43 Cheap Products That Instantly Make You Look & Feel (Even) Better

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.

by Anna Anderson
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I'm all about self-empowerment from the inside out — paying proper attention to your emotional wellness and taking steps to honor your intelligence are of utmost importance. That being said, there's something undeniably empowering about feeling good about the way you look. And if you've ever seen a makeover show, you know exactly what I'm talking about. (Cue triumphant exits from salons and dressing rooms with family members standing by, tearfully applauding. You get it.) And since I'm obsessed with these types of shows, I've been combing through Amazon for products that make you look (even) better.

Specifically, I've been on the hunt for quick and easy ways to tweak your look and give you a little swagger as you waltz down the aisles of the grocery store or simply while you're hanging out on your couch. In other words, you're not going to find guides, routines, or programs that require a lot of thought and commitment. Sure, there's a time and place for that, but there's something to be said for a few shortcuts — like eyeliner stamps that make it easy to create a cat-eye or a pair of sparkly earrings that can even make a T-shirt look dressy.

Ready to host your very own makeover show? Check out these products that'll instantly update your look.

We only recommend products we love and that we think you will, too. We may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was written by our Commerce team.


These Tiny And Delicate Earrings That Are Plated in 14-K Gold

These tiny cuff earrings can be worn on any part of the ear that's pierced, adding a low-key, classic touch to any look. The earrings are plated in 14-karat gold and ringed with cubic zirconia for just a touch of sparkle, and reviewers say they're suitable for sensitive ears. Choose from white gold, yellow gold, and rose gold.


This Quick And Easy Way To Tame Flyaways For A More Polished 'Do

If you find it difficult to tame flyaways or diminish the appearance of breakage, this hair smoothing gel is about to be your best friend. Just use the mascara-like wand to brush the lightweight, non-sticky formula onto hair — it'll settle down any strays and give you a sleek, polished finish.


A Brightening Mask That Reviewers Say Is Just As Good As Getting A Professional Facial

One reviewer says this brightening mask makes skin "radiant," and another writes that it's "one of my top favorite products I’ve ever tried ... Even after one use my skin looks like I’ve had a professional facial." The formula uses beta carotene-packed pumpkin to resurface, vitamin C to brighten, and aloe and honey to strengthen your skin's moisture barrier. The mask is cruelty-free, vegan, and non-GMO certified.


These Super Supportive High-Waisted Yoga Pants That Come In So Many Color Options

Throw on your sports bra and pull on these high waisted yoga pants that are available in both capri and full-length options in dozens of colors, like peacock blue, wine red, and basic black. Interlock seams prevent chafing, four-way stretch fabric provides optimal support, and the sewn-in pocket is perfect for your phone or keys.


These Collagen Eye Masks That'll Make You Look Well Rested


This Shoe Cleaning Kit That'll Revive Even Your Oldest, Most Worn Out Pair

Shoes that are a little worse for the wear will look brand spanking new after using this shoe cleaner. It's formulated with saddle soap — a gentle cleanser that's safe to use on all types of materials, including leather, nubuck, vinyl, suede, and canvas. The cleaner comes with a cleaning brush, so you can scrub your shoes until they sparkle and shine.


These Magnetic Eyelashes That Boost Volume Without Glue

Reviewers swear by these magnetic lashes because they're curved to fit naturally on the eyelid and have just the right amount of volume, so your lashes look dramatic and authentic. The set comes with five pairs of reusable lashes, as well as an applicator that makes it a breeze to put them on.


The Nail Polish Remover That Even Removes Gel Nail Polish

This gel nail polish remover is a must-have if you do your nails at home or if you just want to take a break from professional manicures. Just gently file your nails, apply the remover, and let soak in for two to three minutes, then use a steel scraper to remove. It's gentle on nails, so you don't have to worry about damage — and works on regular nail polish, too.


These Foot Peel Masks That'll Make Feet As Soft As Silk

Prep your feet for sandal season with these foot peel masks that forego scrubbing in favor of botanical-based chemical exfoliation. Just slip the bootie-like masks on and let your feet absorb the essence for about an hour, then remove and rinse. In about a week, layers of rough skin will begin to slough off, leaving you with super-smooth, soft feet.


A Vibrating Facial Massager That Will Tone Your Face

Gentle massage can do wonders for your face, working to boost collagen production and stimulate circulation, which brightens your complexion and makes it glow. This massaging face roller is dual-ended with gem-cut rollers on one end and a T-shaped massager on the other. And since it has a vibrate mode — you hardly have to do any work yourself.


A Hair Repair Mask That Transforms Even The Most Damaged Hair

After using this hair mask, one reviewer wrote: "My hair was very thin and brittle to the point that running a brush through my hair was causing it to break ... After about five treatments my hair was silky smooth, thick, hydrated and had volume I had not seen since I was a teenager." The all-star ingredient in this repairing mask is nutrient-rich argan oil which deeply conditions and strengthens dry, damaged, and over-processed hair. Use it weekly for optimal results.


A Lavender Eye Pillow That’ll Help You De-Puff & Refresh

Filled with flax seeds, covered in silky satin, and infused with real lavender, this Blissful Being eye pillow has multiple uses: Block out light while you sleep, allow the aromatherapy to help with meditation, or soothe a headache or puffy eyes with temperature therapy. (The mask is freezable and microwaveable, after all!) Get it in just about any color you could want.


This Silk Sleep Mask That Won't Make Your Face Hot

Shine bright like a diamond with this shimmery moisturizer that adds a subtle glow to your skin. The luminous moisturizer can be used for an all over brightening, or can be used to highlight cheekbones and make them look sky high. Wear it alone or under makeup in four shades: light, fair, medium, and deep. One reviewer wrote, "This product has a stunning glow from within look," and another: "It is so completely lovely and radiant and makes your skin glow without looking greasy or shiny."


This Balm That Repairs Dry, Cracked Lips Overnight

When lip balm just doesn't cut it, you can use this overnight lip treatment to revive dry, chapped, and cracked lips. The hypoallergenic formula is made with deeply moisturizing ingredients like sweet almond oil and shea butter, and it has a matte finish, so your lips won't feel greasy when you're wearing it.


This Clip That Guides You As You Cut Your Hair

Trimming hair at home just got a lot easier, thanks to this ingenious hair cutting tool. It clips right onto a section of hair where it guides your scissors as you cut. It even has a built-in level that ensures you're getting an even trim. You can use it on your friends, but it's easy enough to use on yourself too.


An Eyeliner Stamp That Makes It So Much Easier To Apply Liquid Eyeliner

With these eyeliner stamps, you can channel Sophia Loren without the risk of ending up looking like a raccoon. They're dual-sided: use the pen end to line your eye, then flip it around and use the stamp to create a flick at the outer corner. Each set comes with two: one for your right eye and one for your left.


A Powerful Stain Remover That Reviewers Say Is "Magic"

Reviewers sing the praises of this stain remover, saying it's "magic" and "the best spot remover in the world." The environmentally-safe, biodegradable formula lifts away stains caused by dirt, wine, grass, tomato sauce, and more, and even works on set-in stains. This pack comes with three 2-ounce bottles that are TSA-friendly and small enough to stash in your purse, so you can rub out the marinara you spilled on your white shirt at lunch.


This Derma Roller That Firms & Brightens Skin

It used to be that you had to shell out big bucks at a med spa to get a microneedling session, but now you can use a derma roller to (safely) give yourself one at home. Outfitted with hundreds of tiny needles, the roller painlessly punctures the top layer of your skin to stimulate collagen production and make your skin glow.


These Oversized Hair Clips That You'll Wear All The Time

Dress up any look — even if it's just a T-shirt and a pair of jeans — with these statement making oversized hair clips. Use them to pull back small or medium-sized sections of hair or just add them to an up-do for a playful nod to classic pearls. The set comes with 12 clips in different shapes and sizes.


A Teeth Whitener That Uses Charcoal To Brighten Up Your Smile

Make your pearly whites gleam with this teeth whitening treatment made with activated bamboo charcoal powder. Just dip your toothbrush in the powder and scrub your teeth for one to two minutes to remove stains caused by coffee, tea, red wine, and other discoloration-causing culprits. The formula is rounded out by remineralizing bentonite clay and orange oil to fight inflammation and germs.


A Highly Rated Steamer And Extractor Set For At-Home Facials

Save money on aesthetician appointments and invest in this facial steamer, so you can pamper your face at home. It produces nano-ionic steam — which is super effective at opening pores — and comes with a set of four stainless steel extractors, a silicone facial scrubber, and a free hair band. No wonder it has an overall 4.5-star rating and over 1,500 reviews.


This Casual Dress That's Surprisingly Comfortable To Wear

This bodycon dress combines the best of both worlds: it's as comfortable as a T-shirt, but still flirty enough for dates and dinners out. Made from stretchy fabric, the ruched dress falls to just above the knee, and features a crew neck and faux wraparound front. Choose from 20 color options and pair with your favorite Chucks and denim jacket, or dress it up with pearls.


A Manicure Kit So You Can Keep Your Nails In Tip Top Shape

Skip the salon and do your own nails at home with this manicure set. The 12-piece set comes complete with clippers for both fingernails and toenails, cuticle trimmers, push sticks, nail file, multi-purpose scissors, and even a pair of tweezers and a pore extractor. Plus, all the tools can be stored together in the pretty rose gold case.


These Lightweight Sandals That Come In 35 Colors

Whether you're shuffling around the house or running errands, these waterproof slip-on sandals are the perfect cute and comfy shoe for warm weather. The sandals are super lightweight and feature molded footbeds and adjustable buckles for optimum support. And with 35 colors to choose from, you can get one for every day of the month, plus some.


These Moisturizing Socks That Are Lined With Nourishing Gel

Got dry, tired feet? Just put on these moisturizing socks before you go to bed, and they can help soften your feet overnight while you're sleeping. They're lined with a special gel that's chock-full of nourishing vitamin E and jojoba oil, and each order comes with two pairs: one pink and one blue.


The Collagen Boosting Cream That's Made From Snail Slime

You'll be well rewarded for your experimentalism if you give this night cream made with snail mucin a shot. This high-concentration extract is famous for locking in moisture and promoting collagen production — without the irritation that other skin-resurfacing products can cause. Skin soothing and redness reducing shea butter and green tea round out the non-comedogenic formula, and all ingredients are ethically harvested and cruelty-free — i.e., happy snails.


A Satin Pillowcase To Prevent Hair Breakage While You Sleep

Wake up feeling beautiful with this satin pillow case. The slippery texture doesn't catch on hair like cotton, so you'll see a lot less breakage, and that same slippery texture will also lead to fewer pillow creases on your face. And since this one comes with a handy carrying pouch, you can take it with you when you travel.


This Gel Eye Mask That Relieves Headache Pain And Reduces Under Eye Swelling

This flexible gel eye mask is filled with gel beads that conform to the shape of your face where they apply a gentle pressure. The mask can be used in several very useful ways: keep it in your freezer and strap it on any time you need to bring down eye swelling or soothe pain caused by migraines, or heat it up in the microwave and use it to relieve dry, tired eyes.


These Exfoliating Washcloths That Will Give You The Softest Skin Ever

If you've never had the life-changing experience of a full body scrub session at a spa, these exfoliating washcloths are the next best thing. After a few minutes in the shower or bath (you want your skin to be nice and wet), the cloths will slough off layers of rough skin, leaving you feeling as soft as satin. One reviewer writes: "I will never use a regular terry cloth wash cloth again."


An Eyelash Serum With 16,000 5-Star Ratings

With over 16,000 5-star ratings, you can be confident that this eyelash serum really does boost the length and thickness of your natural lashes. The hypoallergenic serum is made with botanical extracts, so you don't have to feel weird about putting it next to your eyes, and you'll see noticeable results in about 60 days.


The 3-In-1 Travel Razor That Lets You Shave Without A Faucet Or Shaving Cream

If you always miss a few spots while shaving in the shower (I do), this travel razor that lets you do quick touch-ups is a must. The three-in-one shaver features a refillable water spritzer, a pre-shave moisturizing bar, and two razor blades, so you can shave sans water faucet or shaving cream.


These Pimple Patches That Help Heal Blemishes

Speed up healing time and shield blemishes from dirt, debris, and wandering hands with these pimple patches. They're made from ultra-thin hydrocolloid dressing which absorbs oil and dries out zits without the use of harsh ingredients. They're waterproof, so you can even wear them in the shower, and each pack comes with 36 patches.


The Blackhead Remover That Uses Suction To Clear Your Pores

Use the power of suction to remove dirt, oil, and impurities with this blackhead remover that's essentially a tiny face vacuum. The USB-rechargeable device comes with five head attachments to tackle skin concerns of all shapes and sizes, and the five settings let you tailor the intensity to suit your skin type: sensitive, dry, neutral, combination, or oily. You even get a free set of stainless steel extractors.


These Masks That Make Your Hands So Much Softer

Use these hand peel masks every week or two and you won't have to go through gallons of lotion just to keep your hands from feeling like sandpaper. The glove-style masks are soaked in plant extracts, collagen, and vitamin E, and they work to slough off rough, dry skin while leaving behind a hefty dose of hydration.


This Bracelet That Has A Built-In Essential Oil Diffuser Pad

Strap this essential oil bracelet on your hand and you can take an aromatherapy session with you wherever you go. Just open the small locket and add 2 to 3 drops of your favorite essential oil to the felt diffuser pad, and it'll release the subtle scent of that fragrance all day long. The bracelet comes with eight refillable pads in a rainbow array of colors.


The Mascara That Will Make It Look Like You're Wearing False Lashes

If you want the dramatic length of false lashes — without having to mess with actual falsies — you can use this false lash effect mascara. The cone-shaped brush is specifically designed to boost lashes without clumping, and the formula lasts all day without flaking. It's surprisingly affordable but has thousands of reviewers who swear by the results.


A Vitamin C Serum That Works Wonders For Your Skin

Vitamin C is one of the darlings of the skin care industry because it works so many wonders for your complexion — helping to build collagen, fade dark spots, and boost radiance. This vitamin C serum also provides the benefits of texture-refining retinol, moisturizing hyaluronic acid, and skin-clearing salicylic acid, so you get the full spectrum of skin care essentials.


This Sunscreen That's Packed With Skin-Protecting Antioxidants

Hydrate and protect with this SPF-70 mineral sunscreen. The broad-spectrum formula is made with Australian botanicals like Kakadu plum, eucalyptus, and red algae, giving skin major antioxidant protection from UV rays. It's also hypoallergenic, dermatologist-tested, and not tested on animals.


These Essential Oil Rollers That'll Keep You Feeling Good All Day And All Night

This set of essential oils is designed to balance and optimize your mental and physical wellness with the help of a little aromatherapy. The set comes with eight oils that are all USDA-certified organic. Try frankincense to clear congestion and reduce anxiety, eucalyptus to to soothe inflammation, and lavender to destress.


This Genius Way To Clean Your Makeup Brushes Without Water

Avoid a muddy makeup look with this makeup brush cleaner that lets you switch pigments without having to wash the bristles with cleanser and water. Just run the brush across the surface of the sponge to remove all the pigment, then continue to use the brush. The cleaning sponge is endlessly reusable — just wash to refresh from time to time.


These Foot Masks That Will Peel Off All The Rough Skin

Give rough feet a chemical peel with these highly rated foot peel masks. Made from natural ingredients like rosemary, anise, olive, and lavender the masks slowly work to slough off flaky skin over a span of one to two weeks. This reviewer wrote, "This miracle mask gently peeled my dead skin (for approximately a week after I used it), and voila! My feet are so soft, and honestly the result is much better then when I get a pedicure at my local nail salon!"


A Spray That Instantly Refreshes Dry, Irritated Skin

With this facial spray by Mario Badescu, you can refresh and hydrate your face, neck, and hair at any time — perfect for dry climates or anyone dealing with chronically dry or irritated skin. The hypoallergenic spray is made with gentle ingredients like aloe, herbs, and rosewater, and it's safe to use on all skin types.

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