40 Clever Things That Make A Positive Impact On Your Life For Less Than $35 On Amazon

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There are tons of reasons to go shopping. Sometimes, you need to stock up on new kitchen gear and other times, you need to upgrade your closet with the latest trends (trust me, I get it). But whether you're spending your hard-earned cash on innovative kitchen gadgets or yoga pants with pockets, it's so much more satisfying when you're buying products that actually make a positive impact on your life. Thankfully, Amazon is packed with clever (and shockingly cheap) items that'll do just that.

As you know, those grin-worthy selections are worth their magic in different ways. Take the beloved couch coaster, for instance. It wraps around your sofa arm and holds your coffee mug in place while you relax. That way, you can start your day without spills. You can also consider the ever-so-popular headrest hangers, which hold your grocery bags and purses up so they don't roll around your car mid-ride. Thanks to those, you don't have to search the bottom of your vehicle for stray apples or lost lipstick containers.

Those are just a few products on Amazon that add positivity to your life — but there are a lot more where they came from.


This Reusable Notebook That Sends Your Thoughts To The Cloud

Instead of cluttering your desk with tons of notebooks, add the Rocketbook to your routine. It's filled with 36 reusable pages that can be erased with the swipe of a microfiber cloth. However, those pages can also send your notes to different cloud services (like Google Drive or iCloud). The book essentially digitizes your daily thoughts.


A Bamboo Bath Caddy That Keeps Your Wine In Place

Baths are super relaxing — but thanks to this bath caddy, they just got even better. The bamboo structure is made to sit above your bathwater on the edges of your tub, and it's fully adjustable to fit different spaces. It also has crevices made to secure stemware (aka wine glasses), books, tablets, soap bars, and candles while you unwind.


A Garage Door Opener That You Can Control From Your Phone

If you're someone who uses the garage to enter and exit your home, then add this door opener to your routine. The smart device connects to your phone and lets you dictate when your garage door opens and closes. It also lets you set timers and schedules, ultimately giving you a better idea about who has access to your house (whether it's family members or friends).


This Gorgeous Bracelet That Diffuses Essential Oils

Sometimes, it's nice to ease daily stress with essential oils. By adding this stainless steel bracelet to your jewelry drawer, you'll be able to do exactly that. Its featured locket is made to hold a felt pad that can absorb your go-to scents for on-the-go relaxation. The product comes with 12 pads of different colors, so you can coordinate them to match your outfits. They can all be washed and reused, too.


The Nail Polish Gripper That Prevents Spills And Stains

It's always a bummer to accidentally knock your nail polish bottle over while you're painting. To prevent that from happening (and protect your surface from stains), add this bottle holder to your collection. The desktop unit grips your polish container at 40 adjustable positions, which makes it easier to dip your brush without spillage.


The Blackhead Vacuum That Uses Suction To Clear Your Pores

This handheld pore vacuum can help you remove unwanted blackheads without the use of masks or products. It uses five different suction strengths to pull debris from your pores, and it boasts five interchangeable suction heads that remedy different types of blemishes. It's also USB-powered, and the red therapy function can revitalize skin while the blue therapy works to diminish the appearance of pores.


These Hydrating Under-Eye Masks Made With 24-Karat Gold

Skip the spa and treat yourself at home with these under-eye gel patches. They're made with a bevy of nourishing ingredients — like nano-active gold, rose essential oil, hyaluronic acid, and more — to help moisturize the revive the skin underneath your eyes. They'll even help reduce any unwanted puffiness while easing the appearance of dark circles.


A Handheld Device That Flosses Your Teeth With Water

You can floss the unconventional way with this rechargeable handheld water flosser. Instead of string, this device uses streams of water to massage your gums and clear debris between your teeth. It boasts three water strength modes, four replaceable nozzles, and a removable water tank that you can clean whenever you need to.


The Weekly Calendar That Helps You Organize On A Smaller Scale

If you ask me, a packed monthly calendar can become overwhelming. You can organize one week at a time with the help of this dry-erase calendar. The magnetic board — which provides ample note space for each day — can be stuck to your fridge for easy viewing every morning. It even comes with four thin, color-coded markers that are also backed by magnets.


This Stainless Steel Bowl That Keeps Your Guac Chilled

Whether you're hosting a party or snacking on some guac, this stainless steel bowl will keep your delicious dip chilled. It's shaped to fit inside a clear acrylic base that's made to be filled with ice, which helps everything stay cold. The unit even comes with a snap-on lid so you can store leftovers in the fridge and enjoy them later.


The Blinged-Out Sunglasses Holder That Fits On Your Car Visor

Instead of scrambling for your sunnies mid-ride, add this blinged-out sunglasses holder to your car's visor. The clip-on unit can hold two pairs of sunglasses — and since it's lined with a sponge padding, it shouldn't run your specs. You can even use it to hold your credit card in place while you ride, and it's available in five shiny shades.


This Smart Camera With Night Vision And 360-Rotation

This rotating smart camera is a true bargain, because it comes with various features that'll increase your home security game. It can see in total darkness using infrared LED lights, and it can start recording whenever it detects motion or sound. The camera can also be controlled remotely by the Wyze app, which will even let you relay voice messages back and forth.


A Spiralizer For Easy Vegetable-Based Meals

If you're hoping to get more veggie vitamins in, add this highly rated spiralizer to your kitchen. The handheld device boasts five different blades made from Japanese hardened stainless steel that can be changed by the press of a button, along with a vegetable holder that keeps everything secure while simultaneously protecting your hands.Use this with zucchini, carrots, cucumbers, cabbage, and more.


The Essential Oil Steamers That Make Your Shower Smell Amazing

Turn your tub into a spa-worthy spot with these shower steamers. Each "steamer" is made to sit underneath a light water stream and provide aromatherapy while you bathe. The six-pack comes with three scents: watermelon, grapefruit, and eucalyptus. One reviewer wrote, "They actually have flower petals and dehydrated fruits sprinkled on top!"


This Lumbar Stretcher That's Lined With Acupressure Foam

This lumbar stretcher is useful for those who are suffering from back pain (or anyone who wants to improve their posture). It's lined with firm, rigid foam that provides acupressure relief while loosening muscles. You can use it while lying down on the floor, or you can place it behind you while you sit at your work desk.


This Soothing Lavender Linen Spray That Helps You Fall Asleep

This lavender and chamomile linen spray is here to help soothe you to sleep. The cruelty-free and skin-friendly formula is formulated with aromatherapy scents that help promote feelings of sleepiness and relaxation. You can even use it on your yoga mat or simply spritz it in the air. One reviewer wrote, "I’ve started using the spray every night about an hour before bed and have found that I am falling asleep easier and sleeping more soundly than before.”


These 2-In-1 Kitchen Tongs That Work Like Spatulas

These stainless steel kitchen tongs are some of most clever utensils I've ever seen — and they're sure to make cooking a breeze. Each pair is held together by a flexible silicone band that acts like a spatula, making it easier than ever to scoop, flip, and serve food. The band is also nonstick and heat-resistant up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit.


The Silicone Cup Holder That Fits On Your Couch Arm

Thanks to this cup holder, you can relax on your couch with your drink nearby. The silicone unit wraps over your armrest and holds your beverage tight to prevent spills from happening. It also comes with a cutout for mug handles, along with an insert for smaller containers. Choose from six different colors.


A Phone Mount That Fits Inside Your Car's Cup Holder

Most car phone holders use the air vents to keep your device in place — but not this one. Instead, it has a unique base that fits inside your vehicle's cup holder. The bottom can be adjusted to fit different diameters, and the clamp is lined with a padding that won't scratch your phone. It also uses 360-degree rotation to give you and your passenger a clear view of the GPS whenever you need it.


The Drain Cover That Lets You Take Jacuzzi-Worthy Baths

If you want to take a jacuzzi-worthy dip in the bath, you can apply this clear cover over your tub's drain. It adheres with strong suction cups and prevents leaking water. Therefore, you'll be able to enjoy a deeper soak whenever you want to. The cover is available in three colors: gray, aqua, and clear.


This Shower Head Combination With Different Water Modes

Instead of relaxing underneath one single shower head, you can opt for this duo that offers eight different stream settings. The main shower head — which mimics a rainfall — can be used separately or alongside its handheld counterpart. The handheld can work on various water modes, such as power rain, hydro-mist, rain-massage, and more. It's even attached to a 5-foot hose that lets you wash hard-to-reach areas.


A Cold Eye Mask That's Filled With Ceramic Clay

Unlike other eye masks that are filled with cooling gel, this one is packed with ceramic clay. After it's chilled, the clay helps soothe headaches and reduce unwanted puffiness. In addition to its unique filling, the mask is lined with cozy fabric that makes it comfortable to wear. There's even a stretchy Velcro strap for customized fits.


A 5-Pack Of Activated Charcoal Bags That Deodorize Your Home

To help remove unwanted odors within your home, add these activated charcoal bags to your decor. The unscented linen pouches — which, yes, are filled with activated bamboo charcoal — help deodorize scents within closets, bathrooms, and even vehicles. They can be recharged in the sun and reused for up to two years.


This Car Seat Gap Fillers That Prevent Drops While You're Driving

Believe it or not, there is an invention that fills the gap between your car seat and center console. It's called the Drop Stop, and it's basically a flexible neoprene unit that attaches to your seatbelt. When it's in place, it fills the empty space that would typically consume your keychain or phone while getting in or out of the car. It's easy to install and currently boasts an impressive 4.7-star review on Amazon.


The Cup Holder That Suctions To Your Shower Wall

Whether you want to sip on your favorite wine mid-shower or hydrate with a can of seltzer during your bath, the Sip Caddy has your back. The plastic cup holder — which can withstand up to 7 pounds — will adhere to your shower wall with a strong suction cup. It's available in six colors and can be cleaned in the dishwasher.


These Headrest Hooks That Secure Your Bags While You Drive

Packing your car with loose grocery bags can mean spilled produce and lost items. You can remedy that issue with these headrest hooks. The silicone rubber units attach to the rods of your headrests and hold various bags in place while you drive (whether you have grocery bags, purses, or backpacks). Each one can hold up to 18 pounds.


This Toiletry Travel Bag That Hangs Up At Your Destination

Traveling with your essentials has never been easier, all thanks to this versatile toiletry bag. The TSA-approved pouch boasts various clear compartments and pockets to store your must-have items (like makeup brushes, soap bottles, and more). Since it's made with waterproof material, it's easy to clean — and thanks to its hook, you can hang it up when you arrive at your destination.


A Himalayan Salt Cooking Block That Gives Food Extra Flavor

Himalayan salt is for more than lamps and light bulbs. Believe it or not, you can use this salt block to cook your meals on. It's heat-resistant up to 500 degrees Fahrenheit and can be used on the grill or gas stove (but not in the oven). According to the brand, it should give your food an added salty flavor. You can even chill the plank and serve your meals on it.


This Mahogany Wooden Hanger That Organizes Your Belts

Avoid tangled piles of belts in your closet and reach for this hanger. It's made with walnut wood, with rounded chrome hooks that won’t cause damage to leather or other delicate materials. It’s dual-sided and has space to hold up to 12 belts.


The Cutting Board With Built-In Catch Trays

This dual-action bamboo cutting board collects your food as you chop it, therefore eliminating the need for additional containers. Each tray can be placed directly under the cutout, so you can transfer ingredients directly in, then they can all be fitted with the included lids and stored in the fridge for cooking at a later time. For even less mess, the groove along the perimeter of the board catches runoff juices.


A Pumice Stone That Easily Cleans The Rings In Your Toilet Bowl

The ever-so-popular Pumie is here to help you clean your toilet bowl without chemicals. It's basically a rectangular pumice stone with a handle, and it can be used to remove toilet bowl rings, mineral deposits, rust, and more. All you have to do is what the stone with water and start scrubbing. One Amazon customer wrote, "This brush is great! I didn't even have to put that much force into scrubbing to make the staines disappear."


This Magnetic Key Holder That Can Hold Up To 30 Keys

If you frequently misplace your keys (no shame), then add this magnetic key holder to your home. The strong figure — which is shaped like a human — can adhere to metallic structures and hold up to 30 keys in one hand. It comes in three colors: black, pink, and red.


These Wipes That Remove Red Wain Stains From Your Teeth

Sometimes, drinking red wine can result in red-tinted teeth. You can bypass that issue by keeping these Wine Wipes in your purse while you're at the bar or attending a party. The tasteless wipes are made with 100% cotton, and 12 of them come in one pack. One Amazon customer wrote, "Perfect gift for the red wine lover!"


The Reusable Cotton Swabs That Are Actually Made Of Bamboo

Go green with these reusable bamboo “cotton” rounds that have earned a 4.6-star overall rating after 19,000 reviews. Made from sustainably sourced and USDA-certified organic materials, they can do anything your cotton rounds can, but they’re machine-washable for repeated use and biodegradable. They come with a mesh laundry bag to keep them together in the wash, so they won’t accidentally end up in your sock drawer.


An Easy-To-Use Juicer That Offers 3 Pulp Settings

Juicing your favorite fruits is about to get much easier with the help of this countertop citrus juicer, which offers three different pulp settings. The juicer's cone does its work by rotating in two different directions throughout the process while you hold your sliced fruit on top. Easy peasy (lemon squeezy).


These Clear Glass Mugs That Come With Blooming Tea Flowers

In my opinion, drinking tea is a soothing pastime — and these clear mugs make it even more relaxing. Unlike ceramic cups that are typically opaque, these are made with double-walled borosilicate glass that's insulated to keep your beverage warm. And since they're transparent, you'll be able to watch the included blooming tea flowers as they blossom before your eyes.


The Stylish Remote Holder That Organizes Your TV Room

This sleek organizer will keep your remote controls and tablets in place so they aren't lying around your TV room. The tabletop unit — which is lined in faux leather — has five different compartments that you can utilize. It also sits on base that offers 360-degree rotation. It's available in over 10 colors and designs.


A Frozen Cup That You Can Make Milkshakes In

If frozen treats make you happy (same), then add this 8-ounce slushy maker to your kitchen. The BPA-free cup lets you make milkshakes and frozen drinks in about seven minutes. After freezing the internal cup, place it inside the outer container and add your ingredients. Then, mix it around and enjoy your chilly snack.


This Rubber Weight That Holds Down Your Book Pages

Whether you're an avid reader or someone who uses cookbooks on the regular, you're going to love this weighted page keeper. It's made with non-slip rubber that boasts a matte finish, and it's heavy enough to hold your book open while you're taking notes or preparing a meal. It's also waterproof, so feel free to take it outside or use it near the sink.


The Shampoo That's Made Just For Your Makeup Brushes

While you're buying shampoo for your hair, don't forget to purchase shampoo for your cosmetic brushes. This dermatologist-tested, paraben-free selection by EcoTools can be used on your makeup-filled bristles every week. To use it, simply dampen your brush and lather a small amount of shampoo through the bristles before rinsing them with water.

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