35 Clever Products On Amazon Prime You’ll Literally Freak Out Over

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It's pretty easy to overdo it when shopping on Amazon — one minute, I'm just looking to replace my lotion, and the next, my cart is filled with clever products on Amazon Prime that end up at my front door in two days. But who can really blame me?

It's also pretty easy to find products that you'll genuinely freak out over — you just have to know where to look. It's not always the cult-favorite products or the most popular innovations out there. Sometimes, it's the products that go a little under the radar. Did you know that some genius person out there infused charcoal into dish towels to keep them from growing mildew and bacteria when they've gotten a lot of use? What about an omelet maker that takes the work out of flipping it perfectly? And don't get me started on the chemical-free makeup cloth that only needs water to work — seriously, if there's a list of products on Amazon that'll make you freak out a little bit lose your cool, this is it.

These genius products on Amazon that solve problems should seriously excite you when you first see them — but just wait until you get them home, because that's going to be the best part of all.

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