41 Things That Dramatically Increase Your Storage Space For Less Than $30 On Amazon

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Home is where the heart is. It's also where a lot of other stuff is — stuff that can lead to cluttered countertops, overflowing cupboards, and jam-packed dresser drawers and closets. If that's you, it's time to put your organizational hat on and check out these storage solutions on Amazon that'll help cut down on the chaos.

I'm personally jazzed about each and every one of these products, because I wholeheartedly abide by the "a place for everything and everything in its place" philosophy. But unfortunately, my place isn't that big, so things can get cluttered again fast. That's why I'm always on Amazon looking for creative ways to increase my storage space.

The massive retailer is stocked to the brim with storage-maximizing products that are inventive, practical, and — honestly — downright inspiring. Even if you're not a bona fide neatnik, I'm willing to bet that the products you'll find here will motivate you to tackle that mountain of clutter that you've been avoiding for the past, ahem, several years. (No judgment.)

Got your organizational hat on yet? Good. Click through for easy ways to dramatically increase storage space in your kitchen, bedroom, bathroom, closet, and so much more.


These Platforms That Double Your Shoe Storage Space

Double your shoe storage space with these platforms that let you stack each shoe in a pair. The non-slip ridges keep each pair firmly in place — and the platforms are angle-adjustable, so they even work with taller shoes (like heels and ankle boots).


This Duffel Bag That Folds Up So You Can Stash It In A Drawer

If you don't have room in your closet to store a suitcase, this foldable duffel bag if for you. Holding up to 40 pounds of weight, the duffel features an adjustable shoulder strap and handles. Unlike most other options, it also folds up into compact square when you're not using it. Choose from dozens of colors like dark green, navy, and fuchsia.


These Space-Saving Storage Bags That Let You Vacuum-Pack Anything

Store winter clothes, duvets, guest towels, comforters, and other bulky items in the most compact way possible with these compression storage bags. Just use the accompanying vacuum pump to suck out all the air, and then seal them closed. The bags are waterproof, and each set comes with two medium, two large, and two jumbo sizes.


A Rotating Organizer That Neatly Stores Your Cosmetics

Instead of taking up drawer space in your bathroom or vanity, store all your cosmetics vertically with this rotating makeup organizer. The spinning organizer features adjustable shelves, so you can accommodate smaller products — like creams and foundations — as well as taller products, such as toners and perfume bottles. The narrow slots on the top tray are perfect for makeup brushes, nail polish, and lipstick.


These Stackable Containers That Keep Dry Snacks Fresh

These food storage containers stack on top of each other, giving you more space on your pantry shelves. The airtight bins keep pasta, pretzels, cereal, trail mix, and other snacks fresher longer — and the reusable chalkboard labels let you know exactly what's inside.


The Totally Unique Hangers That Give You More Closet Rod Space

If your closet is packed like a can of sardines, then you'll love these space-saving hangers that stagger your garments vertically. Just hook up to five regular clothes hangers onto each unit, and you'll get five times more space on your closet rod. Each set comes with 10 hangers, which means you can hang up to 50 shirts, blouses, and dresses.


The Brilliant Hanging Organizers For Your Gift-Wrapping Supplies

If your gift wrapping supplies are crammed somewhere in the corner of a closet, this wrapping paper organizer is for you. The dual-sided organizer hangs on a closet rod and has long pockets for rolls of wrapping paper, flat pockets for tissue paper, gift bags, and greeting cards, and zippered compartments for bows, tape, and cards.


These Bamboo Bins For Your Styling Tools Or Office Supplies

Keep your cosmetics, hair-styling tools, craft supplies, and desk supplies organized in these storage bins that are made from eco-sustainable bamboo. The bins are stackable — and since the top one is smaller, you still get full access to the bottom one. In other words, you can grab whatever you need with ease.


A Storage Shelf That Attaches To The Side Of Your Fridge

This refrigerator side storage shelf hangs on the side of your refrigerator, giving you three extra shelves for spices, condiments, and snacks. There are even three hooks for oven mitts and cooking utensils, along with a rod for a dish towel.


These Compartments That Organize Your Socks And Underwear

You can tidy up your underwear drawer with this set of four underwear organizers. They slip right into your dresser drawers and feature compartments of different sizes that are perfect for storing bras, underwear, socks, camis, and belts. They're also washable, so you can clean them whenever you need to.


The Wall-Mounted Organizer For All Your Hot Styling Tools

Keep your bathroom counter clutter-free with this wall-mounted styling tool holder. It has space for four tools (a hair dryer, straightener, curling iron, and hair brush), and the bottom basket is perfect for corralling all the cords. The steel holder is rust-resistant and available in six colors.


These Stackable Bins With Windows So You Can See What's Inside

Store out-of-season clothes and extra linens in these stackable storage bins. The sturdy cloth bins open from both the front and top, so you can access whatever you need. Plus, the clear windows make it easy to see exactly what's inside. Each set comes with two boxes.


This Sleek Hanging Wall Shelf That Works In Any Room

Use this hanging wall shelf to store washcloths and toiletries in the bathroom, or use it in the living room or bedroom to display small plants, photos, and souvenirs. Made from natural bamboo, the three-tier shelf has a rustic feel and hangs on a 15-inch rope.


An Under-The-Sink Shelf With A Cutout For The Pipe

This under the sink organizer gives you an extra tier of storage space — and since it's U-shaped, you don't have to worry about it getting in the way of the pipe. Put one under your bathroom sink for cosmetics and one under your kitchen sink for cleaning supplies.


This Water Bottle That Rolls Up Small When It's Empty

Instead of storing a big, bulky water bottle in your kitchen cupboard, get your hands on this collapsible water bottle that rolls up small when you're not using it. Made from BPA-free silicone, it's outfitted with a carrying strap and leakproof cap. The water bottle is dishwasher-safe and available in eight colors.


The Towel Rack That Also Doubles As A Wine Rack

If your linen closet is packed, you'll love this wall-mounted bath towel rack that stores up to seven bath towels and one hand towel — along with a mini shelf on top for toiletries. Bonus: You can also use the steel rack to store wine bottles in the kitchen.


A Freestanding Toilet Paper Holder With A Tablet Shelf

This totally unique freestanding toilet paper holder has a built-in holder for your tablet, a small basket for accessories, and a compartment for magazines and extra rolls. It's outfitted with four wheels, so you can push it up to the counter to keep an eye on your tablet while you dry your hair.


These Packing Cubes That Give You More Room In Your Suitcase

Take one suitcase — instead of two — with these packing cubes that compress your clothes to give you more space in your luggage. The set comes with four zippered cubes in different sizes, along with a shoe bag, and two TSA-approved bags for carry-on toiletries. Choose from six colors.


This Collapsible Laundry Basket That Takes Up So Much Less Room

Pop this collapsible laundry basket up on laundry day, and then — after your clothes are clean, folded, and put away — collapse it down to a height of just 3 inches for easy storage. Bonus: It's totally leakproof, so you can also use this as an ice tub for cold beverages at your next party.


An Over-The-Sink Dish Rack That Rolls Up When The Dishes Are Done

Instead of taking up half of your counter space with a dish-drying rack, use this over-the-sink drying unit. The slats within this BPA-free mat allow water to drain directly into the sink — and when you're done using it, it rolls up. That way, you can stash it in a cupboard.


These Travel Cups That Collapse Into Compact Discs

These collapsible travel cups are great additions to your camping gear, since they fold down to less than an inch, taking up virtually zero space when you're not using them. The BPA-free, dishwasher-safe cups are outfitted with lids and carrying loops, and each set comes with four containers.


This Organizer That Creates More Space In Your Car Trunk

Keep everything from rolling around in the back of your trunk with this car trunk organizer. The sturdy organizer features multiple large compartments and smaller side pockets, so you can store a first aid kit, roadside supplies, umbrellas, a picnic blanket, sports gear, and more.


A Wall-Mounted Storage Shelf With A Built-In Drawer

This wall-mounted storage shelf comes with a detachable cloth drawer, giving you space to store items underneath the shelf, as well as on top. Use it in the laundry room to store detergent and stain remover sticks, or use it in the bedroom to store sweaters, belts, and small accessories.


These Long Storage Bins That You Can Keep Under Your Bed

Store sweaters, shoes, shirts, and sheets in this set of two under-the-bed storage bins. Made from durable cloth, the zip-closed bins feature clear-view windows to help you find what you're looking for. They also boast extra-long handles so they're easy to access whenever you need them.


A Genius Pouch That Creates Space For Everything In Your Purse

Find your keys without having to rifle through your bag with this very helpful purse organizer. Made from sturdy felt, it features multiple pockets and compartments for your wallet, phone, lip balm, lotion, and more. Choose from different sizes and colors.


A Slide-Out Cart That Gives You 3 Extra Shelves Of Storage

This storage cart gives you three extra shelves of storage space — and it's so slim that it can fit between counters, tables, dressers, and more. Use it as an extra "pantry" for spices and cooking utensils in the kitchen, or use it to store toiletries in the bathroom. You can also set it up in the garage for cleaning supplies.


A Collapsible Popcorn Popper That Comes In Tons Of Vibrant Colors

Before diving into that movie, make a batch of popcorn in this microwavable popcorn popper — and when you're done snacking, collapse it flat for easy, compact storage. Since it folds down, it'll provide extra space in your cabinets. It's dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and available in tons of fun, bright colors.


These Closet Shelf Dividers That Keep Everything Neatly Stacked

If the items on your closet shelf are piled on top of each other and falling over, then these practical shelf dividers are for you. They attach to your existing closet shelf where they separate and organize everything from sweaters to books to shoes. Each set comes with eight dividers.


This Memory Foam Travel Pillow That Rolls Up Into A Small Square

After snoozing on your flight, you can roll this travel pillow up into a compact square and hang it on your carry-on luggage with the built-in carabiner. Made from cushy memory foam and covered in soft fleece, the pillow is great for cradling your neck — but you can use it for lumbar support, too.


These Roll-Up Compression Bags That Give You 70% More Storage Space

Decrease the amount of storage space that seasonal clothing, bedding, and towels take up with these compression storage bags. Just roll the bags up to squeeze all the air out of the bottom valves, and then zip them shut. When they're rolled up, they'll give you 70% more space in your closet.


A Collapsible Electric Kettle That Easily Fits Into Your Suitcase

Drink your tea anywhere in the world with this electric travel kettle that collapses down, making it easy to pack in your suitcase. Made from lightweight silicone, the 2-cup capacity kettle features boil-dry protection and dual voltage, so you can even sip overseas. Since it's collapsible, you can easily store it home in small kitchen spaces.


A Laundry Hamper That You Can Hang On The Back Of Your Door

Instead of taking up floor space, this laundry hamper hangs right on the back of your bedroom door. It's made from durable, heavy-duty Oxford cloth — and it features a wide open design, a front pocket for small items, and a zippered bottom. That way, you can load laundry directly into the washer.


A Vertical Bottle-Drying Rack That Doesn't Take Up The Whole Counter

If you have a small countertop, this vertical drying rack is a must. It features angled pegs for drying small cups and bottles, as well as a base and top compartment for drying pacifiers, valves, and more. The upright base fits right under your kitchen cabinets, taking up minimal counter space.


These Hanging Organizers That Keep Your Purses Protected

You can keep your purses in good condition — without taking up a bunch of shelf space — with this hanging purse organizer that hooks right onto your closet rod. Each order comes with two organizers that have four compartments each, so you can store up to eight handbags.


These Adhesive Strips That Turn Your Cupboard Door Into A Spice Rack

This spice organizer is a truly clever, space-saving way to store your nutmeg and oregano. It's actually three separate adhesive strips outfitted with four adjustable clips each; attach them to the inside of your cupboard door to secure up to 12 spice jars.


A Wall Mount That Holds Your Gardening And Cleaning Tools

Clear up the clutter in your garage with this broom holder that has five slots for securing brooms, mops, gardening tools, and sports equipment. The holder is also outfitted with six hooks for smaller items (like shammies and sun hats), and can withstand up to 35 pounds of weight.


The Collapsible Kitchen Colander That Fits Over Your Sink

This colander collapses flat to take up minimal storage space, and it's got another genius feature, too: The handles expand lengthwise — so you can set them on the counter on each side of the sink, freeing up your hands to strain. It's dishwasher-safe, BPA-free, and available in seven bright colors.


This Hanging Jewelry Organizer That Fits Right In Your Closet

Instead of dealing with a big jewelry box that takes up dresser space, hang this dual-sided jewelry organizer on your closet rod to store your necklaces, bracelets, earrings, and rings. It features 80 clear pockets, making it easy to find whatever you're looking for. Since it keeps all your necklaces separate, you won't have to spend time untangling any chains.


The UV Toothbrush Holder That Sanitizes The Bristles

Cut down on countertop clutter and sanitize your toothbrush at the same time with this toothbrush holder. The wall-mounted unit protects toothbrush heads and uses UV light to sanitize them while eliminating over 99% of germs. It holds up to five brushes, and there's even a dispenser for your toothpaste.


A Carrying Case That Stores Up To 48 Bottles Of Nail Polish

Use this nail polish organizer to hold up to 48 bottles of nail polish (instead of piling them up somewhere in your room). The two-tier case can be stored both vertically and horizontally, and it features a snap-shut lid along with a carrying handle. There are even adjustable dividers, so you can make space for nail files, clippers, cuticle pushers, and toe spacers.


An Over-The-Door Organizer For Your Pans And Cutting Boards

This over-the-cabinet door organizer is a brilliant way to store cutting boards, pans, tin foil, plastic wrap, or cleaning supplies. Just use the hooks to hang it over the door, and then start piling things into its container. I recommend using it under the sink, where it won't run into any shelving.

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