and features five slots for larger tools like mops and brooms and six hooks perfect for cleaning accessories. The weatherproof designs also means you can keep one in your garage for gardening tools.